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12 Ways To Improve Mental Clarity and Stay Focused During Your Work Day

I have been compensated by ZonePerfect® for this post; however, I am sharing my own thoughts. All opinions are my own. #Ad #ZonePerfectRevitalize

It doesn’t seem to matter if you work in an office, work remote, work for a big company, or work for yourself- it can be so hard to achieve mental clarity and stay focused during your work day. Through my time working in a lot of different settings, I’ve set some ground rules and guidelines that really help me focus and accomplish more with minimal distractions. Here are 12 Ways to improve mental clarity and stay focused:

  1. Create a detailed schedule! I have to know when I’m working, when I’m spending quality time with my son distraction-free, when meetings are, and they all need to be arranged in advance. This really helps me focus on the task at hand and not get distracted. I know it will all get done in the set time! I think no matter what responsibilities you have in your life, scheduling blocks of time to tackle everything is key in staying present in the moment and helping you stay focused on the immediate task at hand.
  2. Workout first thing in the morning. I am all about getting the boost of endorphins and mental clarity exercise brings, I may be more of a fan of those than the other physical benefits. I’ve found if I do it first thing, I get it done and over with, and I reap the benefits of a lot more mental clarity all day. This helps me stay focused and accomplish a lot more.
  3. Eat Healthily. I know when I indulge in too many treats I feel the sugar crash hit me and zap my energy quickly. There is just something about eating good meals, particularly for breakfast and lunch that keep me feeling my best and help me stay focused. Choose your food wisely, and plan healthy meals with the nutrition your body needs to focus. And along the same lines, you should… 12 ways to improve mental clarity and stay focused
  4. Choose your snacks wisely. If you need a boost to keep you focused and your mind clear, don’t deprive your body! But choose something that’s going to be an effective, and delicious pick-me-up like ZonePerfect® Revitalize for Mental Focus. These are new, and you can find them in the lunchbox aisle at Target. You can learn more about this new product here. If you’re looking for more added bonuses than just a great tasting snack, ZonePerfect Revitalize bars are a good source of choline, a nutrient that supports brain health, and contain green tea caffeine to help increase mental sharpness and focus. My favorite part is they contain protein to keep you full and come in three delicious flavors, Strawberry Shortcake, Salted Caramel Latte, and Hot Chocolate Marshmallow, to satisfy snack cravings. I love that my chocolate craving is satisfied with the Hot Chocolate Marshmallow variety, my mental clarity is increasing while my sweet tooth gets what it wants, and my body is getting 11 grams of protein.
  5. Drink plenty of water. I feel like this is the answer to so many issues, but really it’s a proven fact that it helps! You feel better, you decrease dehydration and headache potential, and it keeps your mental focus sharp.
  6. Try a standing desk. The more I read about how sitting is harming Americans in sedentary jobs, the more of an advocate I become for alternating standing and sitting. My old office offered standing desks and it was so cool to be able to spend some time standing instead of sitting all day. Look into it if you can, or at the very least make a point to stand up and stretch.
  7. Go for a walk. Even if this means moving from your desk to the bathroom, plan a few minutes to walk every hour. A lap around the office building, a quick stroll down the street, or a trip to refill your water bottle help get the blood flowing and your focus back on track.
  8. Shut down distractions. If you can’t get things done with music, turn it off. If your phone notifications steal you away, turn it off. Close all the browser tabs on your laptop, and only pay attention to the one task at hand.
  9. Desk yoga. Yes it’s a thing, yes it’s easy, yes there are stretches that are discrete and won’t make everyone stare at you. Look it up and find a few to try next time you’re having a hard time focusing. 12 ways to improve mental clarity and stay focused
  10. Go to bed early. “Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise,” is a saying for a reason. Get enough sleep, and let your body ease into it early so you wake up ready to go.
  11. Tackle the big tasks first. If you don’t want to do it, get it done. Get the hard things over with, the things that take the most effort, and end your day with the easier stuff last.
  12. Create a dedicated work space and make it for work only. If your desk is known as the office party, you aren’t going to get much done. If you have too many distractions on your desk, it’s time to redecorate. People may have thought I was crazy not plastering my family all over my desk, but it made my mind wander, so a screensaver only decorated my actual working desk. Create a space for you, and make sure your body and mind are accustomed to that space.

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  1. Hello, Fantastic post!
    I completely agree with you. Adequate sleep is very important for our physical and mental health. A lack of sleep can make you feel dull and tired and unable to concentrate. Not getting enough sleep can affect memory, health and mood. Getting good sleep allows your brain time to restore and heel the rest of your body. IT makes you feel refreshed and capable to concentrate on important projects.

  2. Paige Flamm says:

    These are all awesome tips! Working from home can be so hard, but so so worth it!


  3. What great tips! I definitely struggle with this but I’ve found yoga breaks and a big bottle of ice water help me keep moving through my day. Now if I could just figure out how to keep my kids busy when I need to get work done…ha! Any tips? I’d totally love a blog post from you on this! (Unless you already did one and I somehow missed it…)