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Car Picnic Date Night

The Car Picnic Date: A fun date night in that feels like a date night out that you can do from your driveway- no need to get a babysitter!

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A few weeks ago we shared 15 car date ideas to have a really fun date night in the car! These stemmed from the need to get out of the house while having to stay home. Sometimes as parents with young children there are time without reliable childcare, so at home date ideas are about our only option! 

Takeout Date

We’re excited to do so many of the dates on this list in the coming weeks while we flex out date nights at home ideas. But of all the options, we were most excited about a car picnic date night! 

It just fulfills the need to get out and to experience a meal in a new way. Much like a new restaurant can do, a new location can trigger the same feelings that you’re doing something special and intentional. 

One of our favorite date night locations is Postino Wine Bar in Phoenix. As a couple that can’t speak for the wine (we don’t drink) we can absolutely speak for the food! Postino makes one of the best romantic spreads to share a meal and a fun dinner date out of any restaurant we’ve been to. And truly, over a decade of dating weekly later, we’ve been to a lot and experienced a lot of amazing places! They’ve even made our best places to eat in Phoenix list!

A bruschetta board for two (they have GF options too!) is about the perfect date night food! If you’re ever in Phoenix and looking for Phoenix date ideas, I can’t recommend finding one of their locations and spending a date night there enough! 

When I heard they were doing a date night take-out special, I knew it would be the perfect way to create a car picnic date night without much effort. Clearly, you can recreate your own picnic in the car with any food item you have. Takeout just makes it so darn easy! But get creative, any dinner that would be fun for a date night out or in will be fun for a picnic! 

Car picnic date idea with couple enjoying a picnic in the back of their SUV.

Car Picnic Date 

All it takes is food and a car! If you want to eat in the front seats, fantastic. If the backseat makes things more cozy and you feel like a teenager again, fantastic! We love a good tailgate space since there’s a little more room and space for a spread. 

I made sure to add a bottle of sparkling lemonade and some portable goblets. It took the picnic in the car up a notch. I’d highly recommend grabbing your favorite beverage and some nice glasses to take the date up the notch. 

Car Picnic Date Night setup.

I can’t believe how much taking date night outside in the car makes you feel like you got a night on the town! A car date paired with a romantic picnic feels like a night at a romantic restaurant! 

Try it, I promise you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the new change of scenery! 

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