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Mens Valentine’s gift basket ideas

A gift basket is always a great gift, here are 10 excellent men’s Valentine’s gift basket ideas perfect to give the special guy in your life!

Move over flowers and chocolates, Valentine’s Day gifts are getting a fun, more personalized upgrade with Valentine’s gift baskets for him and her trending! There are so many ways to let your someone special feel special with a gift basket tailored to their interests.
Additionally, you may be surprised how affordable and easy it is to gift a valentine gift basket for the man in your life!

10 Excellent men’s Valentine’s gift basket ideas 

  1. Date Night Gift Basket

    There are few things better than the gift of a date night together, and it’s always the right gift for Valentine’s Day! Give the gift of more than just one night to celebrate love with a gift basket of another date night to enjoy. You could even go big and give our viral Year of Dates Gift! But a single-date gift basket will do!
    Plan an activity for you to do, and gift all the details and things you’ll need. You can even add in a few fun extras! For example, you may gift a gift card to go do an axe-throwing date night, a flannel shirt, a gift card to go get dinner before or after, and some lotion for you hands after the date. Think through one solid date idea you know he’ll love, and grab a few extra items to make a fun date night gift basket.
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  2. Chocolate Lovers Gift Basket 

    Get ready to make your chocolate connoisseur very happy with a chocolate gift basket. It’s the quintessential Valentine’s Day basket, and truly a great gift! Be sure to include some decadent chocolates and gourmet delights. But you could also grab some grocery store favorites like Godiva chocolate, Ghiradelli chocolate, or Dove chocolates. Opt for a mix of dark chocolate and milk chocolate- unless you know he has a strong preference. You can also throw in a few chocolate-covered snacks like chocolate-covered pretzels or cinnamon bears. This pairs really well with a chocolate-tasting date night. It’s a great way to include a date with your custom basket! And also, it’s fairly easy to throw together last minute
  3. Movie Night Basket

    This is one of the best gifts for movie lovers, and cuddle junkies! Grab a gift box or basket and include Valentine’s gifts perfect for a movie night. I’d include a new blanket, some movie tickets or a gift card to stream a new movie, a popcorn set, our favorite silicone popcorn popper, and some movie theater candy for his sweet tooth. Write a love note sharing the movie date night gift, and let him know you’re happy to join any movie of his choosing!
  4. His Favorite Things Gift Custom Valentine’s Baskets

    This is one of those adorable gift baskets that will make him swoon! Let him know you’ve noticed his favorite things and create custom labels to label each one. Does he have a favorite drink? Include it! Does he have a favorite lunch spot? Grab a gift card and include it. Have you noticed his favorite snack or candy bar? Grab those. There’s no better way to make someone with “gifts” love language swoon than to notice your special person and the details of their favorite things. It’s one of those great Valentine’s Day gifts he’ll really appreciate!
    Hot chocolate Date Night
  5. Mug Lovers Basket.

    Hook them up with some new coffee mugs (how cute are these customized mugs for two?) and some of their favorite hot beverages. And a Yeti mug is always a great choice too! 
    You could get some gourmet coffee brews for a coffee lover. If they’re like my husband and don’t drink coffee, a hot chocolate gift basket works great too! Add in some gourmet flavors, toppings, and marshmallows for a perfect gift basket for the cold. You could also grab their favorite teas, or all the ingredients to make your own medicine ball at home. It’s a unique idea sure to warm their hearts and their hands with a thoughtful gift!
  6. Edible Arrangements

    I have to give my father props for coming up with unique bouquets on Valentine’s Day every year, and I think the year the Edible Arrangement arrived on the special day I could see he gave it as a gift he would enjoy too! In fact, all family members got at least one chocolate-covered fruit piece, and it was indeed delicious!
    I gave my husband one for Father’s Day one year, and he absolutely loved it! 
    There are a lot of different options you can order, but I think the fresh fruit cut in shapes to look like a flower bouquet is such a great Valentine’s Day gift! They’re one of those gift ideas that will make him smile, and it’s really great to share!

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  7. Gourmet Snacks Men’s Valentines Gift Basket 

    If you have a foodie on your hands, this is one of those perfect Valentine’s Day gifts with a special touch he’ll appreciate! I’d either head to a gourmet grocer or look online at Thrive Market or Amazon Fresh. Grab a variety of savory snacks, some sweet treats, and a special drink for a special man with great taste! Grab your own basket and compile some gourmet gift baskets to enjoy together.
  8. Pampering Valentine’s Gift Baskets

    Get ready for a mini spa day with some spa products for him. Grab some lips balms he’ll love, some facial lotion, a face sunscreen, and some bath salts or bath bombs for him. A solid Epsom salt bath is a great way to relax! And a few good skincare products with a gift card or coupon for a massage are a perfect way to help him relax and feel a little spoiled this valentine’s Day.
  9. Beverage Lover Valentine’s Day Gift Baskets 

    This has to be for the right guy, but if you have one of those special men who really appreciate their drinks, it’s the perfect Valentine’s Day gift! Does he love soda? Head to a specialty soda shop and get a bunch of different flavors and varieties to try. Is he a beer lover? Get some craft beer, or head to a local brewery for some unique options. If he loves wine, a wine gift basket with some new wine glasses and red wine. Use it ASAP or for a special occasion makes a great gift. And if he’s into celebrating and not the alcohol, grab a bunch of different sparkling ciders/fruit drinks and set yourself up for our beverage-tasting date night. These make the best gift baskets for guys who appreciate a good drink!
  10. Pre-Made Valentine’s Day Gift Baskets

    These can range from cheesy to cute, sweet to fancy. You can choose one of those teddy bear-wrapped baskets from the grocery store, or go a little more classy with an order from Harry & David or Hickory Farms. The good news is, they make your life easy by picking up a pre-made valentine’s day gift basket all set and ready to go!

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