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Quarantine Date Ideas

Need some fresh quarantine date night ideas to keep date night safe and fun? We have you covered with tons of quarantine date ideas to help stay safe and keep date night exciting! Tons of at-home date ideas and social distanced date ideas to do together. 

We know how hard it can be to shake up date night when you’re stuck at home. Maybe you’re just staying home and staying safe. Maybe one or both of you need to quarantine and avoid others for a few weeks. Or, perhaps you’re just well aware there aren’t many places safe to visit right now. 
We want you to still rock date night with some excellent quarantine date ideas! And that’s why we’ve compiled 20 excellent quarantine date night ideas to tide you over the next couple of months! 

Quarantine Date Ideas

  1. Recreate One of Your Favorite Restaurant Dishes

    If you miss dining out, find a way to recreate it at home. There are so many restaurant copycat dishes online, choose one and make your own favorite dishes at home. 
    Indoor Camping Date

  2. Set up a Romantic Fort Date

    This brings back so much childhood nostalgia and takes any activity up a notch with a romantic vibe. We shared how we set up a romantic fort date with some activity ideas in this post

  3. Try a Date Night Box 

    Get a complete date night with several fun activities, menu suggestions, and a playlist delivered to your door! We have a thorough post rating and giving all the details about the top date night subscription boxes to help you find one. But we’ve personally used the Happily Date Box this year because they’re our current favorite! You can get 50% off your first box to try it out with our Happily Date Box promo code: FRIDAYWEREINLOVE to get 50%
    Stay at home date night ideas

  4. Take a Hike 

    Find a great hiking trail in your area. Pack a picnic lunch and go enjoy a change of view. 

  5. Find a New Bingewatching Series and Make a Marathon Happen 

    We have a list of shows we’ve both enjoyed watching. But you could easily crowdsource this on social media and find a highly recommended show to dedicate an entire night to watching together. 
    Also, if you’re not living together you can use the Netflix Party Chrome extension to watch together and message your own commentary. 

  6. Missing an Escape Room? Do one at Home 

    We’ve done several group dates to escape room locations. But we equally love doing escape rooms at home. Here’s how.

  7. Go for a Long Walk

    Sometimes just leaving the house is the magic you need for a quarantine date. Grab your favorite walking shoes and plan an extended stroll through your neighborhood, or a nearby park or walking trail. 
    Adventurous Date Ideas Book

  8. Do an Adventure Challenge 

    We found the Adventure Challenge for Couples about a year ago, and the Adventure Book has been a quarantine date night lifesaver throughout 2020! It’s a scratch-off date night book that gives you a challenge to complete. The rule is no takebacks, you have to do what’s on the scratcher! Also, almost all are stay-at-home friendly and give you enough idea in advance if it’s going to work for you.BONUS: We love them so much we asked for a promo code!

    Save 10% off any Adventure Challenge book with promo code: InLove10 

  9. Take Date Night to the Car

    We have a whole list of car date ideas. If you really need a night out, but that’s just not possible with a babysitter or feeling safe, the garage or driveway is a great idea! I swear it helps you feel like you got a date night out while you’re only a few more feet away from your couch. 

  10. Take Date Night to the Backyard 

    When the weather is nice, seize the day and use one of our backyard date ideas! Even if your backyard is small, there’s a lot of excellent date nights to be had in your own backyard! 

  11. Three-Course Drive Through 

    Stay in your car, and plan a three-course meal with drive-through options only. Go to one place for an appetizer, another for the main course, and the third location for dessert. 
    Quaratine Date Ideas

    Home Date Ideas

  12. Do a Puzzle 

    I’m always amazed at how much fun doing a great puzzle together can be! We just spent a night doing Christmas Puzzles and I forgot how fun they really are! We love finding unique and modern puzzles here

  13. Charcuterie Board Night

    These are the grown-up version of Lunchables. I promise you’ll be just as excited to eat a charcuterie board spread as you were to open your lunchbox and find Lunchables. 

  14. Stream A Broadway Show 

    If you’re itching to go to the theater, there are plenty of ways to watch a Broadway show at home! Disney+ streams Hamilton, and Netflix has several shows too. There are tons of options on BroadwayHD too! 

  15. Create Your Own Movies in the Park 

    We figured out the perfect setup for a backyard movie night and it has been the gift that keeps on giving! Whenever the weather is decent, we take movie night outside. It’s definitely taken a movie date night up a notch! How to Create Your Own Outdoor Movie Theater for Backyard Movie Nights

  16. Watch All the Marvel Movies in Order 

    When Avengers End Game was about to be released, we realized we’d fallen far behind in Marvel movies. In order to enjoy the movie, we looked up every Avengers movies in order and made a list to share. It’s a fun way to make movies feel more exciting and understand how they are all connected. And hey, you probably have time to watch them all while you need several weeks worth of quarantine date ideas. 

  17. Couples Game Night 

    There are so many great couple games for two that make a fantastic date night! You can easily Zoom in with a friend and great a quarantine date night group date! 

  18. Create a faux comedy club and Watch Funny YouTube Videos

    Need a laugh? I think we all do right now! We’ve curated funny YouTube playlists you can find in our Funny YouTube Night Part I and our Funny YouTube Part II Date posts. 
    Couples Journal reviews.

  19. Write Your Story and/or connect with a Love Journal

    We’ve been working on our Loom Love Journal for Couples answering questions and talking through prompts. It’s like therapy in a really good, really positive way! Plus they are offering 15% off- use Promo Code FridayWereInLove as your discount code. 
    But we’ve also been trying another couple’s journal called the Promptly Journal for Married Couples– which helps you document your story, your history, and your memories. You can use promo code FRIDAYWEREINLOVE for 15% off! Both are equally great, and a fun thing to sit and work on together. 

  20. Connect With Conversation Cards

    When you’re spending more time at home together, it may feel like you already have a good grip on how each other’s day went. But if you’re looking to connect deeper, conversation cards can be a great tool! We love this inexpensive set. It pairs perfectly with takeout for at least two dates! Quarantine Date Night Ideas

    Social Distance Date Ideas 

  21. Go Stargazing 

    It’s just you two and the stars! We shared a bunch of tips how to do this well in our stargazing date night post

  22. Rent an Igloo at a Restaurant 

    These are popping up everywhere! You can rent your own dome/plastic igloo to enjoy dinner away from everyone else. 

  23. Have a Paint Splatter STudio Date Night 

    You book your own paint splatter studio room for two. It’s completely socially distanced and still a fun night out! 

  24. Have a Romantic Paddle boat Date 

    A romantic paddleboat date is one of my all-time favorite dates! And those boats ensure you’re going to be at least six feet away from other couples! 

  25. Geocaching Date 

    Find a geocaching app and go on a treasure hunt in your area! It’s easy to stick close to each other and away from everyone else while you enjoy this fun social distance friendly date night! 




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