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Merry Christmas! The 12 Months of Dates Christmas Gift

We loved spending Christmas morning together.

Newlywed Christmas ideas.
 Maybe next year we’ll get the top part of the stockings completed…but at least we made the bottom part out of burlap in time!
Opening a year of dates gift.
 Jacob was as giddy as he’s ever been this morning.
Newlywed Christmas.
 And I enjoyed his creative wrapping jobs to disguise what an item really is. These two nail polishes taped together were quite hilarious!
Christmas for newlyweds.
We also are enjoying the tripod that clips to random objects. Maybe just maybe we’ll have less awkward pics this year. (No one hold your breath…)
Gifting a year of dates for Christmas.

 There was one particular present we are both very excited about. A couple months ago I found the most amazing Christmas date via Pinterest that I knew I wanted to duplicate for Jacob.
Shannon Brown is a genius who put together a year’s worth of dates and gave her husband pre-paid giftcards with a date plan for each month of the year. Check out her original idea here.

My take was just a little different, I wanted to give a file box that we could store tickets, gift cards, etc. Sometimes we don’t know where to put those tickets, etc., and this should help us year round. It’s a little tough to find a somewhat masculine box- thank you Target for pulling through!

12 Months of Dates folder.
I put the dates in file folders arranged by month.

Year of Dates folders.
I bought some folders to put inside the hanging folders and labeled each.

Year of Dates folders.
And then there was the surprise as Jacob unwrapped each folder to see what we’re going to do one day each month with gift cards, tickets, and an explanation of what we’d be doing each month.
We don’t want to give them all away now, but we’ll add them each month with a report of what we actually did, some pics, and how they went. BUT, here’s a sneak peak at January and February!

Year of dates January.

Year of dates February.
Year of dates date night seeing Wicked the musical.

We’re excited for the gift that hopefully gives us a lot of fun all year round!

POST EDIT: If you’d like to see a list of dates we’ve done with this gift over the past several years, you can follow those posts HERE.

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  1. Shannon b says:

    oops! I meant to say Camille, sorry!

  2. Shannon b says:

    Hi Amber! My name is Shannon (from Find Joy in the Journey – shannonbrown.typepad.com). Anyways, I love that you put together a Year of Dates for your husband this Christmas! I couldn't find your e-mail but I have something to request —
    Tomorrow I am going to host a link-up party for other bloggers to share their date ideas.  I would love it if you could come over to my blog and join in!  If things go well, I hope to do this on a monthly basis.  My year of dates has ended, but our need for regular date nights has not ended.   So I thought it would be fun to provide a place where we can share our ideas and gather ideas.  Let's spread the love!  🙂

  3. Hahaha Amber- too funny! Yeah if anyone thinks we look even half decent when we wake up, I'm here to dispel that thought! We had church early got up and got ready and decided to do Christmas after church. 🙂

  4. Amberlin Bodily says:

    Um was that you seriously all cute on Christmas morning? The both of you? How did you look so good?? I mean like your always cute but if thats just how you are bright and early Christmas morning…go you!! haha