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Wonderspaces: Interactive Art Installation Date Night

A full review and all the details of Wonderspaces. This is one interactive art installation you don’t want to miss, and it makes the perfect date night!

Wonderspaces: Interactive ARt Installation

Date Info:
Wonderspaces AZ
Price: $17-$24 per ticket (depending on what day and time you visit)
Location: We’re visiting Wonderspaces Arizona, But Wonderspaces San Diego is re-opening this summer, as is Wonderspaces Austin
Website: Details and tickets are on their Website

There are date nights that we walk away from a specific activity and we can’t stop talking about how amazing it was and how we need to tell everyone to go do it! After leaving Wonderspaces, we had one of those moments.

Wonderspaces Art Installation


What is Wonderspaces?

Wonderspaces is an interactive art installation. In this installation, there are currently 13 exhibits to watch, experience, and in some cases, interact with. Art and science are often blended. Many have strong messaging. But all are meant to be an experience.

It’s hard to describe the full thing, but let me tell you, it’s incredibly entertaining. Wonderspaces AZ mall.

Where is Wonderspaces?

In this case, Wonderspaces AZ, it’s set up at Scottsdale Fashion Square (by the food court).

How Long Does Wonderspaces Take?

I’d plan 1.5-2 hours. We had just over an hour and it wasn’t enough time! Another half hour to full hour would be well worth it! Also, they have a bar and snack area set up so if you want to extend your experience and relax and chat, it could be an even longer date.

Wonderspaces experience for date night.

Is Wonderspaces kid-friendly?

For the most part, yes. one installation is based of the first Alien abduction, so I don’t think I’d expose children to this. They ask all kids have close adult supervision. We saw a few families the night we were there and most kids seemed interested. However, I’m really glad we made this a date for two instead of a family date. It was fun to experience everything without worrying about little hands trying to touch things. There are also several virtual reality experiences and those would be difficult to do with children.

But don’t let that scare you off! If you want to bring kids, Wonderspaces is kid friendly! There are a few exhibits I think our kids would have loved that would have made it all worthwhile!

Wonderspaces in Scottsdale Arizona.

How Long Is Wonderspaces Open?

Exhibits will change every few months, but Wonderspaces is here to stay in Phoenix! They opened in April 2019, and they plan to stay put. Each exhibit has a specific theme. This one was  “Point of View” making one reflect on how they see things. It was very thought provoking and really amazing to think about each installation.

I’m excited about regular changes though. This is a date we can repeat often and I guarantee we will do. New exhibit rotations and themes should make this a constantly fun and exciting spot to visit in Phoenix.

Art Installation Experiences

Wonderspaces AZ Art Installation

We had so much fun just embracing the current experience. The current theme “Point of View” gave us a lot of time to think about perspective. Sometimes that meant spacial perspective. Sometimes color, art, state of being, and even religion.

My favorite part was the light installation with thousands of bulbs programmed to show sound. It was beautiful. It was peaceful, it was really fun to walk through and experience. And clearly, it was as photogenic as can be making everyone stop to get pictures and video.

Clearly, I couldn’t resist a selfie, and I love that Jacob captured how serious I look when I concentrate to set up my phone. But the lights were amazing, and it really shows the beauty when they all lit up at certain sound frequencies.

Wonderspaces Scottsdale exhibits.

Date night to see Wonderspaces.

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