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10th Year of Marriage

Celebrating our 10th year of marriage and all we’ve experienced this year! Here’s a roundup of highlights from the 10th wedding anniversary! 

March is our anniversary month, and I can hardly believe that we’re celebrating our 10th year of marriage! Time truly flies when you’re having fun! 

We have a tradition where we take annual anniversary pictures together as a couple every year. We’ve done it each year to document us growing older, our family growing, and to document love. But one of my favorite things parts of this tradition is bringing a chalkboard and documenting highlights and major events of the year. 

It’s no secret that 2020 was a wild year. The normal things one may document as the highlights of the year just weren’t options. We try to do one big international trip together every year. It always makes the list! There are also major work goals, fun outings, and life changes we love to share. Of course, these just weren’t our reality or options this year. 

But I’d argue there was progress, change, and events and accomplishments well worth documenting. There were sweet experiences that make me feel closer to my husband than I ever have. 

Like everyone, we spent so much time at home. So much of our experiences, memories, and joy came from rediscovering our home and renovating our home. So much of our joy and items on what we’ve experienced in our 10th year of marriage take us right back home! 

Here are our highlights and accomplishments in our 10th Year of Marriage

in Our 10th Year of Marriage We…

Celebrating a home remodel as a married couple.


  • Remodeled our kitchen …which escalated and a billion DIY projects later we…
    Celebrating a home remodel as a married couple.
  • Remodeled 2/3rds of house 
    10th year of marriage lived through a pandemic.
  • Survived a month in a completely gutted home while the world shut down 
    Seriously, 0/10 stars, but we did it. Here’s what it’s like to remodel during a pandemic
    In our 10th Year of Marriage celebrating living through 2020.
  • Learned to create adventure when there was no adventure 
    Hello at-home date ideas galore and tons of family movie night plans. We found so many fun things to do at home, at a distance, and in new creative ways. 
    10th Year of Marriage we became snowbirds.
  • Spent a month living in Utah as snowbirds 
    When the weather is terrible, and there’s no office to go, it’s time to become a snowbird! We tried it out and loved every minute of it! Couple celebrating their 10th anniversary.
  • Learned to Love 24/7 Time Together
    Jacob is now clocking in a full year working from home. For a consultant who traveled a lot and spent a lot of hours in a highrise, this was quite the change! We have loved every minute and it’s what we’ll miss most. In our 10th Year of Marriage we survived a global pandemic.
  • Survived a Global Pandemic! 
    Okay, we’re still in it, but we can see the light at the end of the tunnel! One year later we’re going to count it! Also, we’re going to celebrate all that we’ve endured this year. It’s worth documenting and remembering that our 10th year of marriage was full of unprecedented times and we somehow love each other even more through them all. Photos: Chrissy Blake

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