Feed My Starving Children: Service Group Date Night

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Group Date Idea- Give Service.
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We have been itching to do a service date for quite a while. We decided the only thing better than a happy-feel-good service date would be a happy-feel-good service date with friends.
I first heard about Feed My Starving Children from my friend Katie who has organized huge service projects for singles in her lifetime. I had a work team-builder here, and I just couldn’t get rid of the itch to take Jacob and a team of friends with me.
Feed My Starving Children Mesa, Arizona.


 FMSC is a non-profit that asks volunteers to come do a 1.5 hour shift packing food to send to impoverished countries. Packs of “manna” or dry food with rice, soy, vitamins, and dried vegetables are assembled by volunteers, then sealed and boxed to ship. It’s basically like assembling several Rice-A-Roni packs to ship to those literally dying of hunger.
Feed my starving children packing center.
They have hundreds of volunteers, and you can sign up a group of up to 24 people to come for a shift. They really make it fun too- each table is in competition with the others to see how many boxes they can fill in the time slot. They play pop music, and I swear every teenager and people named Jacob Whiting turned it into a sing-along. We laughed a lot- it felt like a game/party.
It’s totally free, and donations are welcome but not required.
Feed my Starving Children volunteers.
We spent the night sealing and boxing, and finished 16 boxes of food just at our table!
Creative Group Date Idea: Feed my Starving Children volunteers.
That felt amazing, but really, having some of your favorite people come with you and make it an even funnier/more energetic/competitive experience made it all the better!
Thank you Tia and Brett
Feed my Starving Children volunteers.
Marisel and John
Feed my Starving Children volunteers.
 Brittany and Jesse (who cracked me up dancing behind his wife)
Feed my Starving Children volunteers.
 Bree-N and Brett
Feed my Starving Children volunteers.
 Leslie and Jordan
Feed my Starving Children volunteers.
Feed my Starving Children volunteers.
Group Date Feed my Starving Children volunteers.
 And is there anything hotter than your spouse in a hairnet? You’re welcome for setting that mood friends!
Feed My Starving Children organization.

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  1. Thanks Lindsey! Bree-N has been and AZ girl in the single's scene only- but she's so great, warm, and inviting I wouldn't be surprised if most people think they know her 🙂

  2. Lindsey Nilson says:

    Oh my word! Bree N looks so familiar! She didn't by chance go to a church in North Seattle!? I think it's wonderful you all had a date night of volunteering.

  3. Katie Elizabeth Hawkes says:

    Ahhh I love this! And 16 boxes = impressive. Good work team.

  4. Love FMSC! And Katie! And so many of those people! What a good time. And your parting line cracked me up!