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Our Favorite Date Night Box

What is a Date Night Box?

Have you heard of date night boxes? They are essentially a date night in a box that you purchase, have delivered, and you get to do something “out of the box” creative for date night.

I really love this concept! No matter where you live or what your dating options are, a Date Night In box has you covered. Everything you need including the idea, supplies, and instructions shows up in a box. You can live in a rural, remote area, or a big metropolitan area and still enjoy a date night at home.

For every couple who just can’t leave their kids, this is one of those really fun at home date ideas you can do after they go to bed. Truly, they mix things up and take so many barriers out of dating. No babysitter needed, no set location and the idea and plan is completely set up for you!

We’ve shared the 20 Best Date Night Subscription Boxes for Couples THIS POST if you need more ideas! 

Date Night in Box

What to Look for in a Date Night Box

I’m going to be very honest here, since we’ve done Friday We’re in Love we’ve had several companies reach out and ask us to share their boxes. But I’ve never shared one before for several reasons. They are often so expensive my jaw drops. When I know you can do an amazing activity and get a sitter for less, it’s hard to recommend the product.

Another big deterrent is that several are just so cheesy. Clearly, I have about the best sport in the world in my husband. He takes a selfie with me each week so we can have a picture while we share our date nights. But there are dates he instantly vetos being too cheesy. Some boxes we’ve seen just don’t fly with both of us.

We’ve had a few we’ve loved who didn’t stay in business, which means setting up a subscription or even recommending isn’t something we could easily do.

But in all my research I found a company that solved all these issues.

Date Night In Box Review

Date Night in Boxes we’re such fans of! They offer a date night box delivery that is much in line with a normal date night price. They are gaining steam and growing, so are definitely here to stay! And perhaps my favorite part, their ideas are fantastic!

Coming up with date night ideas usually isn’t a problem for us. But when I see something that makes me smile and go “I never would have thought of that!” and it’s an activity both Jacob and I will enjoy, I’m so sold! That’s the main reason Date Night In is a box I’m giving my stamp of approval on. They even go above and beyond in the date and offer a lot more.

The best date night subscription box

What You’ll Get in Your Date Night Box

Here’s what you can expect:

  1. A fun date idea that you probably haven’t done before.
  2. All the materials to do said date.
  3. Optional dinner for two menu and table talk questions to spark a conversation that builds your relationship.
  4. Playlists to set the mood. I love that they curate music and playlists you can find on their website. Talk about setting the mood with zero effort on your part!
  5. User competitions with real prizes relative to the date. We’re talking gift cards to places and things you’ll love and want to win! You can submit date night challenge pictures and they draw winners regularly. It brings out the drive to really do well, to feel like you’re on a group date, and to have a fun incentive!
  6. Multiple parts to the activity so you have plenty of fun to be had.
  7. Snacks to enjoy during the date night.
  8. A chance to win another box. They love picture sharing, and using #DateNightInBox enters you for a change to winner another box. They choose one winner each month.

Needless to say, a company that has thought of everything for you in a non-cheesy manner really wins in my book.

I had every intention of sharing our first Date Night In box date in this post as a date post, but I think I’m going to save it for another #WhitingDates share and just let you know that if you’re in the market for some amazing Date Nights In, the Date Night In Box is truly a winner!

Date Night In Promo Code

PLUS, they often have promo codes to let you try out your first box at an amazing deal.

Right now you can get 15% off all plans with the promo code: BEMINE

That means you can try just one month or get a deal on a 3 month, 6 months, or year subscription. It’s a big savings on any plan!

Head to this link and use code 15OFFNIB for the full discount.


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