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20 Date Ideas Under $20

Looking for an excellent date night on a budget? We have you covered with 20 date ideas under $20. You can have a perfect date night on a budget and have an awesome time with these dates that are all $20 or less!

Looking to save some cash but still have fun? Date night is still totally doable, no matter what your budget is!

These 20 date ideas for $20 are great cheap alternatives to sitting at home. Save money and keep going out on a regular basis. These activities will help you with your financial and relationship goals. 

20 Budget date nights for your next night out.

20 Date Ideas Under $20

  • Visit the bookstore or coffee shop and grab a pastry and drinks while reading
  • Create an at-home spa or massage night. Some massage oil and candles are all you need!
  • Rent bikes or do an electric scooter rental to explore a major city landmark near you
  • Get a Happily Datebox with a date night delivered to your door. You can get a trial box for half off with our promo code FRIDAYWEREINLOVE. Check out what you’ll get in a box at our Happily Datebox Review post.
  • Attend a local band concert at a smaller venue
  • Roller skate at a rink for a roller-skating date
  • Go to a morning movie. Did you know most theaters do a discount if you go before noon? Hit up a discount morning or ask about a discount night during the week.
  • Watch minor league sports (hockey or baseball), or go on a discount night to the big leagues 
  • Take a city historic tour. You can almost always find a Groupon deal.
  • Watch a local community theatre production 

20 Date ideas under $20

  • Pick your fruit or vegetables at a local, available farm and tour the farm 
  • Mix up movie night: try a drive-in movie date or “dive” in movie
  • Purchase or rent a tube and float at the river or pool
  • Grab dinner from a food truck and eat outside 
  • Attend a local or themed festival or expo you mutually love 
  • Take a swing at miniature golf 
  • Ice skate at a rink for an ice skating date
  • Attend an art gallery or museum 
  • Go bowling at an alley 
  • Play pool at a billiard table


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