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Halloween Costume Reveal: Princess Bride Costumes

Princess Bride Halloween costume reveal: Complete with Wesley costume details, Buttercup costume details, and a little rodent of unusual size costume details. Tips and links to recreate this Princess Bride couple costume!

We had a really fun year with several major publications and blogs asking to use pictures of our Halloween costumes in round-up posts. It’s so flattering! It always makes me happy to hear others find something we do interesting- and I love that we’ve become someone people watch for couple’s costume ideas- what an honor!

Halloween Costume Reveal

We’ve graduated from couple’s Halloween costumes to family Halloween costumes, and plan to do them as long as our kids allow! I know it may be only a few years, but I’m basking in it while I can!

Also, I also have an unwritten rule that under two means a baby should be some kind of animal. I know everything is cute on a baby/toddler, but I can’t handle baby animal costumes for some reason. I secretly have dreams to make a crawling child into a turtle someday. Our little guy never crawled and only scooted, plus he pulled out walking last week so those dreams died long ago. It’s just something I’ll hold onto and if we get another child, I’ll see what I can do!

So based on animal costumes, I went to work early brainstorming. Thanks to last year’s Halloween


costume crisis where I needed something 3 weeks postpartum, I had a robust list! I share that list of ideas in this 150+ family Halloween costume ideas post.

Out of all the ideas, this was the one Jacob was most excited about! We have our lovely and talented friend Lydia of Photography-Hill who took our photos in costume to thank for documenting one of our favorite Halloween costumes of all time! And maybe best of all, we found everything from easy-to-find items mostly from Amazon, and a few things lying around the house if you ever want to create your own Princess Bride Costumes.

Princess Bride Costumes

And feel the need to kick off this series of images with- “Rodents of Unusual Size, I don’t think they exist!”

Those were the guiding words for our Princess Bride Halloween Costume! 

Buttercup Princess Bride Costume

We couldn’t get Princess Bride Costumes off the brain once we realized how fun it would be to shake it up with a baby. It’s hard to beat a rodent of unusual size that is this cute!

It fit perfectly with our main characters from the Princess Bride movie! 

Princess Bride couples costume

Plus a Buttercup costume and a Wesley costume were just too fun to pull together. We found these items easily online, and I was thrilled with the Princess Bride costumes results!

Family Halloween Costume: The Princess Bride


Princess Bride Wesley Costume



Princess Bride ROUS Costume Details:



ROUS (Rodent of Unusual Size Toddler Costume: Costume Set / Pants /Gray Shirt / Mocs

Creative family costume idea

Princess Bride Westley Costume Details:

Head Wrap / Mask / Shirt / Pants / Boots (shoe covers)

Princess Bride Wesley Costume

Of course, you could dress as Westly the farmhand. But the Dread Pirate Roberts is his most iconic look! Plus, this version of a Westley Halloween costume only needs a few key elements for the perfect costume.

You’ll want a black shirt, preferably a lace-up shirt with puffy pirate sleeves. This one is perfect! Black pants are a must. A black headwrap and black mask complete the look. These boot covers are an easy addition to any black shoe. And for a fun accessory, don’t forget a sword! 


Princess Bride Buttercup Costume Details:

Dress / Belt/Sash

Princess Bride Buttercup costume

Princess Buttercup costumes may be the easiest costume to pull off! If you have a long red dress, or even a red top and long red skirt, you’re almost there! You could definitely try the blue lacy princess dress she wears around Prince Humperdinck. But I think the red peasant dress when she falls in love with her farm boy  is the most iconic. 

Grab a gold belt/sash to tie around the dress, and some comfortable flats and you’re all set! 

Princess Bride Halloween Costume


Princess Bride Costume

Princess Bride Costume Character Add-Ons: 

If you have more than three, it’s easy to add one of the other iconic Princess Bride movie characters/actors into the mix! Here are a few more fun characters you could add to a group costume. 

Princess Bride group costume ideas: 

  • Inigo Montoya
  • Fezzik (if you have a bigger guy, Fezzik costumes are perfect!)
  • Prince Humperdinck
  • Miracle Max
  • Valerie (Miracle Max’s wife) 
  • Vizzini 
  • Count Rugen 
  • The Ancient Booer (known for booing Buttercup for taking the throne during the wedding announcement scene) 
We hope this costume is easy for you to pull together, and reminds you that true love does exist! 


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  1. His boot laces need to go in the BACK. The example photos online of these cheap boot tops are incorrect – they need spun 180. Other than that, you guys look great as far as “affordable” costumes go. Nice idea for the ROUS!

  2. Budget Splurge Beauty says:

    hahahah OMG this is amazing

  3. Baby Isabella says:

    What fantastic Halloween costumes! We went as the standards witches and wizards last weekend and had a big party! #TwinklyTuesday

  4. I LOVE your guys' costumes!

  5. Erin Vincent says:

    It's official, you guys win Halloween! This is the cutest!!!

  6. Kylie Pond says:

    These are the best! I love doing family themed costumes, but I just didn't have it in me this year to pull it off.

  7. Kate Lately says:

    I am OBSESSED with Mack's costume! He is such a cutie!!

  8. indeazgirl says:

    Oh my gosh!! You are so creative and Mack's little face just kills me! Love you guys!

  9. Kayla FrecklesinApril says:

    You already know I love this so so so much. And I kind of just want that red dress for myself, for noncostume wear.

  10. Kristie K. says:

    So stinkin' cute!!!! You guys look adorable!!!

  11. Elyse Murray says:

    OMG! Love these costumes. Mack is such a cutie!