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Going to Kindergarten Books

A list of books about going to kindergarten. Each with quick summaries and links to help you find the best going to kindergarten books

I can hardly believe we’re already to the phase of sending a kid to school! My oldest child starts kindergarten this school year. Because we don’t have an older sibling to show him the ropes or help ease his nerves, I knew we needed some help in the kindergarten prep department. 

I’m not talking about back-to-school shopping or gathering some back-to-school dinner ideas. But when it comes to what kindergarten is, what it means, and what to expect, I knew we needed some great resources. 

As a former teacher myself, I always look to books to help introduce and teach a new concept. As I started investigating, putting library holds and purchasing some books, I realized there’s actually a lot of going to kindergarten books! 

Books About Going to Kindergarten 

Going to Kindergarten Books

A list of positive, fun, and helpful going to kindergarten books to help prepare your kid for this fun new milestone.

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