12 Months of Dates June: A Trip to Pizzeria Bianco

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Have you heard of Pizzeria Bianco?
If you’re thinking “uhh vaguely familiar let me remind you of a few places that have mentioned this place with links so you can see why it’s kind of a big deal:
I could actually go on, but #7 is a lucky number, so we’ll just stop there since I’m sure everyone gets the point. This place is FAMOUS! Oprah makes stops in AZ to get this pizza- that’s amazing! I mean she could buy Chris Bianco and have him make pizzas just for her, after all, she is Oprah. But even she makes the effort to come to him when in the West. That’s amazing!

The sad part of this story is neither of us had ever been. They are known for 2 hour waits and not exactly being cheap for a pizza. This always deterred us, but I figured this would be a great summer date for our 12 Months of Dates/Let’s Go on a Date when people aren’t willing to bake outside while waiting so that usually cuts the time down to only an hour. Originally this was July, but timing worked better to trade June and July, so we lucked out and got to go a month earlier to this very famous place.

We enjoyed a salad and some of the most amazing bread over at the Bianco Bar while we waited for a table, it was only 45 minutes- getting there early and going in the summer is a great plan!


It was a great time to satiate appetites and to talk about new jobs, new goals, and new experiences. Our lives are significantly different now, it’s amazing how a job change can do that! But let’s get back to the important part of this date- the food and the hot boy I shared it with!
Yelp let me know the Margherita is something amazing, so I ordered that. Jacob got the Sonny Boy seeking a lot of Italian meat. I think our pictures and smiles can explain this experience best.




Moral of the story: if you’re remotely close to the Southwest make sure to be like Oprah and make a stop for some of the “Best Tasting Pizza In The World.”


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  1. You will love it! Going in the summer totally helps with the wait too. Enjoy and let us know how your experience goes!

  2. indeazgirl says:

    I've so wanted to go here! But you two are the first I know who have braved the wait! Thanks for the review! I'm totally going now!

  3. shannon b says:

    awesome pizza date! There's a semi-famous . . . well, at least “very popular” pizza place around here. I've also been thinking that it would make a great date with my husband. We'll have to give it a go. Thanks for linking up!