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Vintage Aviator Goggles DIY

Dressing as a vintage aviator? The aviator goggles can be the hardest party to find! Here’s a simple vintage aviator goggles  DIY you can make in minutes!

Easy Halloween Costume DIY

This year our family went with a Pixar’s Up costumes for our family Halloween costume. Because we live in Arizona, we opted to young Carl and Ellie for our costumes so my husband didn’t have to wear a full suit. It was easy to find all the pieces online, but when it came time to buy aviator goggles, I was left with few options that all seemed so expensive.

Vintage aviator goggles were a little less sleek than modern goggles, and most didn’t have dark lenses. I wanted an oversized true vintage feel. Oversized goggles were needed particularly since we were trying to look like children.
Aviator Goggle DIY

Vintage Aviator Goggles DIY

So I thought about for a few minutes and realized a few mason jar rings and some leather ribbon would likely do the trick. It took about 5 minutes to make two pairs, and it was such a cheap DIY that I couldn’t be more thrilled with!

DIY Vintage Aviator Goggles Materials:

Make Your Own Aviator Goggles

Step one:

Start by measuring where you want the mason jars to fit around your eyes. There’s definitely some give so it doesn’t have to be perfect. But generally speaking, you’ll want them to rest on your eyes and have the middle leather ribbon the right length for comfort. about 4-5″ inches should be plenty. Plan for about 1/2″ extra from the perfect size, this is where you’ll glue.

Hot glue the strip together, joining the two mason jar rings together.

aviator Goggle Tutorital

Step 2:

Take your remaining ribbon and get ready to attach it to the outer edges. I wanted a little wiggle room and adjustability, so I did not glue directly to the mason jar ring. Instead, I looped the ribbon around the edge, with the outside facing the correct way.

DIY Aviator goggles tutorial.

From there it was easy to glue the loop together, using hot glue on the ribbon only. goggles for Aviator Costume

I didn’t bother to cut the ribbon in two, I knew I’d get there. I just carefully made sure the ribbon wasn’t twisted and grabbed the other end to attach.

Step 3:

Attach the leather ribbon to the second side. Use the same method, and be careful that the correct side is facing outward.

make your own aviator goggles


Step 4:

Find the middle section of the ribbon that goes around your head. You’ll want to cut it in half so you can add velcro buttons for easy use.

Measure your head and find the perfect spot to attach the velcro buttons so it will fit securely. Mark the location for the velcro for easy application.

Vintage goggles DIY

Step 5:

Add the velcro!

We used easy peel and stick buttons that worked like a charm. If yours aren’t the peel and stick kind, hot glue gun will do the trick wonderfully!

A side note: If you want it to look very polished, I’d fold down the edges so there are no raw seams and glue those together before you add the velcro. If you don’t care, feel free to trim the raw edges after you add the velcro.

That’s it! A few minutes, some hot glue, and a quick measuring are all it takes! And then you’re ready to fly with your super cheap, fun, easy vintage aviator goggles!

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