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Munich Walking Tour: Day 2 Munich Travel Guide

Munich Germany is one of the most historical cities in all of Europe! It’s also one that’s easy to do a Munich walking tour by foot, totally for free, and take in the entire city.

Munich Walking Tour Information

Location: Munich Walking Tour: Munich, Germany
Cost: If you pop into any museums you’ll want to check the fees that day, but walking tours are free!
Time: Give yourself the whole day to soak up the city. You probably need 3-4 hours to do the walking tour, and you may want to stop at a few museums and historical locations on the way.
Tip: The subway is amazing, super clean, and very easy to use in Munich. If you need to get across town quickly, it’s very easy to follow from anywhere in the city.

Visiting Munich town square.

Munich Old Town Walking Tour

Munich Germany is one of those places you can just walk around and absorb history. Having been the Nazi party headquarters in WWII, it had a lot of damage to rebuild after the war, while simultaneously still having a lot of history preserved. The locals opted to rebuild to keep the small city feel and to preserve history. Consequently, though most of Germany is a modern engineering marvel, Munich feels like an old European city mixed with some modern structure.

We decided to start our day in Munich with museums.

Munich subway. Munich walking tour information.

The Alte Pinakothek Art Museum

The Alte Pinakothek is one of the oldest collections, and holds some of the most famous paintings! If you can only do one art museum, we’d highly recommend this one. We loved using the (affiliate) Rick Steve’s Germany guide to get us around Munich. His guide at the Alte Pinakothek is excellent too helping you see the highlights while providing dry wit and puns to entertain you.

Munich city tour and travel guide.


Places to visit in Munich Germany. Munich tour guide.

The lobby alone is really quite the marvel, and I was floored by the staircase up to the gift shop. Such a beautiful place!

Munich city walking tour.

Most the museums are in one area. We started this morning early at the National Socialism Museum and walked a few blocks to the Alte Pinakothek. There are several other museums along this row, so it’s pretty easy to make a day out of museums. It’s also easy to walk by several and choose your favorite one or two to visit.

It’s also a lovely place to enjoy some parks and grassy areas. It was easy to do Munich with kids or in our case one kid. There were plenty of places to stop and let him get his wiggles out.

Walking city tour of Munich. Walking tour of Munich Germany. Munich walking tour information.

From there we headed back to the main square to grab some food, and to head out on the walking tour. Rick Steve’s Munich Book once again has some really great and easy to follow instructions. Once you’ve purchased the book, the Munich walking tour is totally free.

Munich tour guide. Self guided walking tour of Munich. Tips for visiting Munich Germany.

We love that it ended at one of the oldest markets, with one of the oldest maypoles. It was an easy place to go get dinner. And by the way, if you’re Eataly fans, there’s one across from the market and you can get some amazing Italian food. If you aren’t, there are some really amazing bratwurst stands in the outdoor market. You can eat with the locals and enjoy plenty of German favorites.

Munich open market. Munich farmer\'s market. Munich Germany farmer\'s market.

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