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Couple’s Ugly Christmas Sweaters: Ideas + Roundup

A roundup of fun Couple’s ugly Christmas sweaters plus fun ideas to enjoy this modern Christmas tradition!

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When we were newlyweds, parties themed around couples’ ugly Christmas sweaters were all the rage! In fact, we hosted an ugly sweater party with a bunch of newlywed friends who had lived in our neighborhood. It was such a blast, but such a new concept, we had to create our own ugly Christmas sweaters and invent our own games and decor.

I’m pleased to say a decade later, ugly Christmas sweaters are here to stay and a modern Christmas tradition that just puts a smile on everyone’s face! During the holiday season, these are so fun to wear! They’re great the entire month of December, fun for Christmas day, work great for gatherings or a family Christmas dinner, and of course are excellent for an ugly Christmas sweater party.

So whether you’re looking to host your own Christmas sweater party, or you’re lucky to have an event to rock one to, we have a roundup of Couple’s ugly Christmas sweaters to help you win the ugly Christmas sweater contests and look your (best?) ugliest!

Oh and if you need some Christmas sweater ideas for kids, be sure to check out our Ugly Christmas Sweaters for Kids post too!

Ugly Sweater Couple Pictures

Funny Couples Christmas Sweaters

We’re team come up with a theme and coordinate. You can certainly buy the same sweater and rock it! But sometimes the best Couple’s ugly Christmas sweaters are those that complement or coordinate.

I will first share our favorite coordination! I love my 3D T-rex ugly Christmas sweater that has helped me win a prize in a contest at every ugly Christmas sweater party. The moment I saw this, I couldn’t stop laughing! My husband was such a sweetheart and encouraged me to splurge a little on this ultimate funny Christmas sweater. If you’re competitive about winning contests, it’s a must-have!

Women's funny ugly Christmas sweater

He complimented me with a Tree Rex sweater that lights up. We found them both on Amazon, and you can grab links here:

T-Rex 3D Holiday Sweater

T-Rex Light Up Holiday Sweater

Dinosaur ugly sweater. Ugly sweater ideas.
Dinosaur ugly sweater for men. Couples ugly sweater ideas.

As a bonus, we even added our children to our dinosaur ugly Christmas sweater theme.

Couple\'s ugly Christmas sweater dinosaurs. His and her Ugly Christmas sweaters.

If dinos aren’t your jam, here are a few other funny Christmas sweaters perfect to wear with your husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend to a holiday gathering!

Christmas Character Sweaters

  • Santa Themed Ugly Christmas sweaters
Ugly Christmas sweater cardigan. Christmas ugly sweater party sweaters.
3D ugly Christmas sweaters for couples. Christmas sweater ugly sweater ideas.
  • Snowman and Snow-woman sweaters
Family ugly Christmas sweater ideas. Couple ugly sweaters for Christmas.
Matching ugly Christmas sweaters. Ugly Christmas sweaters.
  • Reindeer
    I mean who doesn’t want a giant reindeer head plastered across their chest? This women’s lights up, and the men’s has “moving eyes” or a lit fireplace- that work with an app on your smartphone for the coolest effect!
Light up ugly Christmas sweater. Ugly Christmas sweater ideas.
Men\'s ugly Christmas sweater.

  • Elves
  • Funny ugly Christmas sweaters for couples.
    Elf ugly Christmas sweater. Ugly Sweaters couples edition.
    Men\'s Elf ugly sweater. Men and women ugly sweaters.

    Tacky Christmas Sweaters

    I admit these aren’t really my jam, but I know they are for many couples who have a better sense of humor. If you want a tacky Christmas sweater for an adult party, these should get you festive spirits quickly.

    • Naughty List Sweaters
    • Deer in the Headlights Sweatshirts
    • Adult humor for couple’s parties (like the use of the word ho creatively)
    His and hers ugly sweater ideas. Ideas for His and hers ugly sweaters.
    His and hers ugly Christmas sweater ideas. Couple His and hers ugly sweater ideas.

    Christmas Movie Ugly Sweater Idea

    Character shirts aren’t just for Disneyland! There are so many fun ugly holiday sweaters with a Christmas movie theme. They’re an easy way to connect to another guest you may not know at a party, and they usually merit a good laugh!

    How funny are these sweaters?

    • The Leg lamp from A Christmas Story
    Christmas Story His and hers ugly sweater ideas. . Christmas couple ugly sweater.
    A Christmas story His and hers ugly sweater ideas. His and hers ugly sweater ideas.
    Movie ugly sweaters. Roundup for couples of ugly sweater ideas.
    • National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation quotes
    Funny His and hers ugly sweater ideas. Ugly Christmas sweater for couples.
    • Buddy the Elf
    Elf themed ugly Christmas sweater. Roundup of ugly sweater ideas.
    Buddy the Elf ugly sweater.
    • The Claymation Classic Characters
    Funny ugly Christmas sweater. Fun Couple ugly Christmas sweaters.
    Yeti ugly sweater ideas.

    DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas

    Our first year we decided to rock the ugliest Christmas sweater with all kind of random craft supplies and dollar-store items included! Even if you aren’t too crafty, you can do this!

    Start with a thrifted sweater (I’d machine wash it first). You can also do sweatshirts if cotton or a flat surface is more your jam!

    Get that glue gun fired up! Here are some fun ideas to get those creative DIY juices flowing.

    • Pom Poms
    • Battery powered lights
    • Tinsel
    • Garland
    • Small ornaments
    • Felt cut out Christmas Tree
    • Felt cut out as Santa
    • Cotton balls to glue onto a beard or tree
    • Jingle bells

    From there just have fun! It’s meant to be ugly, so attach them any place you’d like.

    Enjoy the ugly Christmas sweater season! And we hope this helps you find some great couple’s ugly Christmas sweaters to celebrate the season!

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