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Put Two Burritos in a Bag and You’ll Get Us To the Movies (The Vow Date Night)

Date Info: 
Sneaking Dinner Into a Movie
Price: Movies Tickets: $3-$12 each, Dinner: Varies in cost (Plan about $35 total)
Location: Movie Theater  

We get asked quite a bit if we ever go to movies. And that answer would be well, sometimes. We try to get away from the standard dinner and a movie, but it is indeed a standard for a reason and when a new movie hits theaters and we really want to see it, we’ll go. (And you’d better believe there has been a date scheduled on our shared Google date calendar since the release date of The Hunger Games was announced!)
We both thought we would be busy working and helping with other obligations this Friday, which was fine, because we had a pre-planned Saturday date. However, last minute changes opened up our schedule, and Camille had a hankering to go see this year’s big Valentine’s Day romance release. When we both actually feel like a movie we usually go, because it isn’t all that often.

Clearly Jacob is about to win husband of the year, because he actually agreed and went through with seeing:

The Vow romantic movie.
(please don’t judge our picture above to Rachel and Channing’s, that’s so not even close to fair!) 
Of course dinner was attached to this. When we can’t decide on a decently priced place to go, we always go to our default favorite semi-fast food place, Rubios.
Two chicken Big Burrito Especials always do the trick for us!
Rubios Date night.

And of course the occasional Dr. Pepper to keep us awake for a later show time.

We know we’re not alone in thinking this, but your food seems to be even better when you sneak it into the theater and enjoy while watching.
What looks like a new purse actually is doubling as a cover for burritos and a drink!

Sneaking food into the movie theater.


Sneaking food into the movie theater.
Camille was definitely the bigger fan of this flick (as one would expect) but Jacob enjoyed many aspects of it as well. Just a warning, it’s sad, and we knew it would be, but it’s quite a bit more sad than either of us prepped ourselves for. We thought it would end a little happier, but it was still a happy movie overall.
We went and saw Valentine’s Day two years ago, and came out stating we likely wouldn’t do very many movies to celebrate this holiday again. However, if you’re going to go out to a movie this Valentine’s Day, this is a great date idea! It makes you really stop to think about relationships and why we choose the people we choose to be with, following our passions, as well as the importance of creating memories and quirky habits you do together. If we ever feel like sitting down to a Redbox, this is one we’d watch again, but likely only if we have two Rubio’s burritos with us!

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  1. Thanks so much Inda! We're glad you're feeling the love of dating! Happy Valentine's to you and your husband!

  2. Inda Nila says:

    Love your blog!!! I especially loved that you guys brought burritos with you to the movies!!! I have gotten so many great ideas from your blog and am incorporating some into my husband's Valentine's Day gift this year. I am going to post about it and include a link, you guys are awesome.