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April Fools Pranks to Do on Your Family

Need a good harmless prank for April Fools Day? Get ready to pull some funny April fool’s day pranks on your family with this roundup of great April Fools pranks to do on your family!

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We’ve learned to love April Fools Day! It’s a great time to be a little silly, and a perfect opportunity to add a lot of fun! A good practical joke that’s a little harmless fun is such a great way to welcome April 1st.

April’s Fools Day is known to be a day of pulling some practical jokes and aiming for a few laughs. We love funny pranks, but we also love harmless pranks that won’t make kids cry or feel mean. Also, I’m team please don’t leave a giant mess I have to clean up.

Easy April Fool’s Day Pranks for Kids

The good news is you can absolutely pull off some easy pranks on a family member that are truly harmless fun, and won’t leave you with hours of prep or clean up!

Get ready for April Fools Day with a few harmless April Fool’s pranks. Here are 30 of the best April fool’s pranks perfect for some family fun! These are a few fun ways to turn April Fools Day into a fun holiday with some harmless pranks and silly fun.

30 April Fools Pranks to Do on Your Family

  1. Oreo Cookie Prank:

    Grab a pack of Oreo cookies at the grocery store. Untwist the cookies and remove the frosting. Replace the frosting with toothpaste.
  2. Googly Eye Prank.

    Add Googly eyes to everything in the pantry, fridge, bathtub, etc. This is one of the easiest April Fool’s pranks, and little kids just love it!
  3. Saran Wrap the Toilet Seat.

    Grab a simple roll of plastic wrap, and cover the toilet. I’d recommend this classic prank for families with multiple bathrooms and older kids.
  4. Dye the Carton of Milk Prank:

    while your family sleeps, grab some food coloring and add a few drops of food coloring to dye the milk a different color. When kids get breakfast the next morning, it’s a fun prank they notice quickly and appreciate!
  5. Bar of Soap Trick:

    If anyone uses a bar of soap, this is one of the best pranks! Make sure the bar of soap is completely dry, and paint it with clear nail polish. When the person goes to use the soap they will wonder what happened to the soap!
  6. Place an Item in Jell-o.

    This is one of those classic pranks that’s extra fun and tends to get big laughs. Find an item to submerge in Jell-O. My biggest tip is to make sure it’s water-proof or placed in a water-proof plastic baggie. Place in the Jell-O juice in a mold, and let it set up overnight. Place the Jell-O mold on a plate and get ready to serve it for a meal, or place in an obvious place. I’ve done this for many coworkers as an office prank, and it’s one of those hilarious things thank makes about the best April Fool’s prank.
    April Fools Day Pranks for Families
  7. Replace the snacks.

    If you have some individually wrapped snacks in your home carefully open the bags without ripping the package. Swap out the snacks. It works really well if you swap out something sweet and salty! Carefully glue the small opening back together. And let kids enjoy this silly April Fool’s joke as they put together what happened with this fun April Fools’ Day prank!
  8. Family Portrait Prank.

    If you have a family portrait in a frame, or multiple family portraits framed, this is easy to do! Get a dry-erase marker and draw a mustache on each portrait. You can get creative with any funny picture, but mustaches, funny hair, or silly hats are always a win! It will wipe right off with a microfiber cloth or damp washcloth. But it’s one of those easy April Fools pranks that is ridiculously easy to do, and always fun!
  9. Upside Down Prank.

    One of the best April Fools’ prank ideas I’ve ever done is so easy: turn things upside down! Swap pictures on the wall to hang them upside down. Turn table decorations upside down. Turn all the shoes upside down. Get creative and find a fun and noticeable area that you could arrange in different ways for a little laugh!
  10. Remote Control Prank.

    It’s amazing how the good pranks are often the most simple ones! Remove the batteries from the remote control and try to keep a straight face as you watch your unsuspecting victim try to get the tv to turn on.
  11. Alarm Clock Prank.

    This one takes a little planning and a day’s notice. But if you can change all the alarm clocks to 20 minutes ahead of time, you can pull off one very funny April Fools’ pranks! Set everyone’s clock ahead, and their alarm clock time back 20 minutes. They’ll wake up at their regular time, but think they’ve overslept. It usually only takes a quick wake-up and hurried to get dressed before they rush to the kitchen and realize they were on time and not late. I’d suggest keeping it to a small time change like 20 minutes so it stays relatively harmless and more silly than frustrating.
  12. Frozen Cereal prank.

    Pour a bowl of cereal and milk the night before this silly holiday. Put it in the freezer so the milk becomes frozen solid. Serve it for breakfast on April Fools’ Day.
  13. Sliced Banana Prank.

    Use a toothpick to pierce a tiny hole in a banana, and create a slice. Repeat for several more slices. Put the banana back in the fruit bowl, and encourage one of your family members to grab a banana first thing in the morning. Watch their shock as they peel the banana to find it pre-sliced!
  14. Sneaker Surprise:

    Fill sneakers with cotton balls towards the toe. When they go to put on their shoe, watch how long it takes them to realize something is off as their foot doesn’t quite fit.
  15. Bug Prank.

    Tape plastic bugs inside a lampshade. The light bulbs will make it look like there’s a real bug. See how long it takes before they notice it’s actually a silly prank.
  16. Have a Backwards Dinner.

    Gather everyone at the kitchen table and announce a special meal for a special night. And then go forward with a backward dinner! This is about the easiest thing to do! Just eat dinner, in reverse! Start with dessert (like a small bowl of ice cream), and progress your way to an appetizer. It’s a good idea for harmless prank kids will remember for a long time!
  17. Door wrap:

    wrap their door entrance with wrapping paper. Kids will have to burst out of their room like a superhero. The best part is it’s a silly prank, but also a fun one that actually puts kids in better moods! We did this with a doorway last year and kids still talk about it!
  18. Shrunken/Enlarged Child Prank:

    buy a set of clothes a few sizes too big or too small for your child. Set them out to get dressed in. And when they have a difficult time getting dressed, you can ask them if they shrunk or turned into the Hulk overnight. It may take little ones a minute to figure out what’s going on, but most kids will quickly learn that clothes are the problem and get a good laugh out of the prank!
  19. Language Change Prank:

    Change the settings on your Alexa, Google Home, TV, etc. to a different language. Then, when they go to use the appliance they’ll get a fun surprise that your home devices have learned a new language!
  20. Fake Out Food Prank:

    Any time you can make sweet food look like salty food, or savory food look like a sweet food, it makes for a funny prank! For example, you can make mashed potatoes look like a scoop of ice cream. Or maybe you can make frosting look like peanut butter. Find a fun way to create a fake out food for a fun surprise.
  21. Bubble Wrap Prank:

    This is a classic prank, that’s easy to do! Place bubble wrap on the toilet seat, and wait for the unsuspecting victim to use the bathroom.
  22. Colorful Cup:

    Add a drop of gel food coloring to a cup, and ask kids if they’ll help you fill up a glass of water. They’ll be delighted to see an unexpected colorful surprise!

  23. Gummy Worm Prank:

    Drill a small hole in an apple (or a pear will work too). Place small gummy worms in the apple. This is one of those April Fools’ Day pranks that ends in a fun delight and leaves kids with a smile!
  24. Whoopee Cushion Prank:

    Place a full whoopee cushion under a couch cushion. Ask a family member to sit down and enjoy the laughs! This is also one you can easily set up again and again for the next person who enters the room. It’s a fun way to get the whole family in on the joke!
  25. Short Sheet:

    If you use a standard sheet set, the first day of April is the perfect time to do this easy prank! Instead of making the bed the traditional way, fold the top sheet in half and then make the bed. When the person goes to get in bed, they’ll notice they can’t get their legs to go past the halfway point, due to the sheet fold. It’s a silly way to do a fun prank!
  26. Bed Time Swap:

    If you have heavy sleepers, this is such a fun harmless prank! Wait until they’re asleep, and gently move them to another person’s bed. When they wake up, they’ll find themselves in their brother/sister’s room.
  27. Kitchen Mix-Up:

    Move the contents of commonly used drawers into each other. It’s about the best way to add some instant confusion!
    April Fools Day Pranks for Kids
  28. Meal Time Swap:

    Pull out dinner foods for breakfast, breakfast foods for dinner, or dessert for lunch. Mix up the time of day you’ll eat a specific food. Trust me, Brussel sprouts for breakfast become a fairly noticeable prank!
  29. Have an Un-Birthday Party:

    As a true Disneyland fan, I’m always down for this Alice in Wonderland-themed party. Essentially, have a birthday party on a very un-birthday day. You can take the prank further by asking different people to call and wish someone in your family happy birthday at different times. They’ll start to wonder if they missed the correct date after a few birthday wishes, or why everyone else seemed to have missed it. You get bonus points if you throw a mini birthday with a delicious treat or a special dinner and decor.
  30. Balloon Surprise:

    Start with a balloon filled with helium. Place it in a kitchen drawer, bathroom drawer, a kitchen cabinet, or even in a closed toilet if it will fit. The next time someone opens the drawer (or other space), they’ll find a fun surprise!

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