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Maternity Photoshoot Dress

Looking for the perfect maternity photoshoot dress? Here are a lot of places to find maternity dresses for pictures and tips to find the best maternity photo dresses for you!

Maternity Photo Dresses

I recently shared our pregnancy pictures and maternity photo shoot reveal for our second child. This is only the second time we’ve done formal maternity pictures, but as a blogger, you’re always taking pictures and life has felt like a maternity photo shoot for a few months now. Ha! I’m ready to see something besides my swollen face for sure!

With that said, even now that baby is here, I’m so grateful that I have these.

Through so many pictures I’ve learned that dresses just seem to photograph best, and maternity photo dresses are something easy and fun to find! I know I’ve already shared my favorite places to buy cute maternity clothes, but a few are absolute rockstars when it comes to maternity photo dresses that you’ll love. The key is to feel like a rockstar during maternity photos, and the perfect maternity photo dresses are the perfect item to get you there!

maternity dresses for pictures

Maternity Dresses for Pictures

A few tips on maternity dresses for pictures:

  1. Get a new one for photos. You should look and feel amazing in it. Make sure it fits perfectly right now.
  2. Maxi and midi dresses elongate your body, which is your friend while pregnant! Maternity dresses for pictures on the longer side will be more flattering.
  3. Dress for the weather. If you’re shooting in the snow, wear a warm dress. If you’re looking for what to wear for summer maternity pictures, go with breathable fabrics. Lightweight and airy maternity dresses are your friends!

maternity photo dresses

I love to find midi and maxi maternity dresses from the following places:

  1. eShaki. Order a custom fit one to work with your pregnant body measurements. I promise you’ll love it! That’s what I’m wearing in my first maternity photo shoot. You can get the dress as long as you want or as short as you want. It’s my best secrete for maternity dresses that are unique and beautiful.
  2. ASOS. It’s been the perfect place for pretty and on-trend items. I’ve found maternity items to be true to pre-pregnancy size. It’s also where I’ve had luck with really pretty items that are dressy and perfect for more formal maternity dresses for pictures.
  3. Pink Blush. You can actually search for maternity photo shoot gowns and they have them organized. There’s a lot of midi and maxi options in so many colors.
  4. Amazon. Also, a great place to search for maternity dresses for pictures and have categorized items at all price points. Plus with Prime, two-day shipping is just awesome to try them on quickly!

The best places to find the perfect maternity photoshoot dress

Maternity Photoshoot Dress

For our most recent pictures, I got a lot of questions about my maternity photoshoot dress. I loved this embroidered number with pleats! It made me feel pretty and stylish while showing enough of the bump to be the perfect dress for maternity pictures!

Of course, my exact dress sold out the same week it launched. But here’s a navy embroidered pleated dress that’s very similar. I’d also gladly order and wear this perfect maternity photoshoot dress option that’s similar too! There’s a ton of midi and maxi options you can you sort by to find the best maternity photoshoot dress for you!

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