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20 Things You Might Not Know About Me on My Birthday

Guess what, it’s my birthday! Hooray! I have this theory that I chose January because I knew it was a long, not-so-fun month and I needed something to look forward to after Christmas.

The funny thing is, the older I get, the less I seem to want stuff. The more I seem to just cherish time. And surprisingly, the smaller things just feel like bigger and bigger things to me.

I have a lot of my life I share online, but there are a lot of pieces I keep private. I think people must sense this because I am so often asked about details of my personal life outside of date night that it makes me feel like people are onto me and this double life I’m living.

For my birthday, I thought it may be fun to share some things I don’t talk about often on the blog or social media today. So for no reason at all aside from my birthday, I’m opening up about 20 things you might not know about me.

20 Things You Might Not Know About Me

  1. I didn’t wear makeup until college.
    I’m still in shock when people ask for makeup and beauty tips from me. It took me so long to figure out what I’m doing. Sometimes I still wonder if I do have it figured out at all…
  2. I’ve never figured hair out.
    I have flat, stick-straight hair. I played sports in high school and was happy to have wet hair in a ponytail after practice most days. My hair resume includes I can use a curling iron and that’s about it. Perhaps this is why God decided I should be a boy mom.
  3. I’m known for my pep-talks!
    Anyone who has had a rough day, wonders if they’re in the right career path, bombed a grad school entrance exam, is feeling down about their business, is having body image issues, in the throes of infertility, etc. can plan to get a huge pep-talk and boost from me! Maybe my time being a teacher, maybe going through so much awful in my life and being forced to find hope and goodness, or maybe the story I’ll share in #11 here. But, somehow I see the potential and good to come. I love reminding people that hard work and passion pay off. Jacob always reminds me it’s a gift I have and loves to introduce me to people down on their luck.
  4. I don’t need a ton of sleep.
    I watched a news story about a gene that makes people completely fine with about six to seven hours of sleep a night. When I’m not anemic, surviving a pandemic, or pregnant, I so fit this bill. Midnight to six is a solid time for me.
  5. I’m Two Different Enneagram Numbers. 
    I’ve taken so many quizzes so many times, and I have a 50/50 split between two numbers. They don’t go together either, you’d never peg these two as being equal parts of me. I’m going to write a whole post on this soon, but I find it so fascinating that each time I take the quiz I get one number, and if I retake with a few different answers I really had a hard time deciding on, I’m instantly the other. 
    Portrait shot of blogger Camille Whiting.
  6. I really like getting older.
    I think aging is beautiful. I’ve always wanted to befriend and hang out with those older than me. It’s so incredible to hear the wisdom of those who have been through so much. I’ve never been one to look at a number and freak out that I’m getting old. I’m grateful I’ve had a full life and there’s still so much to live.
  7. Beach vacations aren’t my jam.
    We’ve had a few, and I’m glad we’ve relaxed and recharged. I know kids love them, so we do them for the kids. We did a cruise for our babymoon last year to keep it chill and I came home ready to go on an adventure! I’m a fan of a good book and a romantic sunset. But, I feel like I need to learn, explore, get jetlag, and honestly completely wear myself out to get in a good vacation. I know I’m not normal.
  8. I’m the cheap one in our marriage.
    We both grew up with extremely frugal mothers. I wouldn’t have pinned myself as the cheap one, but Jacob recently pointed out that I am. I’m a firm believer in saving all you can. As much as I love shopping and fashion, it’s always a well thought out and budgeted thing for me. I often cringe if I have to spend money I hadn’t planned on. And heaven help us, buying a couch took over a year and a lot of convincing from Jacob to actually make the plunge.
  9. I have an undergraduate degree in English Teaching with an emphasis in multicultural literature.
    I’m very passionate about reading literature from authors of color, immigrants, and diverse populations. I taught high school English for seven years and my biggest passion was teaching students to hear perspectives outside of their own. This year has reminded me more than ever what a gift it was to read so many works by black and Latino authors so early in my life. I’m blessed to have had a formal study guided by teachers who helped me see my white privilege as I entered adulthood. It forever changed how I see the world. It’s a work I continue to do (and feel the need to forever read and listen to other’s stories).
  10. I decided to be a project manager because I was a yearbook advisor.
    When I realized I wanted to make more money and leave the teaching profession, I knew project management was for me. I’d taken two yearbook programs in debt and hurting and turned them into profitable programs with the best kids on staff! We won huge publishing awards and it was the best feeling. I knew if I could manage teenagers I’d likely do well managing an adult team. Turns out, teenagers are quite a bit harder to get on task than most adults. It was a great change for me, and I always smile when people asked me how I knew I wanted to change.
  11. Grad school happened a bit on a whim for me.
    I always wanted to go, but I thought I’d study English. When an unexpected divorce happened and my love of budgets and forecasting came as a yearbook advisor, I started to rethink my life. I decided at Christmas I’d shoot for business school. I took the GMAT in February and bombed it. Then I took it again a month later with zero expectations that it would happen for me, but to my surprise, I did well! I’m still amazed it came together for me with hardly any time to really prepare and study. Clearly, God knew the path that was best for me. Sometimes amazing life pivots happen with little time and effort. Sometimes they take forever. But once in a while, a girl who hasn’t had a math class in over a decade does well on a graduate entrance exam for no good explanation.
  12. In junior high, I wanted to grow up to be an author.
    It’s kind of fun to actually realize that in a completely different way I am one. It’s just in a profession that didn’t exist.
    Camille Whiting, Arizona blogger.
  13. I don’t drink coffee and love coffee shops.
    The smell, the hipster vibes, the herbal tea options… It’s a place I’ve always loved meeting for business meetings and working when I leave the house.
  14. High school was one of the busiest times of my life!
    I was all about extra-curricular activities and loved being involved. I loved student council and planning events. Also, I thought soccer was life and hated cross country. But did it because a friend needed me to run so we could qualify and she could get a scholarship to college. I’ve played soccer approximately two times since I graduated, and adore running as an adult. For the record, my friend got that scholarship and went on to run two Ironmen.
  15. Every guy I’ve dated has been tall and fairly skinny.
    Apparently, I have a type.
  16. Lemon is my favorite flavor.
    I choose it almost always.
  17. My parents moved to Arizona when I started college.
    I grew up in Utah. I’ve lived in Arizona for over 10 years now. I still feel confused when people ask me where I’m from.
  18. I firmly believe your day can never be that bad if you’re wearing a great pair of shoes.
    Bonus points if they’re red.
  19. I really hate cleaning.
    I love a clean space and a clean house. But boy do I have to force myself to do it. If I can ever figure out how Cinderella got the mice to clean, I’m going to be the first to invite every rodent creature as my new BFF.
  20. I lived on cereal in college. I used to buy the huge 20 for $20 sales and eat cereal for at least two meals a day all semester long. Now I eat way lower carb, but cereal will always remind me that’s there for me and has got me through the poorest and busiest times of my lifeSo there are 20 things you may not have known about me. Thank you for following along on this self-indulgent post! And if you have anything else you want to know, feel free to ask! Or maybe wait for another birthday, apparently spilling some things you might not know about me is a little fun now and then.

photo: Chrissy Blake

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