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23 and Me Reviews: An Unpaid Review from our 23 and Me Date Night

23 and Me Reviews: our experience with a 23 and Me DNA test for a date night at home. Here’s our unpaid review and what to expect with a 23 and Me DNA test. 

This year forced us to plan more at-home date ideas than ever before! If you’ve been around here a while, you’ll know we love heading out a lot more than we love staying in. But stay-at-home date ideas completely have their place, and quarantine date ideas have become a new norm! 

We’ve learned to think outside of the box and find fun things to do that shake up our normal movie date at home. I’ve always wanted to do a 23 and Me DNA Kit. It sounded so interesting to me to learn more about my heritage and genetic makeup. 

What is 23 and Me? 

For those who don’t know, a 23 and Me Kit is a DNA test. You order a kit that is sent to your home. You’ll send off a spit sample and it will be processed to reveal genetic data. 23 and Me Review: Couple holding 23 and me boxes.

How does a 23 and Me Kit Work? 

Each person taking the test needs their own 23 and Me kit! You start at home by spitting into a tube provided in your kit. It sounds a little gross, but it’s honestly not bad at all! Everything is provided to make it easyThe tube is shipped off for processing and analysis. From there, your 23 and me results appear online in a private account. 

23 and Me DNA Test Results 

How long did it take to get 23 me and test results? 

It was about three weeks for us. I know it can be faster or slower depending on demand. But if you’re planning to review your results with your significant other or family members, I’d schedule the event about 3-4 weeks out. 

What Will I See in My 23 and Me Results? 

This is the fun part! You will get a breakdown of geographical ancestry based on your DNA! You will see percentage breakdowns of geographical regions of your ancestors in your individualized DNA. So even though you may share half your DNA with a sibling, you’ll see slightly different percentages tailored to you. 

Let me add that as an American, who lives in “the melting pot” of people and ancestors this felt extra exciting. Outside of Native American ancestry, everyone was an immigrant. And since we’re a “melting pot” sometimes you just don’t know what genetic makeup and what percentages will surface. It’s a really informative thing to learn about your personal genetic makeup! 

DNA Triat Report 23 and Me 

The 23 and Me trait reports made this a really fun date for us to open our results together! We know now why Jacob smells things stronger. It was also enlightening to see how my DNA can help explain why I have such a vast fear of heights and Jacob has next to none. We laughed about the obvious difference in our trip to Peru and my panic attack at the Pisac Ruins while Jacob fearlessly took the sharp cliffs in. 

It will give you muscle makeup, taste and smell, and changes for hair and eye color based on your DNA. There’s tons more, and they were all fun to sit and compare together. 
23 and Me Review

23 and Me Health Report

There’s also an option to add on a health report. Although it won’t tell you 100% if you will have a health issue, it will tell you genetic variants that may make you a moderate to high risk. I was interested to see Alzheimer’s risk since I have grandparents who suffered from it. We were able to see celiac risk,

There are a lot of reports run, and we found adding on the extra cost to get a health report was worth it! I found a few items I’ll watch for early. Also, it was a relief to see a lot of variants I worried I may carry I don’t. 

These reports aren’t a guarantee you will or won’t have an issue, but they’re quite helpful in seeing where risks could be based on genetics. 

23 and Me Promo Code 

It can be hard to find a deal on a 23 and Me Kit. But we have a few tips for 23 and Me Deals so you can save some cash! 

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  2. Wait for a holiday sale 
  3. Watch for Deals on 3rd Party Sellers 
    Target usually runs a Black Friday sale on 23 and Me Kits. Amazon will usually include them on Black Friday, Prime Day Deals, and the occasional random sale. 

But if you want to snag one now, our Referral Code is your best bet! 

Great Date Night At Home 

I couldn’t believe what a great date night at home this was! We got our 23 and Me DNA results and set up computers side-by-side to compare our results. It made us laugh about some of our genetic traits (like our percent neanderthal!). Also, it was very informative about the history of our genetics. We dispelled a few rumors of where our ancestors originate. It also gave us a sense of where we came from and what we may pass onto our children. 

If you’ve ever thought of doing a 23 and Me Kit I’d HIGHLY recommend doing it with a loved one! It makes an amazing date night at home! Truly, it’s one of the most enlightening date nights we’ve ever shared together! 

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