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Dinosaur Coloring Pages You Can Print From Home!

Printable dinosaur coloring pages: Keep kids busy for hours coloring + tons of dinosaur activities for a dinosaur unit to keep things fun and educational!

I know so many families are getting creative with ways to keep kids entertained while they work from home. We’ve tried to help with at-home activities for kids that they can do independently. And today, I’m so happy to release something we’ve had in the works for months! The timing couldn’t better to hook you up with a printable coloring page that will keep kids entertained for HOURS! 

I have a dinosaur-obsessed child. I thought it would be a phase, but it’s been going on for years! The Arizona Museum of Natural History family date he still talks about daily. And while we were in the middle of the remodel he told me he’s missed his toy bins (full of dinos) the most. I too love dinosaurs and always have. My dad grew up in one of the dinosaur bone capitals of the world, so visits to see grandma and grandpa also meant visits to dinosaur quarries. I couldn’t be more thrilled with my dino lover! 

And since so many of you loved the oversized Christmas Coloring Page Play Mat, I knew it was time to create another version that kids could enjoy and do year-round. 

Oversized Dinosaur Coloring Page

Presenting, the oversized dinosaur coloring pages you can print from home! But of course, we’ve tried to hook you up in whatever way you can print this large dinosaur coloring sheet.

As a side note, we decided it needed a few more dinos and made a last-minute change to the play mats. What you see below is the exact file you receive. They are almost the same as pictured above, there are just more dinos for more coloring fun! 

Large Dinosaur coloring Page

There’s an option for an engineer print you can upload and print from Staples, Alphagraphics, or Office Max. They deliver and offer curbside pickup so you don’t even need to get out of your car! 

But, if you want to print from home, there’s a file to print the dinosaur play mat on four standard letter pages and tape them together. You’ll still get a giant coloring page, it just takes trimming the cut line and taping the four pages together for a large coloring play mat ready to go! 

Print at Home Giant Coloring Pages dinosaurs

If you’re working on science units right now, this is the perfect way to incorporate dinosaurs! 

Here are some fun learning activities to use if you’re looking to create a homeschool or education-based activity day. 

Educational Activities to Use with the Dinosaur Coloring Pages: 

  • Color all the preditors one color. Color all the herbivores in a different color of choice. 
  • Name each of the dinosaurs by their scientific names 
  • Read a Dinosaur book together before, during, or after you color 
  • Based on the dinosaurs on the coloring page, which time period do you think these dinosaurs lived in? 
  • Bury a toy dinosaur in sand, dirt, or any grain you can find in the kitchen such as rice. Have your little person dig for dinosaurs and talk about excavation and what a paleontologist does for a living. 
  • Incorporate bodily-kinesthetic learning and have them walk like a t-rex, fly like a pterodactyl, break out of an egg-like a baby stegosaurus, etc. 
  • Make a Dinosaur Sensory Bin to have your own dino dig when you need breaks from coloring. 

printable dinosaur coloring pages

Also, if you’re a parent or caregiver that just needs an activity for kids to enjoy for hours, this is a great one! Just snag the digital file. From there you can print at home, or you can have a large engineer print made for only a few dollars. It will work on full-sized engineer prints down to 8×11 pages. 

Printable dinosaur coloring pages for kids.

You can grab the files in the Friday We’re in Love Shop

And if you use this fun dinosaur coloring page, tag me in your posts on Instagram (@fridaywereinlove), I’d love to see your kids enjoying these free dinosaur coloring pages! 

We give away a lot of freebies, but this one we’re selling for a super low price! It’s the low price of $5, and you have unlimited printing options for your whole lifetime! 



We hope this helps with a lot of fun for stay-at-home time! And truly, we hope your kids have a blast with this giant dinosaur coloring page! 

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