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What is a Date Night?

What is date night? We’re breaking down the literal date night definition with tips for making the most of date night no matter your phase of life!

What is date night?

We’re in a strange season of life when our normal routines and categories have all been blurred together. I hear most often of parents both trying to work from home, with children present 24/7. I saw a motherhood meme that stated being a stay-at-home parent in a full-time job. Being a working parent means you have a full-time job. And being a teacher is a full-time job. It’s okay if you are doing your best to hang in there doing all three right now! 

With regular routines out of order, that can mean our regular habits that build are relationships are out of whack too.

What is a Date Night? 

This moment in time has left many people are left asking what is a date night? It’s been an exceptionally challenging time to carve out that intentional time together. We’re all trying hard to do so many jobs and adjust to new norms right now!

We applaud those we’ve seen getting creative and still making a regular intentional night together happen. But even for those of intentionally making it happen, you may be asking what a date night looks like these days? 

Date Night Definition

I wanted to give the official date night definition to anyone wondering about the formal definition. According to dictionary.com, a date night is defined as:  


Date Night


1.an evening social date on which a married or long-term couple go out together:I enjoy a regular date night with my husband. 
2. a night of the week on which it is usual or customary for couples to go out on a date: Friday night is date night.
We are clearly people who believe in a regular intentional time together! It’s been our mission and project for over a decade now. I feel like we’ve nailed that night of the week part, hello Friday (sometimes Saturday). And I love that it’s formally defined as a social event where married or long-term couples intentionally go out together. 
Date Night Definition

How do we make date night happen? 

This time has forced a lot of at-home date ideas to take place. And we’re completely team stay home and stay safe! But if you’re someone who is feeling like another night streaming a show or movie isn’t cutting it, we want you to know you aren’t alone. So many couples can’t wait for their next time to go out together. 
So while you plan your activity out that fits the textbook date night definition, we wanted to offer a few date your mate tips to help you feel a bit more like dating is taking place. 

Date Your Mate Tips

– Get out and practice social distancing. Take a long drive. Go get takeout. Go for a hike. If it’s doable in your area and you don’t have young kids, go ahead and get out. Just please, do it safely and responsibly. 
– Change up the environment! Even if you’re tethered to your house, find a place that makes the intentional social time together really count. Maybe your front porch, maybe it’s in a backyard or side yard. Or, perhaps, just a room you’ve never had a date night in before. Mix things up so you get the thrill of a new place. 
– Dress up. I’m almost always a you-do-you kind of person. Dress and wear makeup as you please and do what makes you happy. But I think date night is a good time to put in a little effort so you feel like it’s a special night. I know our nights on the couch in pajamas never feel the same as the nights we dress up and have a candlelight dinner. Make a little effort (or a lot), it goes a long way. 
Date night defined

Now’s the TIme to Get Creative! 

– Find a new activity you’ve never done before. Even if you’re at home, we have a list of 52 at home dates you’ve never done before. I promise they’ll shake things up and make it feel like a real date night! 
– Plan ahead! If all else fails, take the time to get some get nights on the town on your calendar. Decide what you want to do. Plan for a few months out. Make an intentional date night bucket list together. Find those intentional social times and activities you just can’t wait to do! The anticipation will help the current feelings of being trapped. 
And best of all, know a lot of it is your mentality. I wrote a whole post about having a date night mentality finding dates wherever we go here. We’ve learned to fit in dates on lunch breaks when times our busy. We’ve lived apart for a few months and had to make long-distance dates happen. Also, we’ve survived the newborn colic phase and overcome that feeling that we were trapped at home without a real night out together. 
Believe me when I say, these moments pass. Your attitude and plans for the future will make all the difference. And before you know it you’ll be back to dictionary-defined date nights again! 
Photos: Andrew Millet

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