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The Crayola Experience

Crayola Experience: tips for visiting and what to expect at The Crayola Experience

The Crayola Experience Family Date

Date Info:
The Crayola Experience
The Crayola Experience Price: $15 per person the day of. But you can do a Crayola Experience coupon by buying online and saving $1 per person.
Location: We’re at The Crayola Experience in Chandler, Arizona. But there are currently others in Easton PA, Plano Texas, Orlando, and at the Mall of America too.
Website: Details and tickets on their website

Tips: It gets crowded on the weekends and later morning/later afternoons. Try to get there early or during a nap time schedule to avoid the crowds.

Visiting the Crayola Experience in Arizona.

The Crayola Experience in Chandler Arizona

What is the Crayola Experience?

It’s a way to experience and celebrate color! There are all types of art related projects using Crayola products, physical play, and creativity!

Who is it best for?

Our baby didn’t have a lot he could do, and I could see most kids older than 10 not as interested. It’s perfect for preschoolers and younger school-aged kids.
There are interactive creation activities for older kids, but most are targeted for ages 2-10. Family trip to the Crayola Experience in Arizona.

Whare Activities Are At The Crayola Experience?

There are currently 16 activities at the Crayola Experience Chandler. Here are the 16 reasons to visit the Crayola Experience.

Wrap It Up
Make a custom crayon name with a custom icon (if you like). Wrap it up at a wrapping station. Each ticket gets to make two custom crayons.
Activities at The Crayola Experience
Crayola Experience Activities
Be a Star
Turn yourself into a coloring page! Find a backdrop you love, snap a picture of one person or your entire family, and print pages you star in.
Melt and Mold
Make custom crayon shapes by melting crayon wax into your favorite mold.
My son even made me a diamond ring. Yes, my heart melted at the melt and mold!
Drip Art
Choose two of your favorite crayons to melt into a drip art creation.
Chandler Crayola Experience

Crayola Experience Activities

Silly Selfies
Create and color a digital mask to make the silliest selfie possible!
Molding Madness
Use Model Magic to create a sculpted project. These change regularly, and they are mess-free fun!
Rocking Paper
A personal paper creation is turned into a rocking, dancing show!
Stomp and Play
This is an interactive digital board where kids run around solving puzzles, coloring, and creating colorful movements with a projected interactive program.
Colossal Caddy
Color to your heart’s content with the largest crayon caddy full of fresh crayons in all colors!
Crayola Experience Coloring
Play with melted wax for a unique, fun new way to color!
Color Magic
Choose your own coloring page to design, scan, and watch your creation come to life on screen!
Rainbow Rain
An interactive screen where you control the rainbow of colors with body movement.
Rainbow Rain at the Crayola Experience.
Scribble Square
If chalk is your favorite medium, you’ll love this square where you can chalk your masterpiece!
You Design
Anyone can become a designer with a custom creation they color and scan. Then you watch your design walk the runway.
Activity Studio
Cut, color, and paste themed projects (that change regularly) in a craft style art project.
Custom Crayola Crayon box
Honorable Mention: The Gift Shop
You can make your own customized crayon box. There’s a sampling of just about every Crayola product out there. It’s fun just to experience it!
Deals at the Crayola Experience.

Would this be a good date idea for couples?

If you’re into coloring and channeling your inner art project, absolutely! But we’re definitely we had our kids with us to enjoy the experience.
Our coloring-fanatic son was so thrilled with this family date! I’m glad we could enjoy the colorful experience, and it’s one we’ll definitely do again!

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