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Milk Bath Maternity Pictures

Love milk bath photography? Looking to do a milk bath maternity photo shoot? Just want the recipe to make a milk bath or tips to pull off milk bath photos? We have you covered with all the tips and ideas to get the perfect milk bath photo session!

Milk Bath Maternity

Are you lucky soul like I am to have some really creative friends? One of my besties is a professional photographer, and I link to her often. We love every single photo shoot we do with her, and we’re lucky Chrissy of Let Me See You Sparkle Photo takes pictures of our family regularly! I always watch her learn and try new things, grow and improve. Which is saying something guys, cause she only took a few months from thinking “This could be fun!” to making a very legit professional career with an impressive waitlist. Girlfriend has skills- skills she’s worked hard and practiced for! And I really love that she believes you always have to learn and stretch and grow to be a relevant photographer. I just sit in awe and try to glean a little creative wisdom from this amazing soul!

She decided a few years back that milk bath maternity photography was something she wanted to learn and put her mind straight to it. I’ve sat in awe of every single one of her milk bath photos for years. They just come out amazing and make maternity photos feel extra special and beautiful!

Guys, I’m a fairly shy person who doesn’t like to show a lot of skin, particularly on camera. I was a little worried I’d bare too much skin for my liking, but as always, Chrissy has your back capturing her vision and your vision. We talked about doing a milk bath photography session, and we had the hardest time coordinating schedules. Just when I decided I was getting too big, too swollen, and too pregnant to pull off pictures, Chrissy sent me a text and asked if I was up for some photos that day while she was on my side of town.

This is the adult equivalent to when you’re a kid and your bestie calls to ask if you can play. You beg your mom for permission and do anything to have that play date! Whenever certain friends give me a call/text, I do whatever I can to fit in seeing them no matter what I have planned for the day. So within a few hours we had a milk bath photography session scheduled and planned. Chrissy said she had a vision including my favorite colors and I said “It’s all you girl!”

Tips for Pulling off an Amazing Milk Bath Maternity Shoot

Tips for Pulling off an Amazing Milk Bath Maternity Shoot

  1. Hire a photographer with experience. Make sure their sample photos are their photos. Chrissy has had so many of these stolen it’s been a crazy legal mess! Just ask for a shoot they have done. It takes a little practice to master some angles and poses and the visuals. I’d highly recommend someone who has done it before and knows their stuff!
  2. Find a great location. You’ll want one with a white or off-white tub that’s large enough for the shoot. Natural lighting is also a plus! If you’re thinking I just don’t have that, I’d see if a friend or family member does. You can also look at Air B&B’s for the day. Why not book one for pictures and then enjoy a relaxing staycation to treat yourself?What You'll Need for Milk Bath Photos

    What You’ll Need for Milk Bath Photos

  3. Get the right milk bath maternity props. I left this to Chrissy- but if I was directing it I’d make sure to have to following:
    – A lacy gown for the shoot. Note, you can buy a classic white or several colors. If there’s a shade you really want, get crafty with some RIT dye and make your custom shade.
    – Undergarments for the shoot. Find some classic white or nude. I’d also make sure you’re okay if the dye stains them or there’s discoloration. I used this nursing bra from Amazon with basic underwear. I was so pleased with that nursing bra, it gave the right amount of coverage to not have too much cleavage and still get the classic milk bath maternity look.
    – A lacy half-t for modesty and variety of shots.
    – Two gallons of whole milk.
    – At least three bouquets of flowers in your colors of choice. Make sure to get a variety of shades and sizes! You will likely need more if you’re doing a flower crown.
    When Should I do Milk Bath Maternity Pictures?

    When Should I do Milk Bath Maternity Pictures?

  4. Take pictures in your third trimester. I feel like a whale right now, but I also know it’s when the belly is best photographed! If you can do it early in your third trimester you’ll likely be the happiest. But if you’re reading this at the end of your pregnancy I’d still go for it! They are so pretty even at the very end of pregnancy when you don’t feel so pretty will still photograph well!
  5. Trust your photographer! I’ve had a lot of photos taken due to being a blogger, and I’ve learned to just let them tell you where to stand and how to smile. These aren’t your typical everyday pictures, and the angles they want of your belly may not be exactly where and how you’d sit in a tub. Let them roll with their artistic vision and trust them!
  6. Don’t be afraid to get wet. I know you did your hair and makeup, but it’s okay to jump in the shower right after the session. Enjoy the moment and get all the right pictures. You’ll only have this pregnancy for so long, and a milk bath maternity session is such a great way to document it!

Milk Bath Recipe

Milk Bath Recipe:

It’s basically a large tub with two gallons of whole milk poured in, diluted with as much water as you need for the shoot. That may be a quarter of the tub full, it may be half. We started with half, and drained half for some side profile shots.

Also, you can add essential oils if you can’t stand the milk smell. I was just fine with the milk and floral mixture, but you may want some lavender oil to help if milk makes you queasy. It’s definitely not a time to feel queasy! But really all you need is the milk and the water for your basic milk bath recipe.

Tips for creating amazing milk bath maternity pictures

Milk Bath Maternity Photography

That’s all there is to it! Milk bath maternity photography is so pretty, comes together fairly easy, and it’s something moms-to-be will love and treasure!

Here are a few favorites from our maternity milk bath session that I know I’ll treasure forever:

Milk Bath Maternity Photography

Milk Bath Maternity Photography

Milk Bath Maternity Photography

Also, let me make a legal note. These images are the property of both Chrissy at Let Me See You Sparkle Photo and myself. If you wish to use or feature any, you legally need written permission and consent from both of us.

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  1. These turned out amazing!! I’m obsessed with the color that Chrissy dyed your dress. Thanks for sharing the behind the scenes details for this shoot, I’ve always wondered about milk bath shoots!