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Morning Sickness Remedies

A list with lots of morning sickness remedies (or all day pregnancy sickness remedies) to help relieve the queasy feeling. These are tried-and-true options to help expecting moms find some relief with effective pregnancy nausea remedies.

My first pregnancy came with very few sick days, and morning sickness wasn’t a concept I really understood. Then my second pregnancy happened. What is referred to as morning sickness was actually an all-day sickness, and something that didn’t disappear after my first trimester.

I felt baffled at what to do, everything everyone shared about the timing and disappearance of morning sickness seemed to be completely opposite of what I was experiencing. To make matters worse, the queasy pregnancy feelings often hit early and before you’re ready to announce a pregnancy. This makes talking about the problems and really getting helpful advice even harder.

Now that I’m in my last trimester of pregnancy, and still coping with regular pregnancy sickness, I wanted to share some advice that has helped and some remedies to try. I give full disclaimer I’m not a doctor and you should talk to yours about your illness. Also, everybody is different and what may work best for one may not work for others. But I did find several of these to make a dent in the queasy feelings, and to be of some help. And I really felt the need to compile those great tips for anyone searching for some morning sickness relief!

Morning Sickness Remedies to help with pregnancy nausea

Morning Sickness Remedies:

  1. Never have an empty stomach
    No matter how severe your sickness is, I think all pregnant moms agree an empty stomach is what makes it the worst. If you constantly have a small snack on hand and never go more than two hours without food, you’ll feel significantly better.
  2. Eat a protein and a carb together
    My friend Kayla has such severe morning sickness with each pregnancy she was my go-to for advice! This was her strongest morning sickness remedies suggestion- make sure there is both a protein and a carb together always! If bread or toast is all you can do, force some peanut butter or a slice of cheese with it. If you want meat, grab something with carbs to accompany it. This balance really helps your body feel full longer and process food better.

    Home Remedies for Morning Sickness

  3. Ginger in All Forms
    I loved ginger ale, pregnancy has made me vote it as the most underrated drink of all time. Sipping some often got me through a lot of gagging. Many need fresh ginger to really help. Many curries use fresh ginger, and if all else fails fresh gingersnap cookies from a quality bakery can do the trick! Candied ginger is another form, and ginger flavored candy is a welcomed option for many too! Try a few options, there’s a good chance one will help you!
  4. Preggy Pops
    I spent so much time gagging this pregnancy, which almost always ended in some vomit. It was gross, and if I could just get my body to quit gagging, I could often keep more down. I tried these candies with essential oils and sour flavors and they were heaven-sent! Gagging significantly slowed down, and I did feel better with one of these on hand whenever I needed it.
  5. Sour Candies
    There’s something about sour flavors that just sound better when you’re queasy. After trying Preggy Pops, I decided maybe a sour hard candy of any sort would do. It helped quite a bit for me! Find a flavor you love and have a couple on hand if you just need to focus on food staying down instead of coming up.
  6. Hard Candy
    I’m normally not the biggest candy consumer, I promise! But when sour wasn’t my cup of tea, just a hard candy helped quite a bit. Often I’d get sick after eating when we’d go out to dinner. The hard candy mints where a lifesaver! I’d try to have a few mints or other hard candies on hand to help with the queasy moments.
  7. Drink water SLOWLY!
    I live in Arizona, and it’s not uncommon to chug an entire water bottler after being out in the heat. But I have had to change my ways with pregnancy. Too much water can offset the balance of your stomach and make you throw up. Inversely, so can dehydration. So sip it slowly. Get a water bottle with a straw if you need to.
  8. Constantly drink Water
    Yep, it needs to be slow, but dehydration can make you sicker than avoidance can. You need that water, so does your baby. Make sure you’re staying hydrated and water is the best way to do that.
  9. Include Nuts in Your Snacking
    I had a friend tell me this would make such a difference and for me, it did! If you can get something down, try to make it nuts or nut butter. It just takes longer for your body to break it all down, and the protein and good fat stick with you longer. Buy your favorite kind, and incorporate this as a regular snack.
  10. Learn to Love Citrus
    I don’t know what it is about citrus, but somehow it often helps. I know so many moms-to-be who swear by lemonade. I’ve been a huge fan both pregnancies! Lemon flavored anything seems to set better than other food. Find your citrus and cling to it!
  11. Eat Healthily
    It’s amazing how junk food sounds so great, and then feels so terrible later for many! Strong smells and flavors often make things worse. Greasy foods typically upset stomachs. Try your best to eat healthy items that sound good.
  12. Stay Out of the Heat
    It’s amazing how elevated temperatures can do a number on a queasy pregnant lady! Morning sickness always felt a lot worse when it was hot. If you can avoid being outside on a hot day, or away from warm stoves, etc. please do!
    Nausea relief when pregnant

    Nausea Relief

  13. Get a Flash of Cold Air
    This pregnancy hit late fall, just in time for winter. I can’t tell you much I instantly felt better stepping outside in the cold, brisk air. Something about that shock to my body pulled it out of vomiting many mornings. The same thing seems to happen when I step in a walk-in cooler at a grocery store. A little cold air can do wonders for nausea relief!
  14. Know Thyself with Excercise
    I often found a little walking/running felt terrible for a few minutes and then I felt better. There are days where working out just made me feel a million times worse. It’s such a great thing to do for your pregnant body, so I’d definitely say try to find something fitness you can stand. But know what makes you sicker, and what distracts your body from queasy for a while. Those happy distractions saved me on many hard mornings!
  15. Get Plenty of Sleep
    Particularly in the first trimester and last when you’re feeling tired, go ahead and indulge in early bedtime or a nap if you can. Sometimes the exhaustion makes you feel even sicker. Sometimes sleeping is the only time you aren’t vomiting. Go ahead and use this excellent morning sickness remedies excuse and get some sleep and!
  16. Ask for Help Cooking
    In the first trimester, I’ve never done well with raw meat. My husband knows this and we’ve planned meals we could avoid it or pre-cook it, or add it very last. My husband cooks it when I can’t. It saves another trip to the bathroom and a rough night with a little help.
  17. Outsource Chores
    I’m normally not a fan of cleaning the bathroom, but a hair or a messy toilet can set me off for the whole day. It’s a good time to ask your partner to take these things on for a while. Or, if you can, hire a house cleaner to get you through the rough patches.
  18. Seasick Bands
    These are excellent because they are over the counter and safe to use. They put pressure on pressure points to help those who get seasick, and often help pregnant women with nausea relief too! I’ve seen enough success with them for nausea relief to highly recommend them.
  19. Switch to a Gummy Vitamin
    Are those horse pills known as prenatal vitamins not staying down? They are important to take, but you can switch to gummy form! I love the Smarty Pants Prenatals, they have saved me and have been one of my favorite morning sickness remedies this entire pregnancy!
  20. Know When to Take Your Vitamins
    Even with great gummy vitamins, sometimes my body just wasn’t ready for them. Many swear taking them at night makes them feel even more sick in the morning. I found taking them in the morning made me queasy around dinner. There’s likely an optimal time for you, try a few different times of day and take prenatal when works best for you.
    Medications for morning sickness: morning sickness medications

    Nausea Medicine for Pregnancy

  21. Zofran
    I will forever be thankful for this prescription that has saved me so many days! There can be some risks taking this early in your pregnancy, so talk to your doctor about those. I got on it about 18 weeks in and I’ve never looked back! The quick dissolve pill has been my favorite and takes away the gagging and vomiting within 15 minutes about 90% of the time I take it. There are some side effects, but I take them all with full knowledge this is the reason I can function daily!
  22. Diclegis
    Another prescription that many swear by. It made me overly groggy, out-of-it, and it only helped me so much with the sickness. But everyone is different and many swear this is their miracle drug that saved them! Talk to your doctor and insurance. It can be expensive, but it is also safe to take early and it saves a lot of sick women in their worst of times.

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  1. Angela Cameron says:

    I was nauseous with both my pregnancies. I haven’t had it as bad… yet, but with this pregnancy I’ve been super nauseous, little appetite because I feel like I’m going to puke, someone suggested No to morning sickness tea & it saved my sanity. My days and nights are better & I feel so good!