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Year of Date Ideas Gift: A Clipboard of Dates

How to create a Year of Date Ideas Clipboard: An easy way to prepare, assemble, and wrap a Year of Dates gift!

I’ve been sharing some of our favorite ways to present a year of dates gift this week. I’ve done the date night binder, the date night basket gift, and the hanging file folders several times. This is probably why I’m so excited about a new easy and adorable way to present the year of date ideas gift!

But on a trip to buy my son some new crayons and a few household items, I had a cute clipboard catch my eye. I soon realized this would be a really fun, really minimalist way to present the year of dates gift.

I love that is method is incredibly inexpensive, easy, and takes minimal space in your home while you store your dates and use them throughout the year. If you’re looking for cheap, easy and minimal, the year of dates clipboard method is for you!

Date all year clipboard gift

Here’s all you’ll need to put the date night gift clipboard together:

From there it’s easy to assemble this gift! I think that’s why this is my favorite for anyone doing this last minute. It’s also fantastic if you just want an easy, minimalistic approach.

Assemble Year of Dates Gift

Assembling the Date Night Gift Clipboard

Assemble the year of dates printable in order. You may want to include the title sheet and the year of dates at a glance printable completed for this presentation. But it’s certainly optional!

Be sure to add any tickets, gift cards, etc, to your gift. You can either place these near the top of the pile to be clamped down with the clipboard. Or, you can tape each item to the appropriate page for the month you’ll be using it.

Tidy them up making sure the papers are straight and the gift cards are in order too.

Finally, clamp those babies down into the clipboard! Make sure everything is secure and double-check your dates are in order and ready to gift.

Year of Dates Clipboard Gift

I love wrapping this version because the gift wrap makes it look and feel like you’re gifting a book. Little will they know that an entire year of fun is coming their way!

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