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Renaissance Festival (12 Months of Dates- March)

The month of March has to be the best for us! The weather is absolutely perfect in Arizona, Camille gets a spring break from teaching, and we get to celebrate our anniversary! It’s always so much fun that we find out weeks fill up fast with dates, weddings, and our (hopefully going to be annual) anniversary getaway. 
We decided to enjoy our 12 Months of Dates/Let’s Go on a Date March date a little early. When you get a buy-one-get-one-free coupon, it’s always good persuasion to jump on date a little earlier than later! Our pre-planned, pre-paid date for March involved attending an annual festival known for a good time in unique setting. The Renaissance Festival hits each year before things heat up in these parts. We’ve always talked about going but never made it- luckily The 12 Months of Dates fixed that for us! 
A year of dates gift with a gift to go the Renaissance Festival in Arizona. A year of dates gift with a gift to go the Renaissance Festival in AZ.

 There is so much to do! You can see shows all day long with comedians and other entertainers (we recommend the hypnotist, and anything to do with fire), falconers, belly dancing, etc.

A performer blowing fire at the Renaissance Festival in Arizona.

A performer with a falcon at the Renaissance Festival in Arizona.

You can get your hair braided, face painted, henna tattoos, etc. There are costumes to rent, hats to buy, and all kinds of nick-knacks to look at.

A man modeling a hat for sale at the Renaissance Festival in Arizona. A woman modeling a hat for sale at the Renaissance Festival in Arizona.


Arizona Renaissance Festival castle.

And oh boy is there food! We both were feeling a little under the weather so didn’t get to max our food tasting experience like we had hoped, but we know there will be turkey legs to eat in our future! We did enjoy the Italian ice in an orange recommended by some of Camille’s students. They were great! Particularly perfect for a hot afternoon.

Arizona Renaissance Festival frozen great in a napkin.


For those who don’t eat a lot of artificial colors/flavors like us, just a reminder that this is what happens to your tongue!
Couple showing their red tongues after eating a treat.
We both agreed that the Jousting Tournament of Kings was our favorite part.
Arizona Renaissance Festival jousting match stands.
We sat in the section for Sir Maximillion, quite the character of an actor! He was not only vain and very funny letting the audience know how amazingly talented and good-looking he is, but he really was an amazing athlete up on a horse! 
Arizona Renaissance Festival jousting match knight riding by the crowd.


Arizona Renaissance Festival knights participating in a jousting match.
It’s always nice to sit on the winning side- not something we seem to do too often at sporting events. 
Couple on a date to the Arizona Renaissance Festival in front of the jousting match stands.
He was kind enough to take a picture with us after, and yes, he is one tall man! 
A couple on a date to the Arizona Renaissance Festival taking a picture with a knight after the jousting match.
If the events and the unique experience was enough this is a date that draws all kinds of people. There are some of the most eccentric people at this place. We could have sat and peopled-watched the day away without any qualms. Festivals are always good for that kind of thing! 
We’re glad we can check this off of the things-we’ve-always-talked-about-doing-but-never-done list. It’s a fun experience, a unique one we’ve already laughed about quite a bit! 
A man standing in front of Jacob\'s Ladder the Renaissance Festival in Arizona.


Arizona Renaissance Festival.
Let\'s go on a date project.

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  1. The Entertainment Book. They include one there. 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    I love going to the renaissance festival every year! By chance where did you get your buy one get one free coupon at?

  3. You should Danielle, it was a ton of fun!

  4. Anytime! Thanks for hosting! 🙂

  5. Shannon b says:

    You know I love this date! Thanks for linking up!

  6. What fun!! I Absolitely wanna do this!!

  7. You're going to have so much fun in Vegas! One of my best friends lives there and grew up there. We used to go down to her parent's house for weekend getaways while at BYU. She always said it was the perfect place to live because it feels like a small town but you can always venture into the strip and find something fun to do! I know you'll love all the fun things, and I read your post today- so glad your kids are doing well and you're all getting settled!

  8. Shannon b says:

    I love this date! So much fun! I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for festivals in my new area — Thinking about walking around, trying out new foods, seeing shows, people watching . . . sounds like a great way to spend the day with my husband.