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25 Excellent Christmas Picture Books to Help You Countdown to Christmas

The 25 Best Christmas Books for Kids: Excellent Christmas picture books kids and adults alike will enjoy reading together!

Our Favorite Christmas Tradition

Someone asked me the other day what my favorite Christmas tradition is. Without even blinking I said, “Reading Christmas pictures books in Christmas pajamas snuggled up to my kids.” What can I say, the heart knows what it loves! 

Of course, we love a good Christmas date night (and have 50 Christmas date ideas if you love them too!), but it only comes close to that feeling we have with our whole family spending quality each night of December. 

When I look back at my parenting experience (which I already see is flying by!) I know my sugar-coated memories will include those nights Christmas felt so magical to my little boys. And most of the magic comes from those Christmas picture books we love to pull out every year and read together. The 25 Best Christmas Books for Kids

Book Countdown to Christmas

I know so many people wrap their Christmas books and countdown to Christmas reading one a night. Many go for 24-25 Christmas books. Several less ambitious parents wrap about 10-12 and enjoy those the weeks before Christmas. And even more, parents love to just bring out a pile, and try to read a different book each night, with a few repeats thrown in. 

As a parent pretty addicted to excellent

children’s literature, I’ve found there are books I love just as much as my children do! If you need some more holiday reading time this year, here are some titles to add to your cart or your next library run! 

25 Excellent Christmas Picture books for kids.

25 of the Best Christmas Picture Books

We adore Christmas Picture Books! It's my favorite tradition to gift a new book in our Christmas Boxes at the start of the season. We read several books a day together snuggled up at Christmas time.

We've read so many, and some are just commercialized while so many offer amazing stories and lessons. We've dug through the less stellar books to give you our pick of 25 Excellent Christmas books for kids!

Pictures: Chrissy Blake

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