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Valentine’s Day Date Ideas for Any Budget

Valentine’s Day Date Ideas for any budget! A roundup of romantic Valentine’s Day Date Night Ideas sorted by price to help you find the perfect date idea for Valentine’s Day! 

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We’re hitting that time of year when we start to look at the calendar and realize it’s a good idea to get some Valentine’s Day Date Ideas in order and get some plans officially made. I always love planning dates, but sometimes Valentine’s Day date ideas feel like there’s a lot more pressure, and I’m a firm believer that it doesn’t need to be that way.

There are so many great Valentine’s Day dates that fit any budget and sometimes those low-key cheap or free evenings end up being some of the best. Although I’ll always love a delicious over-priced meal, I’m grateful for all the different memories I’ve made with my husband.

For anyone getting that date night for the big day of love on the calendar, here’s a bunch of ideas to help you plan the right one for you this year!

Big Gesture Romantic Valentine’s Day Date Ideas:

  • Romantic Dinner with a View

    Book a fancy restaurant with a view early, and impress with a romantic evening dressed to kill

  • Go indoor skydiving.

    Non-traditional, a little pricey, and the perfect unique way to get adrenaline pumping and endorphins going to help you feel more love

  • Boat Tour

    A boat tour or boat cruise is going to look different depending on where you live, it may be a small lake or river, it may be a man-made structure, or it could be gondolas in Italy, but all are a cool experience filled with romance.

  • Romantic Night at the Theater

    Buy play tickets. There’s something about dressing up and seeing something professional that gets you in a romantic mood. This year Hamilton is touring locally, and I’m just saying I don’t know many people who wouldn’t be thrilled with that as their Valentine’s Date date. 

  • Spa Day 

    Book a spa day for two. Splurge on a couple’s massage, get clay masks, enjoy yoga, or sweat it out in a sauna. Relax together and pamper yourselves with a spa date. 

  • Date Night Cooking Class 

    Sign up for a romantic date night cooking class for two. Sur La Table and many local culinary schools offer romantic date night classes. You’ll make a romantic dinner, and get bonus points for learning advanced cooking skills too! You can also find a virtual cooking class online if you live in a smaller town or would rather cook from home. 

  • Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride
    Take a view of the city in the morning or sunset makes for a romantic experience you won’t forget!
  • Pottery Class 

    Your instructor may roll their eyes at your wish to recreate the pottery scene from Ghost, but I’m here to tell you to let them! Book the pottery class, and havea your own intimate moment at the pottery wheel! 

  • Hotel Date 
    Couple kissing behind a heart decoration on a Valentine's Day Date. A night away can be so romantic! Order room service, get the cheesy romance basket with strawberries and champagne (or sparkling cider), and gear up for a romantic night in! 
    We have a post all about hotel date ideas to help spice things up. Also, a great AirBnB is a fantastic getaway with a more private setting. 

  • Sushi Date

    Book a date at an upscale sushi restaurant, and enjoy a romantic dinner for two.

  • Book a Themed Escape Room

    If you’ve never done an escape room date, now is the perfect time to try one! They’re like a modern-day scavenger hunt with series of clues and riddles to solve in a set amount of time. So many places offer themed escape rooms around holidays. Find a Valentine’s Day-themed escape room and enjoy some quality time solving the clues together.

Valentine’s Day Date Ideas $20-$50:

  • Romantic Paddle Boat Date

    Rent paddleboats and go for a romantic stroll watching the sunset. I know this may be too chilly in some places, but for many warmer climates, February is a great time to bundle up and enjoy this romantic date night. 

  • Museum Tour for Two

    Find a late-night opening at one of your local museums. They typically offer an adults-only night where you can see exhibits, learn together, hold hands, and feel like a kid again without having to watch any of your kids. 

  • Fondue Night In

    Choose a chocolate fondue recipe with fruit and treats to dip, find a main course dip (cheese or marinara are our favorites) with some bread and meat, and enjoy a romantic night in for a fraction of the price of going out. 

  • Brunch Date
    Valentine’s Day dinner out can be crowded with extra charges. But brunch is typically open with much more privacy and better deals. Find a romantic brunch spot and shake up Valentine’s Day with a different meal together.
  • Head to the Movies

    There’s always at least one romantic comedy released for the season. Also, many theaters show old-school movies and romantic classics. There are surprisingly usually many great options! Even if it’s a bit cliche, sometimes comfort and predictable love is the best kind! 

  • Visit a Comedy Club 

    We spent one Valentine’s Day doing the opposite of what we felt the cliches told us to do with an expensive dinner and fancy dress code. We booked tickets to a comedy show, and ordered a pizza to enjoy together. It was one of my best relationship lessons: it’s more about who you’re with than what you do for V-day. 
    Plus, we always recommend a comedy show to reconnect, laughter is healing, and floods your brain with serotonin. It’s truly a low-key unexpected date that inspires a lot of romantic feelings and connection. 

  • Sentimental Dinner
    Valentine's Day Date Night Ideas for Every Budget Pin. Skip the overpriced meal and choose a place that’s just you. Always up for burritos, go get those burritos! Love a good burger? We’ve learned that being together casually or even welcoming a family date out can still feel so special.

Valentine’s Day Date Ideas on the Cheap:

  • Head out for dessert only.

    Chocolate is a known aphrodisiac, so hitting up a fancy chocolate stand, grabbing your favorite ice cream, or splurging on creme brulee can make you feel like you’ve had an expensive date when you only had to pay the bill for dessert.

  • Order takeout and set up a romantic place for two at home.

    Sometimes crowded restaurants aren’t the way to go

    . But a meal you don’t have to make and can enjoy under some stringed lights, at an indoor picnic, or at a set table makes it feel just as special. 

    Check out our living room picnic date for some inspiration. 

  • Do an Adventure Challenge Scratch off Date

    We love the Adventure Challenge for Couples book- it makes for 52 fun date nights! Check out our Adventure Challenge book review for all the details. You can gift this book as an excellent Valentine’s Day gift, and let it double as the guide for your fun date night! 
    Also, Get a bonus 10% off any order with the Adventure Challenge Promo Code: INLOVE10

  • Go for a hike.

    This could be a snowshoe, a bike ride, or an actual hike if it’s not too cold where you live. Pack a bottle of champagne if it’s your thing, or sparkling cider if you’re more like us, pack some sandwiches, and stop for a surprise moment of romance and connectivity celebrating the day while getting the endorphins going. 

  • Significance Places in Your Relationship 

    Go visit the significant places in your relationship (where you met, your first kiss, where you first lived). Take a walk down memory lane while only having to pay for gas.

  • Recreate a Date from The Vow

    Buy a box of chocolates and head to your favorite coffee shop or hot chocolate stop. Get your favorite drinks and take turns feeding each other chocolates trying to guess each flavor. A chocolate tasting date can be a fun and intimate way to spend your date night. 

  • Go Ice-Skating 

    An ice skating date night is always one of the best active date ideas. There’s something about holding hands around the rink. During Valentine’s Day, they typically play romantic songs, and it’s a sweet and fun old-school way to have a fun date night. 

Free Valentine’s Day Date Ideas:

  • Cook a romantic dinner at home!

    I realize you’ll have to buy ingredients, but you’ll likely be eating anyway and need to buy dinner items in your normal budget, so we’ll count this as free. Plan a favorite meal you can prep together. You can include your kids if you want, or feed them cereal and send them off to play in their rooms while you light some candles and enjoy some romantic time in prepping and enjoying dinner by candlelight. 

  • Romantic Fort Date

    Find your favorite romantic movie you already own or can watch streaming, and enjoy a romantic fort night cuddling to your favorite flick. 

  • Create a Love Playlist 

    Choose songs that remind you of each other, your relationship, or songs that just feel romantic. If you need some ideas, check out our list of Cute Love Songs for tons of inspiration! 

  • Watch Movies and Cuddle 

    I mean who doesn’t love a great cuddle date on the couch? Pull out a blanket, pop some popcorn, and grab some heart-shaped candy. Kick back and let Netflix/Disney+/etc. treat you to a classic movie night like a romantic time to bond together in comfort. 

  • Sexy Date Night

    Although I’m always bashfully mentioning it, but bedroom games typically don’t cost a thing. Find one that sounds fun to you and have a good time reminding yourself that love really doesn’t cost a thing. 

    Check out Mentionables Lingerie for one of the best places to add a little extra spark to the night.
  • Words of Affirmation Date

    List your favorite things you love about each other, write them out and share them. It may sound cheesy, but those words of affirmation with specifics can make you feel more love than spending a million bucks. And if words of affirmation happen to be their primary or secondary love language, it just may be the perfect date. 

  • Game Night 

    Grab your favorite board games, cards, or even a puzzle for two. Set up a romantic game night with a twist. You could include a sexy truth or dare, bet kisses or romantic dares, or make each game clue have a romantic task attached. Or course a classic game night is a great choice, but it’s so easy to find some great couples games and spice them up a bit. 

  • DIY Couple’s Massage

    Give each other massages at home. There are plenty of free guides and YouTube videos online. A little lotion and some romantic music later set the tone of a totally free, totally romantic night.

Love a good date ideas list like this? So do we! We’re sharing our top date night lists in the Beyond Dinner and a Movie Series. Sign up HERE to snag more great date ideas!

Photos by: Chrissy Blake

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