7 Excellent, Affordable Alternatives to Lipsense: Smudge-free, Kiss-Proof Lipsticks That Won’t Break the Bank

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Love long-lasting lipstick but not sure the cost of Lipsense or if you can afford it? I put seven Lipstense dupes to the test to see if they last and qualify as Lipsense alternatives. Here’s my video proof and review of 7 excellent, affordable alternative to Lipsense

I’m pretty excited to finally share a project I’ve been working on for about a month now! I’ve been prepping, testing, and filming and I’m finally ready to compile and share this endeavor! I may even pretend I know what I’m doing and pretend I’m a regular vlogger too.

If you’ve been a reader for a while you know I dove into lipstick a few years ago after never really wearing it previously, and fell in love with bright colors for date night. I almost always have some form of lip color in my purse ready for a date or girl’s night at any moment. I’ve worn several brands from the cheapest to some of the best, and I’ve been teased by several friends they are afraid to stand next to me because they feel washed out in pictures thanks to my love of bright lipstick at parties.

Best Drugstore Lipstick

I’m always testing new products, and when smudge-proof lipstick became a thing I was hooked! I wanted to share my thoughts on Lipsense, and experience trying other Lipsense dupes for anyone curious how they work. I figured there had to be other lipstick that stays on options, and I bought them all to review! My quest for the best drugstore lipstick options that wouldn’t smudge began!

If you want to watch the intro in video format, feel free to watch this movie and skip down the alternative list with trial videos and ratings of each below!

Also, I wanted to add this is not paid/sponsored by any brand in any way. It’s my experience and opinions honestly shared. Affiliate links are also used in this post.

Lipsense Lipstick and Lipsense Dupes


Intro Movie link: https://youtu.be/6QMiLRAvqGw

I’m sure you’ve heard of Lipsense by now and have probably had several parties or pop-up shop invitations, or Facebook or other social media invites. I feel like a new friend announces they will be distributed every week. So for those aware, great, you can skip the rest of this paragraph. But for those who haven’t heard of Lipsense, here’s the deal: It’s a product that made a huge comeback this year mostly due to social influencers and bloggers. It’s a lipstick/gloss that goes on in three coats and then stays put for pretty much an entire day.

It’s smudge-free, kiss-free, long-lasting stuff. And people have fallen head over heels for a good product that lasts and stays in place! So much so, that many are joining as a distributor just to get a discount on the product! Lipstick that doesn’t kiss off or doesn’t rub off or smudge seemed like such a novel, innovative idea, and Lipsense is marketing themselves as the hot new formula that does this.

Lipsense Cost

I will admit upfront I really do like Lipsense, and I think it’s a great product! But, there’s something I really don’t like about it- the price. We’re talking $55 to get a starter kit, which yes, you actually need the entire kit to use and wear the product. As a girl with a few premium lip colors in her makeup bag, I even felt that sting pretty hard when I purchased my first kit.

I should also add it’s totally up to the distributor selling, but Lipsense cost increases if they charge you shipping and tax. They may choose to eat either of these costs and not make as much, but they will likely pass it along since they are paying for it too.

My first came from a friend selling, and I totally love and appreciate women hustling to make a buck. But this still just seemed like a huge splurge to me. I had a second one gifted me. After that, I thought how much of a fan I was of a lipstick that won’t kiss off that I can wear around my baby and kiss my husband during date night. It’s really an amazing concept!

How Much is Lipsense?

But I just couldn’t justify continuing to buy $25 colors that I was plowing through quickly despite the claims it lasts so long that it makes it a good value. I also was told the gloss would last with so many colors, but I was wearing it more than the color with refreshes throughout the day. That was another cost adding up due to constant wear.

I also had the marketing message presented that it’s a super-premium product, and thus a higher price tag than you’d expect from a makeup company. I decided I’d own my two premium Lipsense products and have to settle at that since the Lipsense cost is so high.

Wait, There Are Lipsense Alternatives?

A friend on social media shared an Instagram story stating she didn’t have the budget for Lipsense period, but had found a product that did something similar. She was happy with an $8 tube that didn’t smudge and lasted pretty much all day. She said she couldn’t compare because she hadn’t tried both, but was a big fan of what she could afford! I knew I needed to try it, and put it on my shopping list! I had tried Lipsense, and I really did want to compare the two options.

At the same time, I had another friend sign up to be a Lipsense distributor, and she opened up to me that she was pretty distraught about the company while sharing some figures. Apparently, to earn a 50% markup distributors need to place a $700 order. So that’s a fair amount of sales for one person, and a lot of cash towards makeup in only one order! I had my jaw drop a little hearing this. No wonder everyone was jumping on this multi-level marketing (MLM) train!

And although I’m like, yay for friends making a buck! I’m also like, wow, if they are making that much and the company is making a great profit too. Good for all of them. But for anyone on a budget, it’s a hard pill to swallow. I’m feeling like the huge price tag is not going to a premium one-of-kind product so much. And, maybe it’s time other cosmetic companies launch a product similar to Lipsense for those who can’t do the Lipsense price.

Lipsticks Like Lipsense

The day I went to buy the Rimmel Provacalips, the one my friend had shared, I noticed there was a new display from Revlon, one from Cover Girl, and one from Maybelline too. Right then and there I decided it would be fun to try each of them and write a blog post about my experiences. It only expanded from there! I eventually found seven Lipsense alternatives to try out and thought I’d save everyone the cash of trial and error and let you know my thoughts on each.

Phew, long backstory, but I promise worth it! So here I have been the past month trying each one at least once, recording my experience putting each one on in the morning with my first impressions, and then filming my thoughts and results with each brand each night after trying it all day. I’ve compiled each of my experiences and thoughts into a series of YouTube videos, and I’ll include each one with each product embedded in this post if you want to see the results instead of just reading the results.

7 Excellent, Affordable Lipsense Alternatives

Lipsense Alternatives: THE TRIAL/REVIEW

I’m going to go through each of the 7 options and share pros/cons with each and rate them on a 5-star system. Here’s what earns a product its stars:

#1. Does it work? Will it smudge or kiss-off? 

#2. Longevity- does it stay on at least close to as long as it claims? 
#3. Color – does it stay true to the color advertised, does it stay vibrant?
#4. Formula including application, appearance, consistency, etc.
#5. Price/Value- cost per unit and value of each bottle.

I also have a video to show my first impressions of each lipstick the morning of application, and the evening before I went to bed. All are taken the same day without any touch-ups and include wearing the product as recommended. I demonstrate the smudge test on each and share thoughts morning and evening. I’ll add a few notes with the rating below each movie. 

Lipsense Alternative 1: Rimmel Provocalips

Rimmel Movie Link: https://youtu.be/ib0pmYvAQxw

The Pros:
No kissing off, it lasts a very long time (close to the claim of 16 hours), and the thick formula means only one coat applied. It’s an easy-to-apply formula, with a quick coat and rubbing lips together like a traditional gloss. The thickness may turn off those who are used to Lipsense. It takes a little getting used to, but by the second wear and application, most people fall in love with this easy-to-use formula that really lasts all day! The gloss is also a great product.
This is a great value product with only one coat needed and a $5.80-$8.70 price tag.

The Cons:
My only complaint is the chunking the first week while my lips exfoliated, and the color limitations. I had to get used to the formula and really clean my lips before wearing, I also had to get used to applying one thick coat evenly. Once I had that it was great, but first wear threw me off with this thick formula. The bright fuchsia tube was a little deeper than expected, and there are limited colors available in this product.

Overall Rating: 4 Stars 

Lipsense Alternative 2: Revlon Overtime Lipcolor

Revlon Movie Link: https://youtu.be/mQdPG4XBZFg

The Pros:
Easy to use, easy to apply correctly on first use, zero smudging/rubbing off, and the color options are amazing! We’re talking 30 options, easy to find in stores and online, and the color is very true to what you’d expect. This one also did one of the best jobs lasting with a lot of wear and tear. It’s a great formula that doesn’t flake or chunk off, and it only takes one coat of use with minimal gloss needed.

The Cons:
A bit more money than the other options, about $13 with about half the product most the competitors’ supply. The value is still great, but compared to others it’s a bit on the higher cost side. Not enough to turn me off or prevent me from future purchasing!

Overall Rating: 3.75 Stars, and is VERY comparable to Lipsense in feel and wear.

Lipsense Alternative 3: CoverGirl Outlast 

CoverGirl Movie Link: https://youtu.be/F5FXToGpJg8

The Pros:
This one claims to be a 24-hour formula and I’d have to agree! It’s the same from start to finish, it goes on smoothly, it’s a good value, there are a ton of colors and the colors are pretty true to what you’d expect. It really is a quality item that’s easy to use, stays put, but is still easy to remove with a makeup remover.

The Cons:

I thought it faded or wasn’t as vibrant first wear, but the second time I wore it for a shorter time and didn’t feel this way. I think I just had to get used to the idea of a neutral color instead of the bold I’m used to wearing. I’d say it’s still better than most of the great products I’m listing, but it’s just shy of the 24 hours at full color.

Overall Rating: 5 Stars! 
Great value and a great product! If you’re looking for a Lipsense copycat I’d say this is the closest thing!

Lipsense Alternative 4: L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Last

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tftasdvo3xI]
L’Oreal Movie Link: https://youtu.be/Tftasdvo3xI

The Pros:
Oh, my color! The color is a gorgeous, bright, perfect pigment, and there are lots of options! It has a great formula that goes on thick, dries super fast, no flaking or issues, and it stays put 100% almost instantly from the first application. It’s also a great value at about $8.00 a unit without much needed to get an even, beautiful coat. I’m going to list this one as a pro, but may be a con to others. The formula is different than Lipsense or traditional stain-like pigments that go on your lip and work with your skin. This goes on and behaves like a stain, but looks more like a thick lipstick. It has a smoother, prettier finish and it blends the best of lipstick with all the perks of stain.

The Cons:
Slight color fade by the end of the day and corners had fading too. It held up pretty well, but I’d probably only do this one for 8 hours and then remove and apply again.

Overall Rating: 4 Stars
This is tied for second place in my book. I loved how beautiful it looked, it exceeded my expectations! It’s by far the easiest to apply and aside from not lasting as long as some, it did everything you’d expect at a good value!

Lipsense Alternative 5: Maybelline Super Stay Lipcolor

Maybelline Movie Link: https://youtu.be/K0lW2Gr0Frs

Bright color that stayed put the entire day and night. It has a mixed formula closer to lip bonding stains but still some of the polish of traditional lipstick. It’s the best of both worlds and it’s easy to tell once you put it on. There’s zero smudging and it’s a lipstick that won’t kiss off or rub off while eating for sure.

The price is great but this isn’t the best value on the market. In most drugstores, it’s about $8.00 a unit, and the fluid ounces per cost seemed great when purchased, but this is one that needs to go on a little thicker so you may use more product faster than the others.

Overall Rating: 4.5 Stars. 
I’m going to be blunt and say I’m pretty sure this was my favorite! My lips looked amazing all day. I was pretty confident I could sleep in this amazing color/texture product and wake up looking amazing. 

*Post-edit. I’ve used all for months now, and this is still my favorite and I love it the most! I’ve bought a few more colors and they all look amazing and feel fantastic while really lasting!

They’ve also updated the formula to include the gloss and matte finish as one. I have to say it’s fantastic! There are so many more color choices too

Lipsense Alternative 6: Shine Cosmetics Liplast 

Shine Cosmetics Liplast

After Wet n Wild was discontinued I looked for another option to test and I’m SO glad I did!  This is my most used lipstick and the one I think is best to not prematurely age your lips! I love that it looks like a classic lipstick and wears like a lipstain. All this without drying and aging your lips. 

I love a bright color, and each lipstain seems to take its own hue with your skin. My favorite thing about Shine Cosmetics Liplast is the color is the true color! I own three different colors, and they are all true to what you see online. Genuine is my favorite, but if you need a solid neutral Timeless is gorgeous too!  

They also make a new Lip Velvet that’s even more of a gloss application but still dries matte and stays put for hours. 


Shine Cosmetics Liplast Link: Click Here

Pros: I found LIplast when I started to notice Lipsense and other alcohol-based lipsticks drying and aging my lips. I knew there had to be a moisturizing lipstick with better ingredients that lasted. Shine Cosmetics delivered! 

It applies easier than any of the other options! It goes right on like lipgloss and lasts for hours! 

The Cons:

Because this one isn’t alcohol-based, it doesn’t last the entire day. You will need to reapply a second coat if you want to work it for 12 hours! 

It’s a bit more pricey than some of the others, but remember you can get 10% off with Shine Cosmetics promo code: CAMILLEW10 

Overall Rating: 4.5 Stars
A pleasant surprise with products I know aren’t aging my skin! I love this one and it’s one of my most-worn lipsticks! 


Lipsense Alternative 7: Mac Pro Longwear (Now Reformulated as MAC Powder Kiss

Mac movie Link: https://youtu.be/wL89MiFJihEThe Pros:
Excellent formula- goes on smooth, stays put, and it’s bright and vibrant. It’s just what I expected from this company, and was thrilled to see it’s just like my favorite tube of bright red. This was also my favorite gloss by far! Zero smudging, quick drying, and a smooth formula make this such a winner!
The Cons:
It’s still half the price of Lipsense, but it’s $25 a unit, which is quite a bit more than other products tried.

Overall Rating: 4.5 Stars
Such a great product, price and being a little harder to find is my only complaint. 



Post Update: 

Five years ago I tried Wet N Wild Megalast and shared my thoughts about it as an alternative. It was my least favorite of the group. It’s not hard to find and expensive, so I’m dropping it from the list, but if you’d like to see past thoughts, here it is! 

Wet N Wild Movie Link: https://youtu.be/tNT09kg6ipU

Oh my cheap! $3.00 a unit, a good size tube, and it doesn’t kiss off or transfer! I had low expectations and found myself very pleasantly surprised with the pros! The color is great and stays true for at least 5 hours. It’s a great one for every day if you don’t want to break the bank!

The Cons:
With my first wear (recorded in the movie) I don’t think it was mixed right, so you’ll want to shake the tube! It was thick, chunky, and flaky almost instantly on the dry spots. This one doesn’t come with a top gloss like all the other Lipsense alternatives, so it’s a different feel. I’d highly recommend adding coconut oil first and then applying the product if you want long wear and the right formula! After I did that I was pleasantly surprised by how well it worked, but it’s pretty bad without it. Also, the application brush isn’t so great on this one, but it does the job.

Overall Rating: 3 Stars
A pleasant surprise with some quirks, but a product I’d use again for such a low price! 

And I feel the need to include a Lipsense review here too for relativity:

Lipsense Review

The Pros:
Easy to mix-and-match and create your own custom color! Non-GMA, Vegan, and has alcohol to help sanitize. Lipsense ingredients are definitely tops. The color works with your lips, and it really stays on! Zero smudging or issues, dries fast (faster than anything else I tried), and looks great on most people!

The Cons:
Lips have to be conditioned without chapstick or other products whenever using. There’s often some flaking and issues, and a week adjustment time. It can be a little frustrating to go through the process and use that much product while your lips condition.
The biggest and main reason for this post is the cost. $55.00 for a starter kit with a 50% (or less) profit margin going to the MLM. That’s a lot of money for one product! It’s a great product, but the cost is out of a lot of people’s price range. That’s why I started this search for Lipsense alternatives to begin with!

Overall Rating: 4 Stars


Conclusion/Summary Movie Link: https://youtu.be/Ew8-hbA3xSs


All these are great options and worth your time and money! Don’t feel pressured next Facebook group add or in-home party. There are other great choices out there that won’t break the bank if you can’t afford Lipsense!

I’ve also had such an amazing response to this post asking about how to get started conditioning lips as mentioned above, what is Lipsense, and the cost breakdown per ounce. I did a smudge-proof lipstick FAQ and follow-up post to this post you can read here.

One last thing, I’ve had several people let me know they are still totally interested in where to buy Lipsense and are wondering if I know someone they can buy it from. I totally get that, it’s awesome and worth the splurge to so many people! I still use and love it too! I’m happy to hook you up! Email me: [email protected] with what color you’re looking for and I’ll hook you up with a distributor! 

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  1. Mikaela D says:

    I feel famous now! 😉 I've only tried the Rimmel lipstick of the ones you reviewed so I can't wait to try some of these!

  2. You should 😉 I'm so glad you tipped me off and that this crazy rabbit hole started! It's been so fun to learn there are so many great affordable options out there!

  3. Ashley Potter says:

    Oh my gosh good job in the research!! I just. Ought my first lipsense last week and haven't even gotten it yet. For my future colors il going to use some of these! Thanks!!!

  4. Pics-o-Andrea says:

    Huge Provocalips fan right here:) glad you mentioned letting it dry before adding the gloss -I know it makes a huge difference and some friends have been turned off because they didn't do that and it didn't last as long. I'm so excited to try basically all of these now (I hate touching up lipstick ha!)

  5. Did you know your photos show up all blurry on Bloglovin now? I find myself not clicking over as much :9

    1. fridaywereinlove says:

      Thank you for tipping me off! It should all be fixed now!

  6. Beverly Houpt says:

    You're great at talking to the camera! I usually need to do 2 takes before uploading a video, and then there's still a lot of things I edit out! So yeah, props to your great public speaking skills 🙂
    Also, I enjoyed all these vids. I'll probably get into lip stains once my newborn is here! Thanks for doing all the research 🙂

  7. Katie Elizabeth Hawkes says:

    I loooooved this post as much as I haaaate getting invited to [insert MLM of the month], every month, on Facebook. I am so excited to go lipstick shopping now! And on a budget that works for me! Also, well done on the post overall. As I read I kept thinking “she works so hard!” and “she’s so smart!” and “I love lipstick.” OK off to put stuff on my face…..

  8. Rachel Anne Johnson says:

    I love the ingredients (was free, lead free, gluten free) and skin health properties of lipsense too much to switch. I like to play with layering the shades and how long the bottle lasts. For me I used to keep spend money on trying brands like these and ended not liking them as much,so I just do lipsense now but that's my personal preference. 🙂 Seems like you were very though in your analysis of options.


    1. I agree. The fact that the product doesn’t deposit wax buildup on your lips and allows them to naturally exfoliate (like all skin on our body SHOULD do) is a huge plus for me. Also no lead in LipSense AND the biggest one for me my lips feel SO MUCH healthier after using it. I’ve tried some of these others and my lips were so dry after. I hated it. I’ve been using my Lipsense tube for 5 months and still have some left. So I feel like the cost is totally worth the benefits and quality. 🙂

      1. I agree with both of you the quality Ingredients are what give it the higher price tag

        1. I find it odd, in this amazing research done by the author, that price per ounce and how many ounces per tube/bottle in each, was not listed for the products. You actually find that you do get more bang for your buck with LipSense.

          1. fridaywereinlove says:

            Hi there, thanks for commenting! I know the post is long so it’s easy to miss, but at the bottom, I explained that there’s a follow-up post comparing price-per-ounce with mathematical breakdowns. I kept it separate because the post was already long enough!
            When you actually do the math you learn that it’s a Lipsense marketing claim that you’re getting more bang for your buck. I kept it purely scientific with all the details.
            You can check out all the info here: https://fridaywereinlove.com/2016/10/7-kiss-proof-lipstick-alternatives-to-lipsense-faqs-and-follow-up.html

        2. I’ve worn makeup my whole life and used to be a cosmetician at a drug counter. I’ve tried many and some are pretty good but I’m going to stick with lipsense. The ingredients are less harmful than some of the crap that are in drugstore brands. And if you truly look at the weight of the products and how long they last compared to lipsense there’s not that much cost difference. Truth, I’m so impressed with their entire line of products that I recently joined the company for the discount. Your comment that 50% goes to the MLM is untrue unless you are willing to order $1500 worth of product all in one shot. Discount / Profit starts at 20%.. I would rather pay a little more to support a small business person and help her to raise her family, then give it to line the pockets of Walmart executives.

    2. Lisaslippylovers says:

      Yes! LipSense is incredible and doesn’t try out your lips or flake off! I won’t use anything else now! Became a distributor because my friends & I love it so much! Good stuff & worth every penny! ???

  9. Budget Splurge Beauty says:

    WOW. I am involved in the makeup community quite a bit and I still haven't heard of lipsense. Unless it's from this one video I've seen. Anyway long wear kiss-proof lipstick is the only kind I wear these days! I have tried a few of these and loved them back in the day, but now I'm a matte kind of girl so I have gravitated to the matte lipsticks. They wreck your lips for sure (dry them out etc) and the formula isn't great like these, but I just prefer the look so much. Wet n Wild had seasonal matte liquid lipsticks for the fall and I am obsessed with them. I also really enjoy the NYX matte lip creams- way less drying but don't last as long as the ones here. Still kiss-proof though 😛 Which is my main criteria these days lol

  10. Melissa Castan says:

    This is so informative. Thank you for sharing! I will be checking some of these out, I love all the colors.

  11. My favourite Lippy is definite Mac! The price is hard to swallow at times though #twinklytuesday

  12. Can you include a price per fl oz/ml for each of the lipsticks? I love what you've done but some of the photos it looks like the lipsticks are really small. Do one of Lipsense too because I'd really love to see how they compare oz to oz (or ml to ml if you're using metric)!
    Nice article!

    1. Oooooh, I’d like that too! I’ve had some brands that didn’t even last me a month before needing to be replaced, so if I pay around $8 every month it adds up fast and wouldn’t really be much cheaper than springing for lipsense.

    2. I found this image on Pinterest that breaks it down, this is what pushed me to invest more in Lipsense.

        1. Phyllis Towns says:

          Thank you so much for this great info! The only question I didn’t see answered was ‘are any of these long lasting lip colors not drying to the lips?’. I quit using them years ago for that reason & don’t know if any of them have improved or not as no one as of yet has addressed that in any of the reviews.
          Thanks again!

          1. fridaywereinlove says:

            Hey great question! I think they help, but you have to remember to still drink water, and use a great gloss with the product! I also use coconut oil at night and it keeps mine is great condition! I like the Maybelline best for this reason, it just feels like you’re wearing a light chapstick!

          2. LipSense hasn’t dried out my lips at all and I even sleep in it at times! It’s high quality at a great price, in my opinion!

  13. Cindy Tucker says:

    Thank you so much for posting this … I bought my first Lipsense at a craft show this weekend and am liking it, but the price is a bit much. I've made my shopping list from your video and look forward to trying several of these!

    1. Watch for ingredients. Lipsense ingredients are superior. If I’m going to have something on my lips for so long, I nprefer to go with the one with the healthiest of ingredients vs cheaper

      1. fridaywereinlove says:

        Definitely, it wins there! You should check out the follow-up post where I mention that the others win with price but you can’t argue the better ingredients in Lipsense!

  14. Great review. However, having tried three of the products you feature, none actually achieve the very same outcome as LipSense. You will still have removal on your finger if you run it over your lips. In addition, LipSense has a thin, light viscosity and the others do not. Price point, while a valid reference, is not the only definitive comparison. While I totally agree that the products you show do work, they do not work exactly the same as LipSense and therein lies a very important difference. I am not a seller by the way. I don’t like MLM but I do use LipSense as it is what it says it is which I find rare for MLM lol.

    1. fridaywereinlove says:

      That’s interesting that you say that. Did you watch the movies? I show that they don’t transfer! They may take a few minutes to dry, but once dry all these options don’t run 🙂
      And Lipsense is a great product, I’m just giving a lot of options for those who can’t justify the pricetag!

  15. Fabulous post, thank you! Do you have a favorite gloss option to wear over LipSense or any of the long wearing lipsticks? I’m going through the Glossy Gloss like it’s water. ? Thanks for your help Pretty Ladies!

    1. fridaywereinlove says:

      I found drinking more water helps me use less gloss with any option! But I really love the complete Maybelline set! Everyone used above came as a set so I just used what it came with. If you’re looking for just gloss I think the Lipsense one is fantastic, and I’ll stay on the hunt for drugstore knockoff and let you know if I find a fantastic one!
      I did hear from a friend once that any gloss works with Lipsense, so let me know if you try any and fall in love!

  16. I LOVE Lipsense but, oh my god, it is always out of stock! I need alternatives so I can switch up my color more often.

  17. The thing that deters me from Lipsense is the taste. I was concerned and found that they use denatured alcohol, which has bad testing chemicals added to it to discourage consuming of it. Do any of the other ones you tried taste like you shouldn’t have it on your lips?

    1. Yes, I find the smell and taste of Lipsense to be really off-putting. It’s so chemical-y it actually gives me a headache 🙁

      1. fridaywereinlove says:

        Oh yikes! I’d definitely try some of the others, Cover Girl and Maybelline had the least offensive smells in my opinion!

  18. I appreciate your work and finding some good solutions. I love lipsense but don’t love the price. However, I’m willing to spend more for better quality when it comes to putting it directly on or in my body. The only thing I need now is ingredient comparison

  19. Pisces371 says:

    I just ordered my first Lipsense & then found this post. 🙁 I’m not much of a lipstick wearer beacause I don’t like to reapply so Lipsense seemed cool to me! I’ll definitely use because of the cost though! One question I have about the alternatives you give, can colors be layered for different colors like Lipsense?

    1. fridaywereinlove says:

      Good question! I think that’s definitely one cool thing about Lipsense that isn’t easy to find in other products. I found if I use the same brand and mix the two with super thin amounts of each before it dries I can get away with a different look.

  20. Thank you so much for all of the hard work you put into this post. Went to the drug store today and picked up 2 of your suggestions. So far so good.
    Thanks again.

    1. fridaywereinlove says:

      I’m so glad they are working great for you! I’d love to hear your favorites!

  21. This article (and the follow-up) is fantastic. I just bought my first lipsense from a friend because I wear lipstick all the time and I hate that I can’t wear it on dinner dates without basically eating it until it has disappeared altogether. But, as a rule, I do not support the MLM model and the price to buy more colors is just painful. So I’m super glad to know there are other good options out there that I can try soon. Love that you are fact-based and not emotional. Great read, thank you!

    1. fridaywereinlove says:

      Thanks for taking the time to write such a nice comment! I’m so glad there’s other options too so everyone can afford kiss proof lipstick!

  22. Can you explain your process for using coconut oil for when your lips begin flaking after starting some of these products? Do you use it in between applications or under applications, etc. Thanks for the post. I am getting bombarded with Lipsence requests and cannot justify the cost when I am a SAHM and rarely wear makeup. Yet when I do go somewhere it’s nice to know my lipstick is in place.

    1. fridaywereinlove says:

      Great question! I just use coconut oil inbetween applications once I remove the makeup. For the Wet N Wild I did it before, but that’s the only one I’d recommend it for! But cleaning and exfoliating with a towel and then applying coconut oil is my bedtime routine!

  23. I tried the Maybelline in Raspberry and loved it. Looking for a color without shimmer as well, do you know if any of the other brands have a no shimmer color?

    1. fridaywereinlove says:

      I’m so with you on this, the shimmer isn’t my favorite, and I look for brands without it! L’Oreal has a lot of matte, Cover Girl does too, and Maybelline has more online than in big box stores I found!

      1. Thanks!! We live in rural Wyoming so this definitely helps me pick one out online! Hard to see if they’re shimmer or not on ulta (maybelline sale right now too woohoo!) and Amazon. Have a great Monday!

  24. On thing you did not include is how much product is in each tube. LipSense is actually better than most of those you listed when you compare cost per oz. Also how long do they last? I have had a LipSense for two years. Also some of those formulas dry out my lips. LipSense lover for life!

    1. If you have had and lipsense for 2 years it’s must not be used. I am on my second tube and it’s been 3 months . I wear my everyday and use 2-3 layers and apply floss frequently throughout day. All my friends stopped using lipsense because it dries out their lips. I’m gonna give some of these options a whirl.

  25. I haven’t used a stay on in years…do you have to apply the gloss more than once in the day or does it also stay on all day and not rub off? Thanks!

    1. fridaywereinlove says:

      I think they all claim you can you apply more than once and should if your lips feel dry. I found more gloss later doesn’t work quite as well- it still stays put, but just not quite as amazing, even in the case of Lipsense. I find if I drink enough water and apply only once more, I’m usually just fine!

  26. what about all the chemicals lipsense does not have

    1. fridaywereinlove says:

      If you’re a true purist there’s still ingredients that many vegans I know won’t use on their lips- even though it claims to be vegan. I’m clearly not, but I still think that’s a huge win for Lipsense! If ingredients are top priority or there’s any type of allergy, it’s a great option if you can afford it!

    2. Honestly, the only reason I tried Lipscense was because a family member was selling it, and I wanted to support her.

      I have tried 3 different shades and they all felt like I was applying paint to my lips.

      To the lady that said her one tube has lasted her 5 months. No way!!!!! That is a totally false statement.

  27. 3 Pink Girls says:

    Thank you so much for this wonderful post. I have been looking for a more affordable alternative to Lipsense and have recommended your link to my friends :). I just purchased the Maybelline superstay 24 and LOVE it!

    1. fridaywereinlove says:

      Hooray I’m so glad to hear it!

  28. THANK YOU for this amazing and thorough post! I love it!!! Great research – now I don’t have to break the bank looking for an alternative to Lipsense that doesn’t break the bank! You are awesome!

    1. fridaywereinlove says:

      You are welcome! I’m sorry the taste gets you, it’s a good product if you can get past it, but hopefully you find another one that works for you!

  29. Thank you for a terrific review ! I just tried lipsense and am repulsed by the taste. I will use your guide to find an affordable option to enjoy.

  30. I love the comparison of the lipsticks, I like glossy lips will any clear gloss work over the lipstick?

    1. fridaywereinlove says:

      I think it depends which one you’re using! If you use Lipsense I’d definitely do their gloss! I’ve always just stuck with the manufacturer recommends with any product and it’s worked best.

    2. fridaywereinlove says:

      I think it depends which one you’re using! If you use Lipsense I’d definitely do their gloss! I’ve always just stuck with the manufacturer recommends with any product and it’s worked best.

  31. Thank you!!! I am in love with Lipsense, however, with 2 teenage daughters, the coat is just not justifiable. I’ve been looking for great alternatives. I’ve tried a couple on your list, but can’t wait to try some of the others.

    For me, the coat isn’t just $25/color. My distributed charges her shipping & handling fee on top of the color and tax. Just wondering now… is this typical or do I need a new distributor?

    1. fridaywereinlove says:

      Yes! That is the set price. Distributors can offer a 15% discount max so you can watch for sales now and then. But they have to pay taxes on what they order too, so it’s just part of the sales model.

  32. I just tried the new Wet and Wild- liquid catsuit. The best of WNW long lasting that I’ve ever found. I think I’ll try out some of the others you’ve suggested too.

    1. I was trying to figure out which wet and wild she used cuz none of the ones in my store look like the ones she used, but now I’ll try the catsuit!

  33. Melissa Schaff says:

    I wanted you to know I had heard of Lipsense but didn’t know what the hype was all about. I decided to research it and found your blog. Based on it, I decided to try one of your recommendations and I’m in love! Seriously! I wanted to thank you for such honest – and quirky – writing. It is easy to ready and to follow. I have recommended it to others who are wanting to expand their Lipsense boundaries. 🙂

    1. Honesty Integrity says:

      Which one did you love? I’m going tonight to pick up a couple of colors 🙂

  34. Kim Armstrong says:

    Thank you! I was hesitant to purchase Lip Sense. Thanks to your great research, I now know there are a lot of better options.

    1. fridaywereinlove says:

      I still love Lipsense, but I like others to know there are options if you can’t quite afford it!

  35. I have to say the frustration with lipsenseA is also that they are 95% out of all the stock. You have to wait and wait for a single color to be added to stock. Then for parties or sales you have to trade with your team and just order what does happen to be in stock, or stock pile things SLOWLY as they become available. That’s not money wise if you are just trying to move product. Anyhow – I signed up to be a distributor and have been for over a month now but haven’t ordered one thing. It’s just depressing logging in and looking at out of stock. And then YES the cost. I wanted the discount for myself so I signed up and didn’t even realize they had the stock issues, so I feel kind of duped. Anyhow, thanks for this blog. I am going to go out and buy myself some alternatives since I honestly had no clue any even existed – and call myself a happier camper.

    1. fridaywereinlove says:

      This was such a problem for such a long time! I’m glad they finally figured out supply and you can now get the colors you want!

  36. Wondering if you can help me! I bought some of the Maybelinne and while I love the color I have noticed it transfers to everytjing. What am I doing wrong?

  37. Such a helpful article & compilation of videos!! I was investigating LipSence to decide if it was something that I’d like, as a user AND as a distributor. I found everything you’ve posted about to be helpful in making my decision. Love the pro’s and cons which I found helpful for questions I may have or a potential customers may have!!
    Thank you much for your investigative efforts and honesty!!

  38. Michelle Labrum says:

    Girl thank you so much for this honest and thorough review! This was definitely super heloful!

  39. Great blog! I literally JUST learned about LipSense today and was checking out reviews on it. I’m thinking of trying out the Revlon, CoverGirl and Maybelline alternatives. Did these keep your lips moisturized throughout the day or did you have to continue applying gloss on top? (I’m constantly applying Chapstick or lip gloss because my lips feel dry s o that’s my only concern with this!)

  40. How did you feel the alternatives compared as far as lip health/moisturizing power goes? This is my primary concern as I’m prone to really dry, flaky lips!

    I haven’t used any of the above products (I’m currently using Clinique Chubby Sticks but they rub off pretty easily) but have been debating trying Lipsense or one of these others for the lasting power. But I definitely need something that will be gentle and moisturizing on my lips!

    1. fridaywereinlove says:

      I am going to do a 6 month later post- should go up next week or the following. I will answer all these questions and cover thoughts on dryness and long-term wear then. Sorry to make you wait, but stay tuned!

  41. What shade is the maybelline superstay? I love it!!

    1. fridaywereinlove says:

      It’s Always Blazing! It’s my favorite one!

  42. Melynn Layton says:

    Thank you so much for writing this! I don’t wear lipstick like ever, but I really want to have some nice options. I didn’t want to pay the price of lipsense. I bought the cover girl ones the other day and it’s the best!

  43. Constance says:

    Based on your post I tried Covergirl and Maybelline. I loved the Covergirl and bought another color since I liked it so much! The Maybelline I didn’t like as much, the texture is different possibly and felt odd on my lips, am considering trying it one more time though. Maybe I applied it wrong.
    Thanks for this post though! Was interested in Lipsense but these alternatives are much more affordable. 🙂

  44. I love this post! Thank you so much for doing this! I have been feeling stressed about Lipsense recently with all my friends selling it and I actually do love the product but hate the price. I am so happy to hear that there are other products out there that are good and affordable! Thank you!

  45. I always wonder why people are AGAINST the mlm model. Do you know that when you buy a lipstick in the store, (it is made in China by the way) you are paying a mark up from the store, a mark up from the wholesaler, and then the mark up from the Chinese manufacturer. So when you buy this more afordable product, you are getting something with very very cheap and unhealthy ingredients. You are funding China, middlemen, and large retailers. I would rather have quality and support local women.

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  47. I have been using the Maybelline product for years and love it. My neighbors were telling me about LipSense and seemed amazed at how long it would last! I didn’t want to burst their bubble in case there was something about the product I didn’t know. I am glad I found this article. I think I will stick with my brand. I recommend Maybelline all the time. I have at least 5 different shades!

  48. I’m considering LipSense due to the fact that it’s VEGAN, Non-GMO, less chemical soup for the lips. I don’t want all those yucky chemicals on my lips. I have a lip stain I’m using to the end, but then I want something without all the bad that’s in the typical over-the-counter product. I’d LOVE to see a comparison with other healthy-option products. Seems like LipSense is one of just a handful of healthier takes on lip stain…

  49. Honesty Integrity says:

    Wow Thank you for all of your research!!!!!!!! I’m so glad to have Alternatives!! I was almost burned at the stake when I wanted to return some of the colors that didn’t work out for me. I did “everything” I was instructed to do when I purchased lipsense, for over a month straight I wore nothing else, I exfoliated my lips with a toothbrush, and the sugar scrub they gave me, I only used their gloss (which I was going through a tube in 3-4 weeks = $$) layered in every way possible, matte, shimmer, matte, etc., putting it on thinner, but I just couldn’t get 2 of the colors I bought to stay on more than 4 hours without having to reapply. The water line on my lips drove me crazy! Not very easy to reapply at my desk while at work. The BluRed stayed on all day, but that’s not an easy color to wear on a daily basis. Then one of the other colors that I wore as my base color (didn’t like it alone) started feeling gritty, and I realized when I put my glasses on that the applicator tip was balding. I was about halfway through the tube and figured the particles were coming off and inside the tube 🙁 Yeah that kind of freaked me out, like what’s in there that would do that??

    I finally threw in the towel and stopped using the products out of frustration. About 2 months later I saw a post on a makeup and beauty forum I’m a part of asking for opinions of lipsense, I gave mine and said it was an expensive lesson that for the most part didn’t work for me. Then someone else commented that the company offers an amazing 12 month 100% product guarantee for an exchange or refund until the customer is happy (which I had already exchanged one color within days of buying it- they look different on your arm than they do on your lips). When I asked to return the ones that didn’t work out for me, that’s where the burning at the stake part came in. I was given misinformation about being able to return the product for a refund and had to get the company involved in order for their guarantee to be honored. I was accused of buying from other people and then trying to return empty product and get my money back from the person I bought it from, and then trying to return colors that I didn’t even purchase from that person! Which I hadn’t bought any from anyone else. I had screenshots of messages referencing the colors I purchased from that person, receipts, etc. pictures of the colors I wanted to return (date stamped) and the tubes weren’t empty when I sent them to her. I finally received a partial refund on the products and an apology from the company. I DO NOT MIND PAYING HIGH PRICES FOR HIGH QUALITY PRODUCTS THAT WORK ON ME. If you claim something lasts as long as 3 tubes of regular lipstick and 18 hours (then doesn’t) then honor the guarantee. I expect to be treated as a customer with a valid concern, not a lying criminal. It wasn’t about the money, it became about the Principle, and how I was treated. I believe in Network Marketing and I believe in Great products!
    Needless to say it was the most horrible customer service experience I’ve ever had over a product. I realize it was not indicative of the company, but the people I unfortunately bought it from.

    I’m excited to try a couple of the products that you reviewed, but I will definitely buy them from somewhere I can return them if they don’t work for me! Sorry for my Rant!!

  50. I haven’t watched all the videos, but I think you should include the size of each brand as well. Let’s say, it would be helpful having the price per oz.

    1. fridaywereinlove says:

      The good news is I did this in a follow-up post! Check out the link at the bottom!

  51. Annonymous says:

    Great post! Quick question…why were Maybellene and L’Oreal your favorite when Cover Girl had more stars? Which would you recommend most? Maybellene or Cover Girl?

    1. fridaywereinlove says:

      Maybelline is definitely my favorite! I did a follow up post this past month you should check out too where I talk about thoughts 9 months later and why I like some better than others!

  52. I really enjoyed the blog and have shared it with many friends and followed your page Facebook page . I really liked lipsense at first. I bought 3 colors, dawn rising, Bella and Berry and 3 glosses, one of them is gold glitter and oops. For an investment of $145 dollars. The flaking started to bother me and the blotchiness was a problem. I found this blog because I as looking for an alternative to the gloss which I was going through so quickly.

    I’m in love with these alternatives!!! Obsssed. Over the past weeks I’ve identified cover girl as my favorite I have 5 colors and 5 glosses for a grand total of $40. And because the glosses are separate I keep one in my desk, my purse, my car, and my work bag. No burning and no chemical smell. No sticky gloss. My husband noticed immediately. And it’s true they don’t last quite as long but they have a soft fade where lipsense stays vibrant on the edges and wears off towards the inside of the mouth which can be really unattractive with dark colors. I also like that I can use my favorite chapsticks without causing problems. Yesterday I used lipsense again and it inspired me to comment.

    Thanks for the blog and please post the update. I check back all the time 🙂

  53. Thank you.. I have a friend who sells lipsense who informed me that another friend purchased a gloss for me for my birthday. I’ve never purchased lipsense before. So now I feel like have to purchase the $25 color to go with my free gloss. Which I won’t.
    Thank you for these alternatives. I will take my free gloss and use it with anyone of these options and not feel like I’m getting ripped off…

  54. Because I’m cheap, I decided to try the CoverGirl Outlast. I had coupons, etc., ended up paying just over $9 for it. It will join the rest of the lip color products I spent money on and won’t use again. I tried it twice, just to see if it was me and I don’t think it its.

    1. The lip gloss/balm. Ugh! Did they HAVE to bundle it? It’s horrible IMO and the directions on the box even say you can use any lip gloss with the Outlast. So why bundle it, especially with an inferior product?

    2. No matter what I did to prep my lips, the Outlast clumped and flaked at the water line and corners for an hour or more after application, then started up later in the day as a prelude to the lip color coming off completely. Along with the clumping right before it came off, I had a white halo around the outer edge of the color and when I wiped that off, the rest of the color came off with it.

    3. Not completely transfer-free. Along with the clumping and flaking, there is transfer for an hour or two after application. I didn’t experience ANY transfer with Lipsense; it’s dry and transfer free less than 30 seconds after application of the last coat, and it stays that way.

    It came off so fast the first day, I thought maybe I’d done something wrong so I was very careful putting it on the second day. I put it on around 7 a.m. and it was completely gone by 1 p.m.

    So pretty disappointing. For me, the biggest difference (and what makes Lipsense worth the money) was that I was never unaware that I was wearing the Outlast and with Lipsense I completely forget that I’m wearing it.

  55. Those darker lip shades look stunning and I do like the Velvet Rose lipgloss/lipstick… I tried lipsense and love the taste. I enjoy. lovely post…<3

  56. I LOVED your in-depth article! It was incredibly helpful and all of your hard investigating is much appreciated! I got my first order of lipsense yesterday and really really like it… which is a problem because of the hefty price tag! So thank you for making the addiction a bit more manageable! 🙂

  57. No testing on animals by the company is a vital selling point for me.
    Beautiful job 🙂

  58. Anne Reed says:

    I love that you did this! So cool. Thank you!

  59. Jen adams says:

    They may not be 100% vegan (some gloss uses beeswax) but they are cruelty free, which the brands you discuss are definitely not. I only own 2 lipsense colors but as long as the company refuses to test on animals, I’ll support them.

  60. Gaye Scheuers Pietrocola says:

    Thank you so much for this! I bought my first tube of Lipsense and was so disappointed in the color. Too light. So a wasted purchase. Now waiting for a different one to arrive. Lots of money when you have NO idea what you’re getting. I WILL try some of the others for sure!

  61. Judy Rice says:

    Wondering if you compared the amount of product you get in each lipstick for the cost? What is the breakdown of price per oz. of each product? To me that would be very important!

  62. Thanks for your honest review. I sell Lipsense and am pleased to know there are alternatives out there that ladies can try if they cannot afford our product. I’m going to bookmark your article here to send to people when they are on that situation. Thanks again!

  63. Great video. I was thinking about purchasing Lipsense but was turned off because of the price. Thanks for doing all of the research for the alternatives. I’ll definitely try out the alternatives and save myself a few bucks.

  64. Do you have alternatives for the Shadowsense?

  65. Thanks so much for your article! I’m more of a tomboy, don’t like wearing make up. I never wear foundation, eye shadow only if there’s a formal event, and occasionally I will wear mascara (but it has to be light). . On a daily basis, it’s only eyeliner and lip balm for me. I wanted to have a little color on my lips so I don’t look boring in photos on my upcoming vacation.. Needless to say, I get lost in the make up rows at stores!!

    I bought Lipsense from a “friend of a friend” for fun. Yes, it was pricey and I really liked it. The long wear, non-smudge features is great. The alcohol sting, not so good. I stopped using the clear gloss because I thought it was too goopy. Instead, I used Cera Ve ointment to keep my lips moist. It did not affect the folor. However, I lost it after one month. When you lose $70 worth of lipstick in one month, the value does not seem to be so great!! I wasn’t going to re-invest that type of money for my vacation.

    Your article helped me find alternatives. I LOVE the Cover Girl Outlast. The color selection is awesome. Application is simple and easy – no “sting” like you experience with Lipsense. I like how the gloss is a sleek stick instead of a goopy liquid. It’s very comfortable.

    I also purchased the L’oreal and Rimmel, but I need to wait and try those another day. For now, the Cover Girl was a great tip!! Thanks again!!

  66. C2M3momma 412 says:

    Thank you for this, I can’t wait to go out and try it. I liked my lipsense because I hate reapplying. My kids took it out of my purse and lost it which has been annoying. I went to try and replace it, and they don’t make my color anymore. I hate false scarcity that MLM promotes. But it was the only product like that I had seen. I just don’t feel like spending another $50 to try stuff that I may not like. Thanks for such thorough reviews!

  67. Thanks for this amazing blog! I personally hate Lipsense, it tastes gross and made my lips raw. I ended up getting refunded after a crazy long process.
    My question for you is of your top 3, CoverGirl, Maybelline, and Mac, which ones were most easily removed at the end of the day. And could they be removed with normal make-up remover? Or do you need to purchase a separate remover?
    Thanks so much!!!

    1. fridaywereinlove says:

      I think Maybelline comes off the easiest, and it’s always removed very easy for me with Neutragenia wipes! I hope that helps!

      1. Perfect and yes that helps a lot! Thank you for the speedy reply.

  68. I really want to love LipSense since I am a competitive ballroom dancer and do not have time to retouch between dances. I drink tons of water but this definitely dried my lips out! Yes, I not only wear natural beeswax at night but I also used the LipSense Moisturizing Lip Balm but none of it keeps my lips moisturized. I went through a tube of LipSense Glossy Gloss in 3 weeks and bought another one; same thing. Then when I went to purchase another color the rep noticed that my color was transferring into the gloss tube and she said she had never seen that. She even watched me apply color on my clean and dry lips and then the gloss and noted that I was doing it correctly (I always follow the rules) and said she isn’t sure what the issue is. I really really want this to work but it dries my lips out so badly and it flakes and comes off within a few hours. I am soo very disappointed! The other factor is the high alcohol content! It’s terrible! I am surprised that more women are not bothered by it. It literally burns the thin skin in my nose when I apply! I correctly remove at night with either the remover or oil that I purchased at Whole Foods. The thing about all the lipsticks listed above is NOTHING was said about the ingredients. Many ingredients in lipsticks and other makeup have been noted to be carcinogenic! Also many have gluten and parabens and other harmful ingredients. Products are cheap because they use cheap ingredients that are very harmful! I threw out alllll my lipsticks a few months ago when I purchased LipSense if that tells you how much I want it to work. Thanks for doing this as it saves me time, but I will continue to pursue lasting lipsticks that are not harmful to my skin and body.

  69. Not sure if this ^mentioned, but have you tried younique stiff upper lip stains? I’ve tried lipsense twice… One it stayed on, but my lips burned. I tried it a second time a few months later, and it lasted only about 4 hours before fading pretty bad. My lips are actually in very good condition, but again, burned. I’ve tried a couple of those listed above, and they ate petty good, but I think I’m hooked on younique…. No burning and lasts throughout my day, and still there in the morning (albeit faded). But I’ve just started using it… Matte finish, but can add any gloss or lip balm over it, and it stays put. It’s a liquid, that goes on easy.. Can layer colors, can layer the same color for deeper look, or wear a single layer. Cost is $22, which is still a little steep, and colors are limited, but it is my fav at the moment.

  70. Hi! Loved your take on these lipsticks! I’m a LipSense distributor, but I too have issues with the cost. I feel the company is dishonest with their claims for price comparisons and for the length of one tube of color because, if worn all day every day, you will have to go through a tube of gloss every month and that is insane…
    That being said, I do believe it is still the best cost for the quality and length of wear, and here’s why:
    ***You don’t have to use the remover to remove it (I never do unless I messed up applying and need to fix a tiny spot, but even then, I’m sure I could find a way to do that without the ooops remover), so technically you’re buying a color and gloss for $45 and that’s if you don’t wait until a discount or special deal. (Distributors so that all the time) So really, you could get it for $40.
    Also, yes, three layers compared to one, but the three layers are supposed to be applied very thinly, and the tube holds wayyyy more color than most of the ones you showed and that tube of color will actually last you a good six months!
    The gloss issue… agree lol. But most ladies aren’t wearing their lipstick for 15 hours a day, so let’s say they want it for 8 hours a day. You’ll go through the gloss in two months then… still pricey, but I’d still venture to say fairly affordable compared to the quality and “long-ness” of the others.
    Anyways… just spewing some thoughts. I’m a LipSense fan, love not worrying about whether or not my color is fading. But when I’m finished selling all my LipSense stuff (just don’t have time to keep the biz successful), I will be trying these cheaper options. I just wanted to point out that the price difference isn’t as scary as you make it seem lol. (And that’s coming from a chick who doesn’t spend more than $5 on anything, buys only thrift store clothes, and spends $10 a year on makeup lol!)

    – Tricia 🙂

  71. Thank you for this. I absolutely love Lipsense, and I’ve paid a good bit of money for several tubes over the past year. I just bought my most recent tube of color and a gloss a month ago and I already need more. And that’s considering I have other colors that I wear some days! I do wear it every day to work, but I only put the color on once per day. I have got to have it last more than a month for $40 (color + gloss). I cannot spend $40 a month just for lipstick! It is a wonderful product though. I have used Cover Girl in the past and liked it when I first started using it but it crumbles on my lips. Yuck. Thank you for doing this! I’ll try some of the others.

  72. Thank you very much for this. Helpful indeed.

  73. I’ve got four of the lipsense, because a friend sells it. But I was going through my makeup after moving, and found I had an old covergirl lipstick, and so I’ve been wearing that. I actually like it better than the lipsense. The lipsense burns, and it won’t seem to stay on my lips. Once it starts to come off, it’s hard to fix it while you’re out. The cover girl doesn’t seem to come off at the waterline, and it doesn’t burn. My only complaint is that when I do want to take it off, it won’t budge. I’m pretty sure that the covergirl version has been around for over 10 years, so I find it interesting that lipsense has helped other brands push their lines that have been around forever.

  74. Heather Gibb says:

    Great post!!! So I hated how drying Lipsense was and I think Mac is too. Maybe I’m not a long lasting wearer if they are all line that. Are there any that did not feel like they were drying your lips

  75. Michele at Everyday Snapshot says:

    What an awesome post. Your effort in this is totally appreciated. I don’t wear lipstick for the messiness of it. Tried Lipsense but so not care for the tackiness of their glosses (on me anyway). So I’m so excited to try several of these. Awesome indepth post . Thanks.

  76. Claudette says:

    I’m getting married in August and I was looking for a lasting lipstick, I did have a Lipsense consultation, but like a lot of people I do think it’s expensive. I like their product but not enough to spend the money on, especially when i rarely where makeup. So just wanna say thank you for the information and I’m gonna try the some of the suggestions you’ve made. Awesome job!!!!

  77. I have been using LipSense for 6 months now. I am actually not that elated with it. I feel like it has dried out my lips, to the point where they were peeling. I does NOT last through eating and I have to retouch it several times throughout the day. The water line is the hardest area to keep the stain on. I go through gloss like water because I am trying to keep my lips hydrated and smooth so the product doesn’t flake and come off. I do like that it never comes off on my teeth though. Thank you so much for posting this because at $25/tube for LipSense, I don’t think it’s that great of a product. I’m going to try these cheaper options you talked about.

  78. I’m willing to pay the price for something that is going onto my lips, and therefore into my mouth. I also love the way my lips feel since using it. They’re not nearly as dry as they used to be.

  79. Can you explain conditioning you’re lips for lipsense?? Is that why mine flakes off after a couple hours?

    1. fridaywereinlove says:

      Yes, this is a great question! Your lips go through a few days of shedding the excess skin that you’re cleaning up with Lipsense, so it’s a bit flaky for a few days. I always use a towel and exfoliate before I apply (I do this every time!) and then I used coconut oil at night when I remove it. It seems to keep my lips conditioned and still clean enough to get through exfoliation faster.

  80. I hardly ever wear makeup and I bought two colors and two glosses of Lipsense three years ago. Yesterday was the third day I’ve worn makeup this summer and each time I was thinking I need new colors but was so conflicted bc I’ve also learned about the MLM side of the product and didn’t want to support MLM with a sale. So I just googled lipsticks like Lipsense and case across this. Thank you so much for doing the experiment and sharing your results! I will be off shopping now and trying to find you to follow on IG 🛍💖

    1. fridaywereinlove says:

      What a nice comment, I’m so glad this was helpful! Hooray for finding some less expensive options and I hope you feel fantastic in whatever you choose!