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ROCKY POINT DAY 2: Puerto Penasco Sunset Cruise

*We got really lucky and were invited to partner with Visit Rocky Point for a sponsored trip, but all experiences and thoughts are our own!
Rocky Point DAY 2
Location: Mexico: Puerto del Sol, Rocky Point, Sunset Cruise
Time: Evening Cruise and late night dinner

Let me start this post by saying that the true MVP of this experience was the toddler gingham shirt with pineapples. We joked he needed a party shirt before we left, and the party on the sunset cruise touring the bay and the major beaches of Rocky Point, Mexico was the perfect occasion.

Sunset Cruise in Puerto Penasco.

We spent our final evening watching a romantic sunset, talking to friends who also joined this trip, getting to know other publishers in Phoenix, and enjoying our time watching our little man dancing to the Spanish party music.

Sunset Cruise in Puerto Penasco.

There was a lot of toddler booty shaking, the and our child has loved Spanish music ever since! We kept smiling knowing that one day when we head back to Macchu Picchu again, he’ll get to enjoy the people and the culture as much as we do!

Rocky Point Mexico Cruise.

I loved watching the colors change on the water and the beach as the sun went down. There is just something so beautiful about that, and I think we will forever find any activity that involves watching the sunset a romantic date.

Sunset over Rocky Point. Sunset over Rocky Point.

As we headed back to shore, we were lucky to know our guides had saved the best for last. We headed to Las Palomas Beach & Golf Resort for dinner, and it was definitely my favorite meal of the trip! It was pretty dark in the restaurant, so we didn’t take pictures of our grilled fish and chicken alfredo, but we were both in love with our meals! We did, however, manage to get dessert just fine! The Nutella crepe for me and the tres leches cake dipped in chocolate for Jacob.

Crepe with nutella. tres leches cake in Mexico.

And of course, there were pina coladas. That’s always the best way to end a fun weekend in Rocky Point.

Pina Colada in Mexico.

We knew we’d had a successful trip when our little man completely zonked out in the dark restaurant and stayed asleep the entire dinner. Apparently getting worn out in Mexico is the best kind of getting worn out.

Toddler worn out after trip.

I will forever treasure this picture showing our sweet little man after so much excitement and joy, even with so many adult activities and food, he just soaked up every moment and reminded us how amazing Rocky Point is for a quick family getaway to the beach!

Exhausted toddler worn out in Rocky Point.

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