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The Wedding-Re-Gift-White-Elephant-Fondue Party

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Wedding Re-Gift White Elephant Party
Price: Cost of Food
Location: A home, a coffee shop

In December we were invited to holiday bonfire/white elephant gift exchange with some friends from church. After we laughed about many of the funny gifts we got on the topic of the funny wedding gifts each of us had received. We really know most people mean well, but sometimes it’s just so hard not to laugh at a gift like t-shirts with your wedding announcement picture screen printed on the front. We all had our share of really funny gifts, mostly from sweet elderly people who came up with some of the funniest things. Sometimes you just want to give those people a hug and say “next time just send a card with well-wishes!”

We had such a good time just talking about one or two funny stories that we decided we would re-create our worst wedding gift (or include the original if you’re like us and still considered “newly-weds” for 3 more weeks) and have a white elephant gift exchange with those items, or the wedding “re-gift” exchange. We deemed a Valentine’s group date with a romantic dinner and a wedding gift-exchange would be the perfect way to pull of this party and give everyone time to find something like their gift. However, we have to laugh about the fact that most people still have it because we have some secret fear that the person will find that plaque/sombrero/toilet bowl scrubber with our last name engraved and know we donated to Goodwill.
We were happy to host 6 couples for this date we’ve been scheming on for a little while now.
Group dinner date.
Fondue group date.
We started out with a fondue dinner. This time we tried a cheddar cheese recipe- and really enjoyed it! Dipping turkey, ham, and salami cubes makes a great protein and then we added blanched asparagus and carrots to mix. Apples are also great in cheese and chocolate so we had plenty of those…and of course lots of yummy artisan bread.
Easy fondue party.


Fondue dinner party.
For dessert we went classic with chocolate. We dipped bananas, apples, strawberries, pretzels, gummy bears, marshmallows, and rice crispy treats into the chocolate. It was great to make it to dessert- we don’t always get there since we fill up on the cheese portion so quickly!
Chocolate fondue dinner party.


Group date fondue party.
And after a lot of laughs and great conversation we moved on to the truly funny part of the night. We did our “re-gift” exchange following the traditional rules of a white elephant: everyone goes around and opens a gift and then there are 2 rounds where you can trade someone for what they have. After something has been traded twice it’s safe and you get to keep it.
Regifting group date idea.

We did it based on the nearest anniversary, and well, let’s just say we’re already getting ready and packing for our anniversary trip we have planned in a few weeks!
We were thrilled to find an awesome kite from Rebecca and Caleb. Jacob unwrapped it because “I went for the biggest!” Jacob even stated, “Um we’ll use this on a date!” Followed by Camille shaking her head trying to communicate “Don’t say that out loud- someone will steal!”

Man holding a child\'s kite received as a bad wedding present.

Caleb unwrapped our best wedding gift. Some kind old lady Jacob grew up near gave us a scentsy candle holder. We’re not big into the candle wax release thing, but were thinking what a thoughtful gift it was. Until we saw the seashell holder that was kind of an awkward shape. We’re a modern hipster couple, I mean clearly, our walls are brick, so let’s just say it wasn’t exactly our taste. But still, it is a functional thing you can always give to someone or take to work.

A man showing the worst wedding present he received.

The funny part of ours came as we looked at the wax blocks that you melt in the scentsy. Yep, half used.

Man holding a pre used gift given as a wedding present.

And the one that wasn’t had the most delightfully scandalous name for the flavor.

Scentsy candle pack for a white elephant party.

One of the better gifts was a set of picture frames. You know how there are trends in gifts- like everyone gives a toaster one year and the couple gets 8, or maybe a crock pot, or a certain book? They are fundamentally great, but too many of them ends up being a funny thing. For a lot of younger couples, picture frames are that current item! Ashlee and Trenton lucked out (at least in round 1).

Couple unwrapping a white elephant party gift.

Adam and Lydia unwrapped a fantastic goblet that Ashlee and Trenton hunted to find. It recaptured the old glass pitcher that was scratched, used, and coated with water spots they were given.

Man holding white elephant party gift.

Lydia found other uses for this goblet beside the jokes of drinking water through a straw while watching TV with this baby.

White elephant couples party date.

And here’s the close-up of the scratches in all its glory!

White elephant couples party gifts.

Steve and Jenny unwrapped Adam and Lydia’s. This may have taken the cake on the best gift! It was a Precious Moments statue with a deer and flowers.

White elephant couples party.

Apparently the original had different colored lights you could change out of the bottom so the statue could light up. Can you imagine, your statue with small children and cartoon-like animals being able to change colors to match for the perfect “mood lighting?” Aside from this not being the taste of most couples- but particularly Adam and Lydia’s modern taste, was the fact that the original came with a Chinese plug that wouldn’t work with American fixtures. SOLID!

Fun ideas for White elephant couples party.

Royal and Rachel unwrapped a gift from Steven and Jenny, a gift card. Which may seem normal, but we laughed at the story of going to rent a movie on a wedding gift card to find a random amount of change on the card and the couple owed money at Blockbuster. Semi-used gift cards, too funny! They told Royal and Rachel to enjoy figuring out the random amount on that card and how little there would be.

Funny White elephant couples party.

And may we add, we were thrilled to re-steal the kite on round 2 and have a great spring date courtesy of one funny gift to one couple!

Host a White elephant couples party.

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