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Date Night Gifts

Our favorite thing to give each other is date night gifts! We love experience gifts for couples, and the gift of date night is always a great idea! Here are 10 great date night gifts to give your significant other!

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During our first year married I gave my husband Jacob a year of dates gift with 12 pre-planned, pre-paid dates to do each month of the year. It was such a great gift that we enjoyed all year! We loved it so much, I’ve given him a version of that gift every year ever since!

I’d love to do 12 months every year for Christmas. However, some years I don’t have it in me to do an entire year. Some years we’ve lived through a pandemic and it’s been too uncertain to book tickets and make plans. But every year, without fail, I make sure there are a few date night gifts for fun date nights we can enjoy! The best part, he’s joined the fun and we both look forward to these gifts most of all!

Date Night Gift Ideas

  • Get a Date Box 

    A fun way to mix up a date night at home is with a Date Night Subscription Box. I love that you can do only one date night in, get three months, six months, or a year. A date night box makes it super easy to gift date nights, and we have a roundup of the best date night boxes reviewing the top options on the market.

    Feel free to get one now and have them unwrap the date night gift. Or, You can screenshot your order and wrap it in an envelope. They’ll know one (or more) are on their way!

    The Adventure Challenge Couple's Edition
  • Adventure Challenge for Couples

    If you haven’t heard of the Adventure Challenge for Couples, you’re in for a treat! We have an entire post sharing examples and all the details in our Adventure Challenge Review post.
    Essentially, it’s a scratch-off date book that has you reveal what you’re doing as you start your date. It gives a bit of an adrenaline rush mixed with the element of surprise while you find out what you’re going to do for date night.
    The dates are excellent! We’ve loved owning this book! And also, did we mention we can get you a discount?

    Get a bonus Adventure Challenge for Couples with the Adventure Challenge Promo Code: INLOVE10

  • Adventure Challenge Dinner Dates Book 

    Get ready to spice things up and feel like you’ve had a cooking class for date night with this fun book! You’ll uncover a mystery recipe for dinner with ingredients, hints, and cost. There are video tutorials from a chef to help you learn new things, and have a romantic date night in the kitchen. It’s the perfect gift for couples ready to have a little adventure with date night at home!

  • A Local Date You’ve Never Done Before

    I love to find a Groupon Outing. It’s a great way to get a deal and support a local venue! Look at their “Things to Do” tab and find something exciting and interesting! There’s always something new and fun to try in your area, and Groupon has awesome deals to try said things.
    You can also do a gift card and let them choose the outing themself!

  • Picnic Date Night Gift Basket

    The beautiful thing about a picnic date night kit is you can enjoy a romantic luxury picnic, and then you can reuse the basket and recreate this date again and again!
    Whether you go for a vintage picnic basket, grab a cooler, or opt for a more modern option, get a picnic basket to take your date to the next level!
    I love to back a date night basket full of snacks, charcuterie-style items (like cheese/crackers/chocolate), and some dessert.
    You may also want to include a waterproof picnic blanket
    Okay, any blanket will do, but a waterproof blanket is a great way to make sure you and your date are comfortable no matter what location you choose!
    Get ready to plan a fun road trip, head to a local park, or find a spot for a living room picnic for to enjoy one of our favorite date night gift ideas!

  • Ticket to a Concert or Event

    I love getting a great deal, and sometimes a freebie concert or event date with this how-to get a free date night hack!
    These are always the dates I turn into the baring teeth emoji because the cost can be steep! Giving date nights as a gift helps me justify the expense. They are truly special, and fitting in a pricey date seems so much more justifiable when it’s part of a gift budget, to begin with!

  • A Game Night Date

    For couples who love an at-home date night, or are in a phase of life where at home dates are a must, a game date is always a great date night idea! Get a gift box and gift a board game plus some date night snacks. If you need some great games, check out our 100+ Couple Games for Date Night recommended by the Friday We’re Love Community.

    It’s such a fun way to spend a little quality time together after you put the kids to bed.
  • Fondue Date

    You can certainly opt for a gift card and a plan to go get fondue together. But a fondue date is one of those fun date night gift ideas that can be used on repeat! Grab a fondue pot, and a gift card for a local grocery store with instructions and a recipe to make cheese or chocolate fondue. They can pick up some strawberries, bread, pretzels, etc. that work

    with their taste and diet. A fondue pot is one of our favorite date gifts for bridal shower or for a couple ready to get out of the date night right and bond over something new. Plus, it’s a date that easy to tune up the romance and is fun to do year-round!
  • Dinner + Conversation Starters

    Here’s a fun way to mix up the most classic of date night ideas. Don’t just head to dinner, have dinner with some fun conversation! Grab some conversation cards. It’s such an easy way for a married couple to spice things up! I love to grab a gift card to a favorite restaurant and mix things up with some conversation starters. This pack is excellent! But we also have some fun FREE ways to do this.
    Grab our Would you Rather Questions for Couples conversation starters. They come with FREE printables ready to download and gift for date night.

    Get the FREE Printable Download right HERE! 

Get the FREE
101 Would You Rather Questions for Couples PDF

Husband and wife out on a date night enjoying dinner on a patio.

    We hate spam too, and promise not to send you any!

  • Get a Couple’s Journal to Connect Over

    One of my favorite gifts we’ve used for a date night is the Loom Connecting Couples Journal. These are so amazing that we have a huge post about couples’ journals! They are a truly great way to open up communication and start a conversation. Each journal gives hundreds of prompts with two sides, one for each person to fill out. They are a great starting point for couples to really share thoughts, concerns, and document feelings.

  • Strengthfinder Date Night

    Now Discover Your Strengths. I shared this in our at-home date ideas list, and I wrote a whole post about the Strengthfinder 2.0 date night and why it’s such an amazing date night gift.

  • 5 Love Languages Date Night 

    Even if you’ve read the 5 Love Languages, it never hurts to brush up on them! In fact, your love languages can evolve with your relationship, so we highly recommend taking the quiz and discussing it every year or so. Also, we created a FREE Printable worksheet to download and make this a fun date night experience!

  • Hunt a Killer Game 

    If you’re a big true crime tv or podcast fan, you’re going to love this date! Hunt a Killer sends you a case file and turns you into the detective to solve the clues and the crime. Their writers are fantastic, and you can do a one-off date or sign up for a series to solve. They make an unforgettable date night you can do from anywhere, including your home!

  • Murder Mystery Game 

    You can get a game for two or get a group game to enjoy for a group date. Or Online murder myseter games are so fun, and there are so many great options!

  • Movie Night Gift Basket

    Who doesn’t love a great movie date? Sometimes a night of relaxation with some popcorn and candy at home is a great option! I gave my husband this movie night popcorn set with popcorn and flavoring options and it’s been one of the best date night gift ideas that we use on repeat! Grab a cute basket, a new blanket, and a gift card to stream some new movies and enjoy!
    And they’re one of our favorite late-night date ideas!

  • Movie Tickets 
    Date Night GiftsDinner and a movie is always a great idea, and always makes great date night gifts! I love to get a Fandango gift card so we can choose any theater. You could also grab a gift card to a nearby restaurant near a theater in your area. That sets you up for a fantastic movie date night. And also, a gift everyone loves receiving!
  • Fun Date Night Gifts Add Ons

    You can also further a date night gift with some fun items that help with date night. Here are a few ideas:

    • A new date night shirt.
      My husband and I each like dressing up a bit before we go out. A collared shirt for him and a fun dressy top for me are always fun date night gifts!
    • Mints.
      Are these ever a bad idea to have on hand during a date night?
    • Cash.
      It helps to have a slush fund. We also live in a major metropolitan area and often need parking cash. I love getting a few $10 bills to keep on hand.
    • Cologne or perfume.
      It just helps set the mood!
    • Lingerie.
      There, we said it! Don’t just save the lingerie for your wedding or anniversary, any great date night would like love a great piece of lingerie! Here’s my favorite company to support who makes the best pieces! Check out our Mentionables Lingerie review for more information! And if you’re gifting for the holidays, check out our Christmas lingerie roundup.
    • Candles.
      Whether you grab some romantic scents for ambiance or opt for some battery-powered candles, these are a great addition to any date night! They make a great gift to have on hand.
    • Mentionables Lingerie review.
      A restaurant night is always fun, but Mentionables Lingerie review make it a more meaningful date, and you can use them all year!

    Date Night Gifts Frequently Asked Questions

    How to gift a date night?

    Wrap up a gift card or print out reservations and gift them in an envelope or box. Gift boxes with items for the date, a file folder with reservations or infromation works great, and a gift basket is always a good choice too! Our year of dates gift guide has tons of helpful guides to help inspire ways to gift a date night.

    What to put in a date night gift basket?

    Plan a few items that would be useful for a date night. For example, a movie gift basket could have popcorn, movie treats, a gift card to rent a movie or head to a theater, or a blanket to cuddle up to during the movie.
    Get creative with a few useful items to make the date night gift basket feel special and customized.

    Should you give gifts on dates?

    It is in no way required or expected to give gifts on dates, just your time, attention, and respect. However, it’s always a nice gesture and often romantic thing to do.
    See our ideas above for thoughtful, romantic, and even sexy things to gift on a date.

    We hope this helps inspire a few more dates this year! And most of all, we hope some date night gifts help you both feel a little more love this year!

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