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7 Excellent, Affordable Alternatives to Lipsense Honest Review 9 Months Later

I’ve tried Lipsense for months, and I’ve tried all the competitor products too. After nine months of wearing all the long lasting lipstick options, here’s my Lipsense reviews and honest thoughts how all products stack up.

This is not a sponsored post, just a follow-up post sharing my Lipsense alternatives and an honest Lipsense review after 9 months using all products. Affiliate links are included in this post.

Lipsense Reviews and Follow Up

At the end of last summer, I heard about a drugstore brand of lipstick that didn’t smudge and stayed put for several hours. After investing money in Lipsense I decided I’d go ahead and try it to see if it did the same thing. This lead to some research and finding 7 products that claimed they didn’t smudge. I decided to start my project to try them all and report back if any actually worked and stayed on. Hence that epic blog post of so many movies and so many weeks of research later “7 Excellent, Affordable Alternatives to Lipsense” was born meant to help people not waste money trying products that might not work. Much to my shock, none of the products smudged, and I posted that post with only that in mind.

It’s a funny thing when something goes “viral” and thousands of people are reading it every day. The things I have seen, the things I have heard, oh my there were a lot of strong opinions on all sides! But there were a lot of really great comments and questions that I had to say- I’m not sure, I just tried them and shared them as makeup that stays on.

Well friends, 9 months later I have a lot to say about my journey with products, thoughts, real value, and what I’m wearing now. And in true fashion, I created another vlog post sharing my follow up thoughts and where I landed after the experiment.

Lipsense reviews.

Lipsense Reviews

Knowing this is another epic video, I added some title sections if you want to skip ahead to any part and see just that piece. I promise I tried to be super concise and give a lot of thoughts and reasoning behind my experiences and opinions. It’s one of those Lipsense reviews that take you through my experience wearing all the alternatives and re-trying Lipsense again.

::: 1:36 My thoughts on the alternatives, how much I wore them, how well they lasted

::: 5:56 My experience trying and using Lipsense again after the project and several months of wearing drugstore brands. Including my honest Lipsense review

::: 13:58 Where I am now, what I’m currently wearing and why

YouTube video

And I’m sure there’s plenty of jaw drops if you didn’t make it through the movie and are reading now that Lipsense ended up being the only thing my (formerly) pregnant skin could handle and over time I realized it was just lasting so much better than the other options, even though the price per ounce is more, it was taking way less product and lasting so many more wears and months than the other products.

I got hooked, again, and I’ve only been wearing Lipsense and Maybelline ever since. I still stand by my post 100%, I think all women (or men if it’s your thing) deserve lipstick that stays in place. But deep down I know Lipsense is a bit more than many can justify, but I’m also learning the value is actually more and greater than the alternatives in the long run.

Long Lasting Lipstick

If you want to stick with drugstore brands, I’m so glad I helped you find your product! If you want to try the stuff that really lasts the longest and is the best for your lips, Lipsense is worth the investment. I’d liken it to the premium product. And, sometimes that’s just worth the cost. After spending so much time with other options I feel like it is for me!

And because I fell back in love and I’m still a cheapskate, I signed up months ago as a distributor for my own discount. But I’m now ready to let anyone else know my honest Lipsense reviews on each color for anyone who wants to try it. Or for who wants to increase their collection, or who wants a really honest opinion on which colors actually last, apply well, and look best on certain skin tones I’m here to help!

I have to disclose I in no way plan to have this take over my blog, my social, or make any of my friends or family ever feel pressured into anything, I really do hate that piece of the MLM model! But if you’ve ever been curious, you want good discounts (I’m going to pass on as much as I can), or you want to join yourself and talk to someone who will be super honest with you and has a business background, here’s where you can find me:

Where to Buy Lipsense

Instagram: @InLoveLips

Facebook: Facebook.com/InLoveLips

Website: www.InLoveLips.com

Senegence Review

I also fell even more in love with some of their other products. Which I’ll share over on those sites and social accounts with a full Senegence review. So be sure to follow and join if you want to see all the looks. I’m also going to sell it a bit different and offer a lot of deals and things I haven’t seen other distributors do. That is as much as the company allows. So you don’t want to miss out if you’re a Lipsense lover or someone on the fence who just wants to try it out for the best deal and with a person you know

And now we can carry on friends. And I can live my life feeling like an honest woman instead of one hiding applying my favorite lipstick in the corner.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your review. I’ve been wearing Lipsense for years and I am a big fan of apple cider and blu-red all day every day.

  2. Really good post – glad that you gave Lipsense again

  3. Okay, so I’m a LipSense lover. #BluRedForever! I can’t bring myself to wear any of my other lipsticks just because LipSense is so great, for all the reasons you mentioned. But you said in your video that you don’t think the remover is awesome and I’d love to know what you use instead. I don’t love the remover and literally only use it because I don’t know how else to get it off. Also, thanks for being complet my honest. I appreciate that so much!

    1. fridaywereinlove says:

      Thanks for such a nice comment! I know the remover works so many people, but it doesn’t do much for me. I use the Neutrogena makeup remover wipes and they work like a charm! I also have a friend who swears by using witch hazel on a cotton ball, and that’s worked for me too! I’ve used water and a microfiber towel too, and all have been good options, they just require a little scrubbing.

  4. Elisabeth says:

    So exciting! and I LOVE the new website!