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10 Questions to Ask on Your 1st Anniversary

10 Questions to ask on your 1st anniversary: Celebrate the paper anniversary with this free printable that helps you celebrate your first anniversary!

The Paper Anniversary

We are happily celebrating our 1st Anniversary married this weekend! We’re gearing up for some fun things with some big plans!
Since the 1st is known as the “Paper Anniversary” we decided a letter or a memento of this year would be a good fit for a gift. We are all about making memories that last! Plus, check out this is the perfect Paper Anniversary Gift! 

Questions to Ask on Your 1st Wedding Anniversary 

So I Googled “Questions to ask on your 1st Wedding Anniversary,” “Questions to ask after one year married,” and “First wedding anniversary questions,” only to find there wasn’t really anything out there! Maybe I didn’t look long and hard enough, but I kept thinking that there really should be some kind of list to share throughout the web for anniversary questions.

We have hopes to answer all these and one day pull out milestone anniversary questions and laugh at the memories of us in different stages of marriage. Oh I’m such a planner- already thinking of my 50th wedding anniversary!

So I thought long and hard, and decided to make my own list! Then I realized it wasn’t so pretty in Times New Roman font, so I asked my amazingly talented little sister who just happened to take up InDesign for fun to put it in a printable of some kind. That brilliant girl came up with this:

10 Wedding Anniversary Questions for Your First Anniversary

And I figured why not share this with everyone else thinking of questions to ask and memories from their 1st year married they want to preserve?

I don’t think it has to be your 1st anniversary, you could probably fill this out any time for a laugh and a piece of your personal history.
We’ll share ours later this week!
So there you have it friends….enjoy!


And let me add one more thing! Since this post was created almost a decade ago, we’ve found a couple’s journal that helps document your history and similar questions every anniversary. If you need a great anniversary gift idea, I’d look into a Couple’s Journal by Promptly Journals

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  1. Olivia, this is great advise. I am re posting on my Facebook so that all of my clients who are brides to be or wifes can use it! I am a huge advocate for dates and courtship even after marriage. Thirteen years later, I still love going on dates with my husband.

  2. Thanks Olivia! Hillary actually made the design, I do words, she does visuals, maybe one day we should own a company! And you can knit us corporate shirts! 🙂

  3. Oh PLEASE share year 2 when you create it- I'm sure you're totally cool enough to make it! Congrats on making it to almost year 2- it's amazing how the time flies isn't it???

  4. Olivia Durelle says:

    Love this! You are so creative. You made a cute design for it and everything….

  5. This is great. I was looking for something like this for our first anniversary back in November, but couldn't find anythhing and wasn't cool enough to make my own. Maybe I'll still try to do this with my husband and then think of a new list for year two!