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Now Discover Your Strengths: An Amazing Tool For Your Marriage and Fun At Home Date!

Now Discover Your Strengths Date Info

Date Info:
Now Discover Your Strengths / Strengthfinder Date Night; discovering your core strengths as a person and sharing how you can better work those strengths as a couple
Book Price: $15 (ish) and you’ll each need a new book for this date, so plan on $30 total
***Grab your book copies HERE!***
Location: At home date idea coming in hot!
Time: 2 hours
Tip: You need to buy the book new! The assessment comes as a code in a new book, and each of you needs to take it for this date night. Don’t buy used, you’ll miss out on the code and the assessments.

A Fantastic At-Home Date Night

When our baby was born about a year ago we found ourselves in the hardest date night situation. We were adjusting to a new baby that we assumed would tag along for date nights for his first few months. But we learned quickly that when we went to leave our toddler he’d cry traumatized that his whole family was abandoning him.

It was at that time we realized date nights at home were in our future a lot more than they had ever been in the past. We have so many exciting date nights in I’m excited to share!

I can’t wait to share several of these as posts and do a roundup post with all! I try so hard to make sure these are super original things you’ve never done before. Also, even people who aren’t a fan of staying in can still enjoy and feel is a worthwhile date.

So let me start with the one I was the most excited about.

At Home Date

Business School Assessment That Applies to Your Relationship

For those who don’t know, I earned an MBA from a really great school that prided themselves in one of the highest job placement categories in the nation. I was so attracted to this, in particular, because I went in as a career changer. Going from high school teacher to a business professional was a pretty big leap! I knew I needed help!

Most great programs start grooming you for interviews from the moment you start orientation. And my career management counselor had a rule before she’d even let you get past the first meeting. You had to purchase a book and take a big quiz to help the career center figure out what career was best for you. That’s when I first learned about Now Discover Your Strengths.

Now Discover Your Strengths Test

Now Discover Your Strengths Book

The idea behind the Now Discover Your Strengths book is pretty simple. And yet, it’s quite different than what other business books say! The philosophy lies in the idea that Instead of wasting time trying to learn the skills you lack, you should figure out your strengths and focus on those. So for example, an extreme introvert may not want a social job. And instead of sending them to mixers to learn to break out of their shell, perhaps you should give tasks that utilize a strength they do have.
It’s a pretty amazing concept that helps you discover what you’re best at. It also helps you make career and life decisions so you work those strengths and don’t waste time on innate weaknesses.

For the record, it did really help me make career decisions and better understand myself! My LinkedIn bio is laced with these (thanks career management center!) and they’ve guided my life and business decisions too.

now discover your strengths test

The book gives a special quiz code for you to take online. The Now Discover Your Strengths test only takes about 15-20 minutes to do. Then, you’re given a report of your top five strengths. And from there, you can focus on career paths, career tasks, and what you have to offer to companies and organizations.

I loved taking this test at the start of grad school! Four of the strengths resonated with me so much, and two made me rethink my original career plans.

My career center started preparing me for careers in HR, advertising, and project management. Which, one may argue I’ve worked in all of the above at this point.

I’m admitting my age here, but it’s been almost a decade since that quiz happened. I’ve done a lot of career-changing and learning. I have been curious what it would be like if I took it again. I always wondered what it would be like if Jacob took it. Which is when it hit me! A Now Discover Your Strengths test and discussion would make a really amazing date night we could do at home!


Utilizing Your Strengths In Marriage

Even though the book and quiz are targeted at career paths and organizational development, it applies so much to a marriage or long-term relationship! We definitely have strengths, and there are things we’re better at doing and things we’re better at letting each other head up instead.

Long before we had children we joked that Jacob got to raise them during the terrible twos when I lack patience. But in turn, I get the awkward teen years due to my experience as a high school teacher. Jacob can laugh at toddler meltdowns, I can handle some really hard conversations. We each utilize strength and build a better team.

Discover Your Strengths Strengthsfinder So when we look at being a team in our marriage and home life, utilizing strengths in parenting, finances, chores, vacation planning, etc. etc. just made all too much sense to identify and spend a night talking about.

I gifted Jacob two books for Christmas and announced the at-home date idea. I’m embarrassed to say it’s taken us this long to actually do. Jacob ended up having the assessment given as part of a work assignment. I decided it was time to re-take my quiz as well. From there, we planned a date night to go over each, and discuss how they relate to our lives and relationship.

Strengths-Based Marriage 

If you want to take this strengths-based marriage concept even further, they have a follow-up specific book for marriages. So if you take the quiz, you can spend plenty of time walking through the Strengths-Based Marriage book

The full title is Strengths Based Marriage: Build a Stronger Relationship by Understanding Each Other’s Gifts. They help you find practical ways to apply your strengths to your marriage every day. It’s such a cool way to continue the process and conversation together! 

Sharing Our Strengths

Here’s what we found: We actually have very different strengths! Not that you can’t have several, but the assessment identifies the five that are the strongest within you. So we chatted about those that were identified for us.

For example, one of mine is a learner. I love learning, and new challenges excite me! That’s why I make a good candidate to research parenting philosophies and come up with plans when there are problems. We’re currently figuring out if we should send a kid to school a year early. It’s been so interesting for me to gather information and learn our options! It’s definitely something that lends to me spearheading and then talking through findings with Jacob.
But in our marriage, I’m also one to learn about theories, to find really exciting new date ideas that aren’t very obvious, or uncover the next tv show we may enjoy watching together.

One of Jacob’s strengths is being Restorative. He’s really good at figuring the true source of problems and finding solutions. It’s a strength that means you take on hard things, come up with solutions, and actually fix them. Clearly, engineering was a good field for him! To us, that means he’s the one to spearhead home repairs and renovation logistics. When I’m overwhelmed or a child is having a hard day, he’s often the one who can step in and just make things feel right again.


Every Person Is Different, Every Strength Benefits Marriages and Families

For every person, you’re going to have a different set of strengths! And that means different ideas of how you can make the most of your career, the most of your marriage, and most of your life by focusing on those.

The date night sets the stage for some of the deepest discussions you may have as a couple. It’s also a way to really champion the great qualities you both bring to the table!

That’s why this at-home date night is now at the top of our favorites list! It only takes purchasing two books (yes you need two new books so you each get a code), and a few hours to go through each one and talk about how they complement your lives.

Can I give you a peek into some of ours? Here are a few examples of how we personally benefitted.

A Few of Our Strengths and Discussion Points

Everyone is different, and you may find you have overlap or completely different strengths. That doesn’t mean you don’t excel in other areas, but this assessment looks at your top five to focus on.

Just because achiever is one of my strengths doesn’t mean Jacob doesn’t love achieving too. But checklists and getting things done really makes me tick! And Jacob knows a happy Camille is made by accomplishing tasks and making goals happen! We talk about projects and to-do lists often. Jacob helps me tackle projects I don’t get to alone and gives me space and time to accomplish work-related tasks when I can’t get them done on normal work hours. He’s aware it’s so important to me and helps me thrive!

Inversely, one of Jacob’s strengths is consistency. He loves some spontaneity for a date night, but consistency and routine are so his jam! I was in no way surprised to discover this strength in him! He grew up in a big family with a lot of chaos and it’s been so interesting to see how he’s tackled creating routines and systems as an adult. It’s helped me realize the need to communicate unexpected changes, create family systems, and know when are the best times and places for conversations in our marriage.

Our Five Strengths

As we look at each of our five strengths, it’s been such an amazing date night at home talking about them. You can share if you agree, how they manifest themselves at work and at home, and how each of you can support the other one and utilize strengths to be an even better team.

Hooray for marrying the business world with my marriage, and also my current job! This book is fantastic, and I really believe it will help you understand yourself and your significant other in this easy, cerebral date night!

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