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Valentine’s Day Baskets for Kids

How to create Valentine’s Day Baskets for Kids with tons of Valentine gift ideas for kids that will keep them busy, having fun, and feeling extra love!

I love Valentine’s Day! Even though I’m all about a great Valentine’s day date idea with my husband, I’m a firm believer that it’s important to celebrate Valentine’s Day with kids too! Everyone deserves to feel some extra love on this day!

As I’m watching my kids grow up before my eyes, I’m on a mission to make each holiday feel fun and memorable. A Valentine’s Day basket for kids felt like such an easy way to do just that!

Valentine's Day Basket for Kids


My kids love Holidays. I think all kids do! And it’s so easy to pull together a few simple Valentine’s day gifts and make some Valentine’s Day gift baskets kids will love!

We decided a few fun activities, crafts, and books were a great way to kick off a holiday season! Surprisingly, these don’t take a ton of effort or money, and they’re the perfect way to have some festive fun at home!

Valentines Day Baskets for Kids

What Is A Valentine Basket?

It’s a Valentine’s Day box or a Valentine’s basket of fun items to help celebrate either on February 14th or in early February to enjoy the holiday all month long! Some people call them love baskets for kids too, same concept!

I found this woven rope basket and it was the perfect size to hold a few fun items.

Also, I created a cute design printable you can tape to the box you decide to create. You can get  your Free Printable Here:

Free Valentine’s Love Box Printable

Just print this page and attach it to the Valentine’s basket or box of your choice.

Valentine Gifts for Kids

What do I put in a Valentine’s Day Basket for Kids?

I think this may be the easiest holiday to pull one of these together! If you can do any gift, prize, treat, or activity that’s Valentine’s themed. But, since it’s the day of love, you can also include items you know they’ll just love!

If you need some gift ideas, we have your back on that too!

Valentine’s Day Basket Ideas

*I have tons more linked on my Amazon storefront

Valentine’s Day Books

We’re building our Valentine’s Day library, but this year we’re adding Hug Machine and Little Blue Truck’s Valentine. I have tons of others we love linked here.

Valentine Activity Books

I love keeping my kids occupied with fun learning, art, and activity books. When you can find a great Valentine-themed activity book that provides some screen-free fun, you jump on it! I love this Highlights Valentine’s Highlighter activity pad, it’s cute and perfect to keep kids busy on a day at home!

But I also love buying an activity book from something my kids just love. Like this Star Wars Doodles book my preschooler will lose his mind over! Share their love with something you know they love.

*I have tons more linked on my Amazon storefront


Grab a small box of chocolates, some chocolate hugs or kisses, Valentine’s Skittles, gummy hearts, or any of their favorite things in candy or treat form as a sweet option. I’ve seen moms give a pack of Oreos or a baking mix to make a special treat together.

Just try to find Valentine’s goodies on theme or treats kids love that show you paid attention to what they love. Kids of all ages truly appreciate the treat and special attention!

Valentine Basket Ideas

Valentine Crafts

I start looking for these easy items at the Target Dollar Spot early in the season. It’s a great place to grab several items for about $3 a piece. But I’ve also found amazing stuff for better deals at Joann. You can shop online and find tons of cute, simple Valentine’s crafts/project kits for kids to do!

Practical Items

I have firm memories of my mom gifting us practical items we needed when we were older kids. The best Valentine’s gift baskets had new shoes we loved, a sweater or jacket to wear for spring, or even some sunglasses or a new hair brush. I remember still feeling like she was such a fun mom, and the small gift was always a fun unexpected winter pick-me-up!


I almost always give a bag of Valentine candy that I know we can bake into Valentine cookies. A heart-shaped waffle iron or some Valentine cookie cutters can be a great thing too! Think of a fun activity and put those things right in the Valentine basket!

Sometimes we gift a family date or activity. It can be free like a movie night at home with a few snacks. But tickets to an event or a museum trip can bet the perfect gift to make fun gift baskets for kids who love quality time!

Easy Valentine’s Day Fun

I hope these help spark some ideas, and some Valentine’s Day fun while you share some extra love! I’m a firm believer that it’s important as a mom to show kids some love too, and this is a fun and easy way to do just that!

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