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Splurge Date Night: Perfect Date Ideas Worth Every Penny

Looking for perfect date ideas that you know will impress? Sometimes they take a little bit of a splurge, but we promise it’s a splurge worth it for the perfect date night! Here are the top 12 Splurge date ideas worth every penny for the perfect date night!

I love a great free date idea as much as the next person. But sometimes we’re in the mood to go big and invest in a splurge date night. Those times we’ve gifted a pricey date to each other always feel so special and create some of our best memories. We often remark they are just those perfect date ideas worth every penny. We’ve been on a handful of dates that can blow the budget or are big spender dates, and I can’t wait to share the perfect date ideas totally worth the splurge.

Perfect Date Ideas Worth Every Penny

  1. Tickets to the hottest play.

    I’ll never forget the day Jacob called me while working out-of-state on a business trip. He let me know he’d spent a small fortune on something and needed to confess it to me. That amazing man scored Hamilton tickets for the second opening week in Chicago. This was at a time these were nearly impossible to get. I almost fell out of my chair! We took a trip I’ll never forget to Chicago to see the hottest Broadway show around.

    Hamilton musical date night.

  2. Gourmet cooking class for two.

    I almost died when I saw the price tag was well over $100 for one night of a gourmet cooking class. But I also knew this would be one of the perfect date ideas my husband would love. It was a huge splurge date night, and one I gifted for Christmas. We had the most amazing time. I learned so much! It truly was the perfect romantic date night.

  3. Indoor Skydiving.

    We were invited to preview this experience and our jaws almost dropped we got to go indoor skydiving. My husband has brought it up so many times as a birthday or anniversary idea. He even gifted me indoor skydiving for Christmas this past year. The moment I’m not pregnant anymore, we’re off to this perfect date!
    Ifly indoor skydiving date night.

    Perfect Date Ideas for the Perfect Date Night

  4. Iconic dinner locations.

    When you have a special place with an amazing view at your disposal, you jump! When we went to Seattle we spent a small fortune to eat at the Space Needle. I’ll never forget those views, the ice cream, or how my husband looked. It was one of those perfect date ideas worth every penny.

  5. Concert tickets.

    We’re both huge Muse fans. When touring happened we knew we it would be worth splurge to get tickets. Let me tell you it so was! We’ve been to several concerts, but none quite like the Muse concert! I’ve also learned bands break up, artists stop touring, things change. If you have the chance to immortalize your favorite artist/band, it’s worth the splurge.
    Check out who is coming to your area soon here!

  6. Tickets to see your favorite comedian.

    We’ve gifted each other Brian Regan tickets and Jim Gaffigan tickets. Oh, how we laughed until we cried! I don’t think my husband has loved me more than those nights!

  7. Paint night for two.

    We love the BYOB paint classes. It’s our most repeated date by far. We do look for Groupon deals, but occasionally we decide it’s just worth the splurge. I love buying the perfect drink. We aren’t wine drinkers, but sparkling lemonade always comes with us. It’s one of those perfect date ideas you can go all out for and know you’ll remember for years.
    Also, this is a fun one you can do at home!
    Paint Night date night Painting with a Twist.

    Expensive Date Ideas Sure to Impress!

  8. Destination hotel stay.

    If I spent every splurge date night at a romantic hotel, I’d be just fine. We’ve done the Anniversary Inn with themed rooms, we’ve gone to amazing getaway locations, and we’ve stayed locally. A romantic night away is always the perfect date to reconnect.

  9. The Lantern Fest.

    This will forever be one of my favorite and perfect date ideas. There’s something so magical about hundreds of lanterns lighting up the sky. The Lantern Fest typically happens twice a year, and we can’t wait to splurge on this one again!
    Lantern Festival date night.

  10. Cirque Du Soleil tickets.

    This is known as Las Vegas’s main attraction, but there are traveling Cirque Du Soleil shows too. We’ve seen both, the quality is amazing anywhere you go. I had my breath taken away with some death-defying stunts and moves. It’s fast-paced, awe-inspiring, and truly like nothing else. We’ll gladly go to a Cirque show any chance we get!

  11. Celebration dinners.

    We’ve visited a few fancy steak and seafood locations in our day. I really love fondue at The Melting Pot too. There’s something about a meal that cost the same as this week’s groceries that makes it really feel special. A little fine dining to celebrate a big event, anniversary, or accomplishment is one to remember.
    Splurge date ideas worth every penny.

  12. Hot air balloon ride.

    Everyone raves about these as the perfect date they’ll never forget! It’s worth the splurge at least once to watch a sunset or sunrise in an unforgettable setting. Talk about one of those perfect date ideas you’ll cherish forever!

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