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Best Date Ideas to Do in 2024

Make date night amazing with the best date ideas to do in 2024. Fun new date ideas to shake up your dating life this year.

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As a couple that’s spent 15 years going out for a date night every week, we’ve gone on over 2,000 dates that we’ve personally tested and recommended! We do this all in the name of keeping love alive, but also to help other couples find REAL date night ideas from REAL people they can trust and enjoy.

What’s been so fun about finding and sharing the best date ideas is watching new activities and trends hit the scene. Of course, there will always be classic standby dates. But there’s something about new experiences and modern date ideas that really shake things up and make date night fun!

We’re helping you get your date night on in 2024 with the BEST date ideas to do this year! This list comes complete with modern dates and plenty of solid standbys couples around the world are loving this year!

The best date ideas to do this year.

100 Best Date Ideas to Do This Year

1. Picnic in the Park

Pack a basket with your favorite snacks and enjoy a romantic picnic in a local park.

2. Sunset Hike

Nature dates are so in this year, and so are inflation-friendly dates.
Go for an evening hike and watch the sunset together. This classic standby wins for ease, romance, and getting endorphins flowing with some light activity. Plus, you get bonus points for a free date idea that’s so good your date won’t even realize you didn’t spend a penny to make happen.

3. Board Game Marathon

Spend a night playing your favorite board games. It’s a lot of fun to turn up the friendly competition. We have a popular list of 100+ date night games couples love to do for a date night.
Also, this makes a great group date! Plan a couple’s game night and have fun spending your next date with a few friends.

4. Ice Cream Tasting

This is one of those fun date ideas that work great as a summer date, but is a lot of fun year-round! You’re going to pretend to be food critics and taste-test ice cream.
There are two ways to do this:
1. Visit various ice cream shops to test the same flavor. Vote who does it best!
2. Visit one ice cream shop and get several different flavors. Rank them from favorite to least favorite.

5. Stargazing with Blankets

This may be my favorite romantic date night of all time (which is really saying something!) Do a little bit of research on a great stargazing date night (clear skies, meteor showers, etc.).
Download Google Earth and have fun spotting constellations and learning about the sky.
Lie under the stars with cozy blankets. And most of all, enjoy a romantic view with plenty of time to talk and cozy up together.

6. Volunteer Together

Spend a day volunteering at a local shelter or community center. This makes a great first date, or a great date if you’ve been out of the habit of regular date nights as a couple.

7. Horseback Riding Adventure

Enjoy a scenic horseback ride. Whether you book a quick trip or a day adventure, this is a date that always impresses!

8. Concert Tickets

Surprise your date with tickets to see a favorite band or artist. Or, you can watch a concert video at home like The Eras Tour or Renaissance Tour. Go all out and make it feel like a concert in the comfort of your living room.

9. Rock-Climbing Challenge

Test your limits with an indoor rock-climbing session. It makes a really fun active date night perfect for all skill levels!

20 Date ideas under $20.

10. Roller Skating Date

Have fun roller skating at a local rink. Bonus points for going on a theme night and dressing he part.

11. Themed Outfit Date

This has become such a big trend this year, and it’s so perfect for date night! Pick a theme and dress up for a night out or a night in!

Themed parties or events with a dress code like characters from a show, dressing like yourself in 2nd grade, going Y2K style, or dressing like people with a themed name are all the rage this year!
You can invite other friends to get in on the fun, or you can choose outfits for two.
Think of a fun theme like a famous couple. Go with a color or fabric theme (we’re bringing back all denim circa Justin and Brittney in the 90s), or find a themed restaurant and try to dress the part.

12. Ice Skating Romance

Glide together at an ice-skating rink. An ice skating date night never goes out of style!

13. Bike Ride Exploration

Spend a day exploring your city on bikes. We highly recommend a tandem bike rental date to take this date up a notch!

14. Dessert Tour

Visit various dessert shops to sample sweets. Check for guided tours to make this sweet date even easier.

Improv Comedy Show Date Night.

15. Comedy Show Night

Laugh together at a comedy club or improv club date night. We love this as one of the best first date ideas, but also one of the best dates for married couples trying to get the spark back. There’s just something about laughing together and releasing those endorphins that bring on all the happy love dopamine-induced feelings.

16. Play Pickleball

Is there anything more 2024 than playing a game of pickleball? You can head to pickleball courts and take lessons and rent all the equipment pretty easily. But if you want to save some cash, there’s a good chance you can borrow pickleball paddles and head to a local park with a pickleball court.

17. Gym Challenge

Work out together at a gym and challenge each other. You can build some muscle while you build time connecting.

18. Thrift Store Outfit Date

Each person gets $20 to find the other person a date night outfit to wear to dinner. Go on a treasure hunt and find unique and hilarious items to assemble an outfit.
This date has gone so viral on social media, and it’s one we guarantee you’ll enjoy with plenty of laughter!
The rule is you have to wear what the other person chooses when you head out for dinner or drinks together afterward.

19. Escape Room Mystery

Solve clues and various puzzles in an escape room. These have become so fun with extra themed options and fun throwback puzzles. Also, check out this fun way to do escape rooms at home for date night.

Escape Room Group Date Ideas.

20. Ghost Tour

Explore haunted places in your city. You can look up haunted places in your area and do a self-guided tour. Or, you can find a ghost tour in your area and book a formal paranormal experience.

21. Cooking Together

This date never goes out of style! From first dates to seasoned couples who have spent decades together, making a romantic dinner for two is always a great date! Choose a recipe, pick ingredients together, and cook a meal for two.
And if you want to really mix is up, try a blindfold baking date night. We got this one from The Adventure Challenge and it’s still a favorite years later!

22. 90s Style Photo Shoot

It’s become a very funny trend to either head to a JC Penny photo studio, or book a photographer who understands the assignement and do a 90s inspired photo shoot. We’re talking all denim outfits, matching turtlenecks, or windbreakers.
Do some funny awkward family photo style poses. And most of all, get ready to laugh your head off with one of the most creative date ideas!

23. Farmers Market Trip

Stroll through a farmer’s market and check out what the community has to offer! You’ll likely find not only the fruits and vegetables but so many amazing vendors, food

Farmer's Market family date idea.

24. Trivia Night Participation

Join a trivia night at a local bar. You’ll even find themed nights like Disney trivia, movie trivia, and 90s trivia. Plan to grab a table and some appetizers and/or drinks and get ready to join a real-life game show!

25. Build a Fort

Create a romantic fort in the living room and watch movies. There’s something about a movie marathon in a creative setting that feels special and fun.

26. Learn Some Dance Moves

Did you know you can not only take dance lessons professionally at a studio, but you can also do a dance class in the comfort of your own living room? There are so many ways to learn just about every type of dance. And it’s a romantic way to connect as a couple!

How to Create Your Own Outdoor Movie Theater for Backyard Movie Nights.

27. Movie Flick Outdoors

Set up an outdoor movie night in the backyard. Check out our full tutorial on how to set up a backyard movie theater on the cheap!

28. Bowling Alley Fun

Enjoy a playful date at a bowling alley. Try doing bowling with a twist, or setting up bumpers and trying to get the lowest score. A simple change-up makes this classic date even more fun!

29. Pottery Class

Take a pottery class and make something together. Or you can do pottery painting and create coordinating pieces to help remind you of this date night.

30. Open Mic Night

Discover local talent at an open mic night. You may just find the next big artist in your local community.

31. Mini Golf Competition

Play mini golf for date night and keep score for fun. Or try shaking up this date night by adding in some fun challenges like golfing blindfolded or with the opposite hand.

32. Drive-In Movie Date

Watch a movie at a drive-in theater. Don’t forget to go for all the 2024 date night aesthetic vibes and bring your blankets, snacks, and drinks with matching straws for a thoughtful date night.

33. Charcuterie / Snack Board Night

Is there anything more 2024 than a themed snack board?
Make a charcuterie board or themed snack board together. Get ready to enjoy your board with plenty or conversation, or while you snuggle up for a movie.

101 would you rather questions for couples.

34. Play Would You Rather for Couples

Answer some fun and funny questions and really get to know each other better! Great news, we have a free would you rather date night question printable to hook you up!

35. Solve a Murder Mystery Date

Get ready to dive into a true crime show with a game that turns you into a detective. You can either grab a Hunt a Killer Game or buy one of these mystery file games for a thrilling date night!

36. Romantic Dinner at Home

Grab takeout and set up a romantic dinner together at home. Make this date all about the candle-lit dinner, twinkle lights, rose petals, etc.

37. Card Game Night

Play your favorite card games. All you need is a deck of cards! But if you want to check out more great card games, don’t miss our list of the best card games.

38. Line Dancing

Go out for a night of dancing and tons of fun! Find a salsa dancing night, swing dancing class or country line dancing night. Bonus points for dressing the part and getting there early enough to learn the moves from an instructor.

39. Beach Day Adventure

Spend a day at the beach with fun activities. A simple cooler with snacks and a beach ball goes a long way for a really great beach date!

Funny clean videos on Youtube playlist.

40. Photography Walk

Take a walk and capture beautiful moments together. This could be a nature walk, or try a mural tour of your city. This is even more fun as a double date! Take turns capturing each other.

41. Taste Test Date Night

Buy a bunch of the same item from different stores and rank your favorites. You could grab a bunch of sparkling cider flavors, adult beverages, french fries, or different types of candy bars.
We have a free printable taste test card to make this fun trending date night super easy for you!

42. DIY Craft Night

Choose a DIY project and create it together. You can find craft studios or do a simple craft at home.

43. Amusement Park Fun

Spend a day at an amusement park. I’m here to tell you nothing has ever topped our Disneyland date night together!

44. Karaoke Night

Sing your favorite songs at a karaoke bar.

45. Yoga Class/ Goat Yoga

Attend a yoga class for relaxation and bonding. But a fun new trend is to go try goat yoga complete with baby goats climbing on you while you strike a pose. This date is hilarious, and one you’ll never forget!

46. Scenic Drive Exploration

Take a scenic drive and enjoy the views.

Sistine Chapel Exhibit.

47. Museum Visit

Spend a day exploring a museum. Bonus points for finding the free admission night and making this date happen free!

48. Aquarium Adventure

Visit an aquarium and learn about marine life.

49. Botanical Garden Stroll

Walk through a botanical garden and enjoy nature. Don’t forget your camera, you can capture some of the prettiest scenes in your area!

50. City Tour

Be a tourist in your own city and visit popular spots.

51. Homemade Pizza Night

Make homemade pizzas with your favorite toppings. Try our foolproof homemade pizza dough recipe for a pizza date night.

52. Arcade Games

Compete in fun arcade games. Find an old-school arcade center (we love a good Dave and Buster date) for a fun time.

Chocolate tasting date night.

53. Chocolate Tasting

Indulge in a chocolate-tasting experience. You can book these professionally, or try our chocolate tasting date hack for an inexpensive option.

54. Make Candles

This cool date idea has just popped up in the last year, and people are loving it! Find a candle making studio that lets you choose custom scents, wax, and labels and create your own candle.

55. Smash Room Date

Try a smash room, also called a rage room, and go release some steam together! These are studios filled with old junk items who hook you up with protective gear and a bat to smash things. It’s a quirky new date idea people are loving, and may be worth trying on an extra stressful week!

56. Stand-Up Paddleboarding

Try stand-up paddleboarding together. These have become pretty easy to rent and you can often hire guides to teach you how to use them!

57. Picnic at Sunrise

Enjoy an early morning picnic at sunrise. There’s eomtehing about watching the sunrise that breaks up the routine date night and lets you get ot know each other at another time of day.

Ifly Indoor skydiving.

58. Indoor Skydiving

Experience the thrill of indoor skydiving. The adrenaline rush is not only sure to spark some excitement and lovey vibes, it’s a date that often turns into a core memory!

59. Bookstore Date

Browse a bookstore and pick out books for each other. You can choose your next read, talk about books from your childhood, or look through magazines together. A bookstore date is a great way to spark conversation. And in a year of inflation cutting most people’s date night budget, this a date that’s usually free or very cheap!

Indoor Camping Date.

60. Camping Trip- Outdoor or Indoor

Plan a camping trip and enjoy the outdoors. OR you could do a campout in the living room for a date. Trust us, it’s also very fun and super low commitment compared to a campout.

61. Hot Air Balloon Ride

Experience a hot air balloon ride together.

62. Skiing or Snowboarding

Hit the slopes for skiing or snowboarding. Or go more budget-friendly and go sledding together.

Visit art galleries and discuss your favorite pieces. Bonus for finding a free show and supporting local artists or student art shows.

64. Open Air Concert

Fever concerts are a very cool new way to experience a musical experience outdoors. Most are candle-lit with a very romantic vibe and popular music set to a symphonic orchestra. People absolutely love this experience, and it’s one of those unique date ideas that truly impresses!

65. Cooking Class

Take a cooking class to learn new recipes. We love Sur La Table for couples date night classees.

66. Spa Day Retreat

Treat yourselves to a spa day. And if that feels a little spendy, try doing a spa date at home. Grab some sheet masks and massage oil and plan a day at home.

67. Historical Site Visit

Explore a historical site or landmark. Get your cerebral and cultural date on with a date that is typically cheap or free.

Couple eating cotton candy together at the state fair for date night.

68. Fair Date

Enjoy the excitement of some rides, deep fried foods, and fair cames at the city or county fair.

69. Zoo Exploration

Visit the zoo and see your favorite animals. A zoo date makes for plenty of great conversation, and helps you feel like a kid again!

70. Kayaking Journey

Go kayaking for a day date and enjoy the water. Find a place to rent kayaks and chart a river and path for a fun scenic experience.

71. Sports Game Attendance

Attend a sports game and cheer for your team. This can be a professional sport, but college and even high school games make for a great date too!

72. Surfing Lessons / Flow Rider Lessons

Take surfing lessons together. And if you don’t live by the ocean, find a facility that does surfing and boogie boarding simulations on a flow rider.

73. Scavenger Hunt in the City

Organize a scavenger hunt around the city. Or find a city solve date that sets up the clues and scavenger hunt for you.

74. Visit a Selfie Museum

These pop-up selfie stops are meant for social media pictures, creativity, and fun! Grab your phones or other cameras, and get ready to get some really creative pictures! We’ve found ourselves in some really fun and outrageous setups like upside rooms, mechanical bulls shaped like a taco, and giant ball pits.
This is one of those modern dates that you’ll leave with tons of great memories!

Scottsdale Selfie Studio.

75. Planetarium Visit

Discover the stars at a planetarium. Many colleges offer planetarium nights that are educational and often free.

76. Nature Walk

Take a peaceful walk in nature. Find a great trail, lake, or scenic area. Enjoy the beautiful views and plenty of time to talk on this free date.

77. Opera or Ballet Night

Dress up for a night at the opera or ballet.

78. DIY Home Project

Work on a home improvement project together. If you don’t live together, find one project that needs to be taken care of, and surprise the other person with intentional time to help with their project.

79. Fruit Picking

Visit an orchard and pick fresh fruit.

80. Explore a National Park

Explore a national park and see one of the most beautiful sights in your area.

81. Play Raquetball

Find a local rec center with a raquetball court, and book a time for two to play a fun and fast indoor game together.

82. Couples Massage

Enjoy a relaxing couples massage.

83. Thrift Store Painting Date

This is one of those cheap date ideas that you’re going to love! The spooky painting/holiday painting trend took TikTok and Instagram by storm this year- just search either for inspiration. And it makes such a great date night!
Head to the thrift store to find an old painting. Grab a few craft paint colors and

84. Sightseeing Bus Tour

Take a sightseeing bus tour of your city. Pretend you’ve never seen the sights and soak in all the tourist information.

Electric Scooter Rental Date Night Idea

85. Electric Scooter Rental

Electric scooters have popped up all over most major cities. And an electric scooter rental date is such a fun experience to go enjoy the city together.

86. Poetry Reading

Attend a poetry reading or poetry slam. Check your local bookstores for times and reading events.

87. Bird Watching

Go bird watching in a local park or nature reserve.

88. Fondue Night

Have a fondue night with cheese or chocolate. A DIY fondue night is easier than you’d think, and always a winner date night.

89. Jewelry Making Class

Welcome to another very cool experience that has popped up in the last few years. Find a jewelry making facility and schedule a class to make together. We’re not just talking beaded bracelets, we’re talking welding together rings and metal necklaces with fine stones and truly unique pieces.
Many jewelry studios offer class options for two, and they make a very personal and unique date idea.

90. Virtual Reality Arcade

Experience virtual reality games together. Find an arcade with VR options and experiences and enjoy this modern gaming night.

Painting with a Twist date night.

91. Paint and Sip Class

Join a paint-and-sip class with step by step instruction how to create a painting together. This is one of our favorite dates, and a paint night date night is fun for the artistically inclined and the completely uninclined alike!

92. Immersive Experience

If you haven’t been to an immersive experience, it’s time to make it happen for your next date night. The Van Gogh Experience is a popular one many people love. But these have become so trendy, that you can find many artist and pop culture immersive experience events. They are all fantastic date night activities!

Couple immersed in the Van Gogh Experience for date night.

93. Road Trip Adventure

Plan a road trip to a new destination. Take a day trip or spend an extended weekend date night enjoying the open road and new city together.

94. Kite Flying Fun

Fly kites at a local park or beach. This cheap date is perfect on a windy day.

95. Antique Shopping

Browse antique shops and find unique items. This is a fun way to share past memories, have a few laughs, and find some second hand treasures.

96. Puzzle Solving Night

Complete a challenging puzzle together. Add some snacks and a great playlist, and you’re set for an easy going date night at home.

97. Laser Tag Battle

Have fun playing laser tag. Find a laser tag arena or grab a set and make a double date of a fun laser tag date.

Creative date night at home idea.

98. Cooking Competition

Have a cooking competition with a fun theme. Think “Chopped” with a specific ingredient or special event menu item. This is a fun date for two, but it’s a great group date to let each couple work as a team.

99. Photo Scavenger Hunt

Head to a public place like a mall or downtown area, and grab a camera. Try to find an item that starts with every letter of the alphabet, and get a selfie with it. See who can complete the scavenger hunt first. Or even better, go head to head with another couple for a fun and free double date idea.

100. Surprise Destination Date

Plan a date to a surprise destination. Let your date guess the clues and leave hints for a fun surprise reveal.

Best date ideas Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best first date ideas?

Try a short date that provides plenty of time to talk. A simple date to grab a drink, try a new activity together, or a simple walk are all fantastic first date ideas!
Be sure to check out our first date ideas roundup for tons of excellent date ideas!

What’s a good idea for the perfect date?

The perfect date typically includes sharing a meal together. That may mean going out to dinner, enjoying a quick lunch date, or turn it up a notch and do a picnic date. There’s something about intentional time together in a great atmosphere and good food that makes a date perfect.

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