Star Wars Gifts for Star Wars Lovers

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A roundup of the best Star Wars gifts for Star Wars lovers! Make your Star Wars lover’s day with these Star Wars gift ideas sorted by age group!

Star Wars Gifts for Kids
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Star Wars Gifts for Kids

  • Star Wars Legos
    My child is currently six and already owns so many Star Wars Lego sets with a huge list of additional sets on his wish list! I think Lego has done George Lucus proud covering the different series and characters with a huge variety of Lego options. Plus, they do a fantastic job making sure there are sets for kids through adults can enjoy. You’ll also find OG characters, the Skywalker saga, and modern Mandalorian and Boba Fett sets at all skill levels and price points.
  • Lego Advent Calendar
    These launch around October with the newest addition and are usually used as a holiday gift or countdown to Christmas gift. However, it’s not hard to find previous years advent calendars to enjoy any time of the year! Honestly, they’d be fun any time of year and provide really great collectible items! Die-hard Star Wars fans love the intricate details and collector items characters that only appear in these calendars!
  • Lightsaber
    We own several, and every kid who comes to our home loves to play with them! Particularly the Luke Skywalker or Obi-wan Kenobi blue, Yoda’s green lightsaber, or Kylo Ren’s red seems to be the best choices for kids. You could even gift two so they have one from the dark side and a Jedi lightsaber to play with together.
  • Cool Star Wars Toys
    I mean they’ve come a long way since I was a kid hoping to find that one Star Wars Han Solo or Princess Leia action figure. Shop Disney and the Disney store through Target offer a large variety of toys and characters. It’s always a pleasant surprise to see the new products they launch regularly in the toy department!
  • Star Wars Coding Kit
    This is a fun gift that lets kids practice coding options. They can choose different colors for controllers and whether they want to code the dark side of the force or build for the rebellion. The best thing is you’re teaching STEM skills and it’s one of those great gift ideas that’s perfect for a birthday gift or a Christmas present.
  • Action Figures
    They talk, they move, and they provide a long time of imaginary play for kids!
  • Remote Control Grogu.
    My son asked for this for Christmas and it’s been about the biggest hit! It includes a remote control wristband to control the baby Yoda. Kids can have him follow them around the house, play hide and go seek, use the force, or make sounds. It’s a darling toy with a lot of fun options!
Star Wars Lego Advent Calendar

Best Star Wars Gifts for Little Star Wars Fans

Star Wars Gifts for Kids

Fun Star Wars Presents for Kids

Star Wars Present Ideas

Star Wars Birthday Party Gifts/Inexpensive Gifts for Kids

  • Sticker Books
    They’re fun for kids and only about $10. Plus, lots of parents are grateful for the consumable item that are useful!
  • Drawing Set
    Any Star Wars nerd will let you know the power of knowing how to draw their favorite character! A drawing book or kit is a great gift that won’t break the bank!
  • Disney Gift Card
    Grab these at any grocery store. Kids can use them at Disney parks, or at Shop Disney to choose what they want!
  • Star Wars Uno.
    I mention this below as well, but it’s a great one for an inexpensive birthday gift Star Wars fans will love!
  • Star Wars Doodle Book
    This book unlocks a lot of imagination and creativity! The start of a scene or scenario is drawn with space to draw and doodle the rest. It includes creative prompts to help create a fun Star Wars-themed book.


  • Star Wars Short Stories Book
    We love the 5-minute story hardcover book. It’s fantastic for even the littlest star wars lover. My kids have loved hearing these stories as bedtime stories.
  • Jedi Academy
    My son (about a 3rd-grade reading level) pours over these books! They’re a graphic novel covering what it’s like to be an elementary student learning to become a Jedi.
  • Star Wars Readers
    I love how many different levels and options there are for Star Wars readers! If you have an emerging reader who loves Star Wars, these are fantastic gifts!
  • Chewbacca Audiobook
    Little fans and big fans alike will enjoy this audiobook! Plus, it’s a great way to help a kid learn to love audiobooks. If you need more tips, be sure to check out our post on how to get kids addicted to audiobooks.
  • Star Wars Stories Storybook Collection Audiobook.
    If you have a Star Wars fanatic who is a little young to watch the movies, this audiobook is a great compromise! It takes stories from the movie and shortens them to a more kid-content-appropriate level. My son listens to this on repeat to hear the stories and feel like he understands the Star Wars Saga.
  • Good Night Darth Vader.
    Jeffery Brown will crack parents up and delight children with his Darth Vader series. This is a bit of a Goodnight Moon parody with all things Star Wars. Has my son said “Goodnight, don’t let the space slugs bite” every night for the past year of owning this book? You bet he has! It’s a favorite in our household!
  • A Jedi You Will Be
    You know those inspirational books that remind kids great things are in store for them in life? Welcome to the very cute Star Version! It’s the perfect bedtime story and confidence boost kids will love!
Star Wars Gift Ideas for Star Wars Fans

Practical Items for Star Wars Lovers

Gifts for Star Wars Fans

Star Wars Gifts for Men

Star Wars Gifts for Dad

Star Wars Gifts for Women

  • Girls Run the Galaxy Shirt
    How much to women love seeing Princess Leia become The General? A lot! And this shirt celebrates one of the best characters in the franchise!
  • Rebel Alliance Earrings
    These are high quality, affordable, and perfect to wear with her favorite Star Wars shirts.
  • Princess Leia Buns Hat
    These are cute for baby pictures, but also a fun hat to wear in the winter!
  • Rey’s Lightsaber
    If you know, you know. That special yellow light saber is a great gift for true fans.
  • Her Universe Merchandise
    The Star Wars universe gets a stylish makeover with great Star Wars gifts for women!
  • Loungefly Star Wars Backpack
    You’ll see hundreds of these at any Disney Park. They’re designed to hold everything you need for the day with comfort! A Star Wars edition is the perfect gift for a park loving gal!

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