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The First Year

One year ago today we made the best decision of our lives.

The day was absolutely perfect! It was spiritual, it was spent with family and friends, and we were able to be sealed for time and all eternity knowing our marriage will last forever!

Couple snuggling up to each other smiling on their wedding day.
It’s the one day you can kiss in public and everyone thinks it’s great. We still may do that, we still think it’s great. At least that day others did too!
Cute wedding photo idea with a couple kissing and their shadows kissing in front of them.

We’ve learned how important it is to laugh together, all the time, and always try to create time for fun.

Funny wedding photo idea with the bride and groom holding a frame posing like the famous painting The Farmer\'s Wife.

We’ve learned that more happiness can come through marriage than we ever thought possible!

Wedding photos with a couple back to back in a forrest.
We’ve learned to always have each other’s backs- no matter what!
Wife leaning on husband\'s back for a cute wedding picture idea.


Fun wedding photo idea with the husband on the wife\'s back.
(even though Camille dropped Jacob right after this was taken in real life)
We’ve also learned following the sage advice of “marry your best friend” is the best advice we could give!

Bridal pictures with the bride on the groom\'s back.
We didn’t think we’ve love each other more than we did that day, but it’s amazing how much it can grow in only one year!

Bridal pictures with the bride and groom posing on a bridge.

We can’t wait for these feelings to deepen each and every year.
Happy Anniversary to us, it’s been one amazing year!

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  1. I'm Allison. says:

    Congratulations on your first year of marriage! The 1 year anniversary pic is my favorite.

  2. Amberlin Bodily says:

    Dag nabbit you guys are so cute!!