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Valentine Gift Ideas for Him

Guys have flowers and chocolates, but often the other party is left wondering about Valentine gift ideas for him. Here’s a great list of what to get a guy for Valentine’s Day: A Valentine’s Day gift guide for husbands, boyfriends, and all the men in your life so you’re set with Valentine’s Day gifts for him!

No matter how long I’m married, no matter how well I know my husband, there’s just something about every holiday that makes me get a little nervous about gift giving for the men in my life. I don’t know why guys seem so much harder to shop for. Perhaps it’s the high ticket items they love. Or the lack of beauty products used, or just that Valentine’s is kind of the holiday for the guy to buy flowers and the girl buy…question mark?
Today I’m helping myself, and anyone else in this predicament with a  list of what to get a guy for Valentine’s Day with my list of Valentine Gift Ideas for Him
What to get a guy for Valentine's Day: A Valentine's Day gift guide for husbands, boyfriends, and all the men in your life!


What to Get a Guy for Valentine’s Day

  • Cologne.

    Is there anything better than you man wearing a scent you’re attracted to? I love it when you get to pick the scent and be the hero gifting it too! You could turn shopping into a romantic date and just go with a gift card if you’re nervous. Or you can go all out and get something you know you love.

  • A gift card to their favorite lunch spot.

    Every single time an In-N-Out gift card or Gadzooks gift card shows up as a present there’s a love in my husband’s eyes I just can’t duplicate any other way. He loves food. He loves the thoughtfulness of giving him a lunch he doesn’t have to pay for that he’ll adore. It’s always a hit.

  • A future date, or a year of dates gift.

    There’s something about giving fun that always makes people happy. Find something you know he’ll love and book it. Indoor skydiving, his favorite concert, reservations for his favorite type of dinner, these are all perfect gifts!

  • Date Night Subscription Box

    Speaking of future dates, you can gift as many as you want with a date night subscription box. Have one delivered to your door, or wrap your receipt to get excited for the next to arrive. We have an entire list of options with all the information you need to choose the best one for you! 
    Plus if you’re not ready to commit to a full year, you can try our current favorite, the Happily Date Box with 50% off your first box with our Happily Date Box promo code: FRIDAYWEREINLOVE to get 50%

  • Adventure Challenge Book

    We did a full Adventure Challenge for Couple’s review here, and I can’t get over how much we’ve loved it a year later!It’s a scratch-off date night book that gives you a fun challenge to complete. The rule is no takebacks, you have to do what’s on the scratcher! Also, almost all are stay-at-home friendly and give you enough idea in advance if it’s going to work for you.BONUS: We love them so much we asked for a promo code!

    Save 10% off any Adventure Challenge book with promo code: InLove10 

    What to Get a Guy for Valentine\'s Day.

    Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

  • Deliver chocolate-dipped strawberries through a delivery service.

    I’ve learned that women aren’t the only ones who love the sweet embarrassment of a gift showing up at their office. I’ve had balloons, a date night box (from Birdy Tell if you’re in Phoenix), and treats all delivered. Shari’s Berries does a fantastic job, they are delicious, and it’s a romantic gift he’ll love.

  • Skincare products.

    Who says they don’t do beauty? Most men really love a recommendation from someone who uses products more than they do. My husband has loved getting a new aftershave, face lotion, beard cream, etc.
    We’ve done cheaper products like Every Man Jack, and lately, we’ve both been a huge fan of this highly rated skincare line on Amazon. Apparently having Jack in the name is a good indicator of men’s skincare lines?

  • A cashmere sweater.

    It’s still winter as much as many hate to admit it, and a nice sweater he’ll wear often is a great idea! Cashmere sweaters have been so much more affordable with Amazon, and Prime Shipping for the win too! I got Jacob this blue sweater in December and he’s worn it on repeat. We’re talking to the office on cold mornings, out on date night, to church, traveling. etc. It still looks brand new! He looks so good it’s been a great gift for me too!

  • Date Nigth Outfits 

    We’ve fallen in love with Stitch Fix for Men! It’s easy to tell your stylist your size, fit preferences, and what types of clothes you need. We’ll straight up ask for new date night shirts that are tall and slim and they deliver! Help him get a little wardrobe update that’s perfect for him without having to shop. 

  • His favorite treat.

    If you’re on a budget, bake something. If you don’t cook or don’t have time, that candy bar or cupcake from a bakery can mean the world. Find what he loves and his favorite flavor and surprise with it and a sweet note. It’s always an easy and successful Valentine’s Day gift for him. 

    Husband Valentine’s Day Gifts

  • A mixed tape

    Okay, we’re actually talking about a digital more modern form of this Valentine’s Day gift. But, I’ve gifted a playlist of mushy songs every Valentine’s Day since we were us. I had no idea what to do when Valentine’s hit our first week as an official couple, and a few mushy songs seemed appropriate. He loved it, it only cost me the price of songs and a burnt CD. These days it only costs a Spotify playlist (totally free) and a little time writing a note telling him why I chose each song. It’s always a hit.
    Or, you could create this and gift an Amazon music subscription. Hello, ad-free music 24/7 and a gift that keeps on giving! 

  • A neck massager.

    My small hands can only help so much, but this high rated back and neck massager is the gift that keeps on giving! This one of my favorite Valentine’s Gift ideas for men because it’s one you can use and enjoy too! 

  • A day off

    This may not mean at work, but if you can hire out one of his chores he’ll surely appreciate it! Get a landscaper to save him yard work this spring. Hire that repairman to fix the project he can’t get to. Take something off his plate and give him more time. 

    Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Husband or Boyfriend

  • Lingerie.

    Sure you may think it’s for you, but we all know this is a gift he’ll truly love. Plus, you can find the most beautiful lingerie that’s model-free so you (or he) can feel comfortable shopping for something. They also are size inclusive for bodies or all shapes and sizes! 

  • What I Love About You.

    Sometimes words of affirmation need a push, and this cute little book helps you put your thoughts on paper so easily!

  • A new coffee mug/water bottle for the office.

    Help him up his style, or just make him laugh with the perfect mug. If he’s no a coffee drinker a water bottle he can refill to stay healthy and think of you each time he does is always a good choice. 

  • A staycation hotel room

    It can be for that night, or a night in the future. But if you want to go big, a hotel room for a night to just spend time together away from real life can be such a perfect and romantic gift option! Plus you can always find a great deal on Groupon

  • An Amazon gift card

    Hear me out here, this can be just what he wants. Guide him to help him choose new movie rentals or the next book he’s longing to read. Giving him some freedom to choose his next form of entertainment and leaving a thoughtful note often nails what to get a guy for Valentine’s Day. Anything you want to add? What would you recommend what to get a guy for Valentine’s Day? Any big hits you have in the past with Valentine’s Day gifts for him?

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