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Spain Day 8: Madrid: Exploring Madrid and Museo Sorella

Location: Spain: Madrid: Museo Sorella and exploring various parts of the city
Cost: € 3 on weekdays, but free on the weekends
Time: 1-2 hours is plenty at the museum. Plan a half day to walk around or 2 hours to drive around and explore this great city.
Tip: Check out free listings on the weekends, you can pop into many places if you make weekend travel work with your schedule

We were so lucky to get to stay with my best friend from junior high and high school who was living in Spain during our visit. They lived in an amazing and historic neighborhood and there was so much to see in walking distance! While Mack took a nap she insisted we head out and explore some of Madrid even while it poured down rain. I guess it was a moment to snag some pictures and get to repeatedly tell each other “The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain” waaaaaayyyy too many times.

Museo Sorella in Madrid.

We had just got home from church, which going to abroad is one of our favorite things! It’s amazing how church is the same in every country and every language, and the feeling and hope we glean is constant across the globe when you’re part of a world-wide church. Anyway, we knew our little guy would nap well, we knew there was as cool museum we could visit for free down the street, and we ceased the moment swiftly! We actually took these in the gardens of Museo Sorrella on a lovely afternoon.

We actually took these pictures in the gardens of Museo Sorella on that lovely afternoon. It was a beautiful hidden gem that didn’t have the highest ratings from Rick Steves- who typically we trust with our lives. But I think this version of Spain was a little off because the few things we did at the recommendation of my friend that he rated low on the list were some of our favorites! Seeing a museum where the artist lived and their work embedded with their life is a really cool experience! I only wish we could have taken pictures inside!

Museo Sorella gardens in Madrid.

Remember in yesterday’s post when I shared that Madrid is often compared to New York with all its different neighborhoods and its own Times Square? It’s amazing, and it really is! Only it’s much older with quite a bit more history and government turmoil. We couldn’t help but take some time just to explore, and after the baby woke up we were given a guided tour by a local to see some of the best spots. I only wish I’d been slightly less enthralled because I only snapped a few pictures. But trust me, it’s a city worth giving a half day just to walk/drive around and orient yourself in.
Madrid spain street. Streets of Madrid Spain on a rainy day.

We had her drop us off near the royal palace because even though there’s a president, there’s still an acting monarchy and it’s quite fascinating to study the relationship between the two. We went to the palace, and that’s a story for another post because it was such a remarkable place and definitely in the top 5 things to do in Madrid!

But for now, let’s just appreciate that even if you have a half day and walk around it, you’ll still be pretty amazed and how amazing of a city Madrid is!

A walk through Madrid.

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