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The Best 101 Outdoor Date Ideas

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101 Outdoor Date Ideas: The best outside date ideas sorted by season and type to set you up for the ultimate outdoor date night!

It’s that time of year when the world heads outside. In Phoenix, we’re soaking up our warm days before it’s too hot to be outside. For everywhere else, winter is fading and it’s warm enough to break the winter cabin fever and head outside.

No matter what time of year you’re in, taking date night outside is almost always a great choice! It’s romantic, it helps you connect with nature, and there are just so many fun things to do for date night! Plus, it’s time to give Netflix and chill a break and get some bonus points for a little creativity and outdoor fun. So many active date ideas and cute date ideas take place outside.

Romantic Outdoor Date Ideas

We’re ready to help you find fun outdoor date ideas so you can plan your next date night.

Romantic Outdoor Date Ideas

Walk on the Beach.

Who doesn’t enjoy long walks on the beach? It’s a romantic cliche for a very good reason! Enjoy the ocean air and some conversation to connect.

Rent Paddle Boats.

Check out our romantic paddle boat date, it’s still one of very favorites

Have a Backyard Dinner Under the Stars.

Come up with a menu you’ll both enjoy, and head to your deck, balcony, rooftop, or backyard for a starlit meal. Your own backyard or patio can be a perfect place for an intimate dinner with some fresh air and plenty of romance. 

Go Stargazing.

Download Google Sky, get a blanket or an air mattress, and head out of town for the best views. Check out more details at our stargazing date night.

Watch a Sunset with a Romantic Sunset Picnic Date.

This is one of the best outdoor date ideas because it’s fun and doable on any budget. Find a scenic location and enjoy great food and company while the sun slowly sets.

Have a Rooftop Dinner Together.

This is such a romantic date, it often makes the Valentine’s Day date ideas lists. You can find a restaurant, or rooftop bars, or look into your own hookups to do a dinner on top of a roof.

Visit a County Fair.

There’s something about roller coasters, a Ferris wheel, cotton candy, and attempts to win giant stuffed animals that make for the perfect date night.

View the City Lights from a Distance.

Head to the outskirts of the city, and take in the views of skylines lit up at night.

Cook a Meal Together on the Grill.

If you don’t have a grill, your local park likely does! You can keep it simple with hot dogs and burgers, or try marinated meat and veggies for a delicious meal.

Have a Candlelight Dinner Out on a Dock.

I’m going to blame Dawson’s Creek for instilling this dream location in our hearts, but it truly is a romantic place with beautiful scenery that is perfect for a dinner date.

Rent a Canoe and Go For a Nighttime Paddle Under the Stars.

Okay, the daytime works too. But sometimes you gotta channel your inner little mermaid and create your own “Kiss the Girl” scene.

Book a Horsebackriding Date Night.

If you’re new to this, you’re in for a really amazing experience! Find a tour guide, and make a horseback riding date happen!

Rent or Borrow a Convertable and Go on a Road Trip.

There’s something extra special about the wind through your hair and a scenic view. Find a fun location to visit, take a stroll through your neighborhood, and go to your destination in style.

Go Hottubbing Together.

A dip in the hot tub is not only relaxing, it’s very romantic. It’s also a great place to unwind and facilitate some great conversation.

Watch a Firework Show Together.

It’s always a great 4th of July date idea, but you may find these after sporting events, city events, or festivals. They’re always a great date night spectator event.

Book a Horsedrawn Carriage Ride Through the City.

There are few things more romantic or memorable! It’s one of those outdoor activities you’ll always remember! 

Cuddle in a Hammock 

Set up a hammock and spend the night cuddled up together. It’s a great way to spend some quality time together and spark some conversation with a relaxing date idea

Outdoor Date Night Ideas

Cute Outdoor Date Ideas

Visit the Farmer’s Market

farmers market date is surprisingly fun and there’s always something new to try or experience! Support local farmers, bakers, makers, and artisans by exploring their booths and purchasing their items. We always find something tasty, unique, and special to eat or make together.

Do an Adventure Challenge for Couples.

These fun scratch-of-date books take you on adventures to try new things together. Check out the scratch-off instructions for individual dates and makes sure you’re choosing one with a date that will take place in the great outdoors.

Do a First Friday Outdoor Art Walk

Check your local city listings, but many offer First Fridays with local events downtown, including an art walk.

Have a Park Picnic

Pack up a blanket, and your picnic basket (or some takeout), and head to the park for some food and people-watching. A picnic date idea is a whole mood so plan a little picnic aesthetic, and enjoy spending time together with this cute date idea. 

Go Minature Golfing

A miniature golfing date is fun at any age!

Sit on a Restaurant Patio and People Watch

You can get drinks or dinner, but make sure you sit on the patio of a crowded area for excellent people watching.

Bonfire Date 

There’s something so romantic about gathering around fire pits and roasting s’mores together. You can embrace this date night year-round with summer camping, hot chocolate in the colder months, or sharing scary stories during the Halloween season. It’s an easy way to get a taste of camping without having to set up a tent. 

Outdoor Movie Night

Get a projector and screen and create your own living room in your backyard. Check out how to create your outdoor movie theater for all the details!
But also, you can take a Laptop to a scenic location for a Movie Night and enjoy an outdoor movie night for two.

Go Geocaching

This free outdoor treasure hunt is a great outdoor date!

Do a U-pick Day at a Local Farm

Reserve a time and go enjoy farms, a vineyard, or an orchard to pick peaches or apples while you harvest together. 

Go Fly Kites

All you need is a kite and a windy day!

Ride a Ski Lift In the Summer

You can also go ski the slopes in the winter, but there’s something magic about a summer ski lift ride. The views are truly stunning and the date is very romantic!

Active Outdoor Date Ideas

Play a Couple’s Tennis Match

It’s a great game for two, or a perfect double date.

Go for a Jog

Why not get your workout in while you enjoy some happy endorphins together?

Walk to Dinner and Back Home Again

Find a close restaurant, and add an evening stroll to your dinner plans.

Play Pickleball

This has taken over the world for a great reason! It’s so fun, and pickleball courts are popping up everywhere!

Try Outdoor Rock Climbing

You can hire a guide and rent equipment to make this date happen.

Play Croquet

It’s not just for European royalty, croquet makes for a fun date!

Try Bocce Ball

Grab a bocce ball kit and head to the park.

Have a Corn Hole Tournament

You can play cornhole almost anywhere, making it such an easy and fun outdoor date idea!

Plan a Sunset or Sunrise Hike

We Have Lots of Tips In Our Hiking Date Ideas post)

Go Do Laps at a Swimming Pool

Or play Marco Polo, or any other pool game while you enjoy the water.

Go for a Bike Ride

A simple bike ride is one of the most underrated and best dates!

Tandem Bike Date

Rent a Tandem Bike for the Day

Go Mountain Biking.

Make sure you get your helmet and gear, but you can often rent mountain bikes for the day.

Play Frisbee Golf

This is a favorite park game of many people. Also, it’s a fantastic group date!

Play Ultimate Frisbee Together

Check out leagues and pick up games on city websites.

Walk Around a Local Trail, Lake, or Park

Enjoy some nature, and enjoy a fun free date outdoors.

Run or Walk a Race!

We Love a Good Color Run Race Date or Glow Run/ Neon Splash Dash for Date Night!

Outdoor-Date-Ideas Winter Timer

Outdoor Date Ideas Winter Time

Go Sledding

Use plastic sleds or grab a trash can lid for a sledding date.

Have an Ice Skating Date

It’s one of everyone’s favorite winter date ideas. Don’t forget the hot cocoa!

Go Snowshoeing

Rent these from local sporting goods stores.

Go Skiing

Spend a day hitting the slopes.

Snowboarding Date

Take a snowboarding lesson for two

Visit a Winter Ice Castles Attraction

Check out amazing ice structures together.

Christmas Lights Date

Check Out Christmas Light Displays, or Do Our Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt 

Choose a Christmas Tree Together

Head to a Christmas tree farm and have fun finding the perfect tree.

Have a snowball fight.

Snowball fights are surprisingly fun, and they make a great first date or 1-millionth date. They bring out a fun playful side and you can get really creative with rules and boundaries for your battle.

Outdoor Adventure Date Ideas

Go Skydiving

It’s the ultimate adrenaline rush date!

Do a Ropes Course/Adventure Course

Learn some trust and enjoy nature views.

Do Your Own Amazing Race Date Together

You can often find local organizations that host these through Groupon.

Try Bungee Jumping

I mean why not take the plunge and test your limits for a date?

Go Surfing

Whether you surf the ocean or do some body surfing on a lake, it makes for a fun adventurous date!

Try Cliff Jumping

Visit a lake with mountain walls and try cliff jumping into the water. It’s quite a thrill!

SUP Class

Do a Stand-Up Paddle Board Class and enjoy a paddleboat date.

Kayak a River

This is a fun and easy way to enjoy water activities. And it makes for a fun date!

Go River Rafting

This can range from adventurous to more like a calm river cruise. Find a guide in your area.

Plan a Backpacking Outing

Carry your camping gear or even just a picnic on your back, and head for a fun date off the grid.

Go Cross Country Skiing

This is excellent for beginners, and a fun way to see winter scenes.

Go Fishing Together

101 Fun Outdoor Date Ideas

Fun Outdoor Places to Visit

Go have a Zoo Date

This date makes you feel like a kid again!

Visit an Amusement Park

Ride roller coasters and other thrill rides for an adrenaline rush.

Visit a Water Park

Enjoy some water slides and the lazy river together.

Observatory Date

Lookup a Local Observatory Outdoor Viewing Event

Do a Dinosaur Drive-Through/Jurassic Park Experience

This is a unique experience sure to create some memories! Find a touring exhibit, and get ready to roll down the windows and experience a simulation of robotic Jurassic Park. 

Visit an Outdoor Drive Through Art Exhibit

These are becoming more of a trend, and they’re a really fun way to see immersive art. 

Tourist Date

Be a Tourist in Your City and Visit Popular Destinations. It’s the perfect excuse to see some popular locations, try a sweet treat your area is famous for, and learn more about your city. 

Go Have a Drive-in Movie Date Night

Go park at a drive-in movie theater and catch a double feature on the hood or truck bed of your vehicle.

Go Boating

Rent a boat and enjoy the lake for the day.

Attend an Outdoor Festival

These happen often when the weather is nice! And there’s no better way to support local groups and communities. 

Try Ice Blocking

Ride an ice block down a hill. It’s a lot more fun than it sounds!

Go Camping 

Or go glamping, there are so many awesome places to book with same benefits and less sweat equity setting up a campsite.
Plan some quality time without distractions in the great outdoors! A camping date can help you get to know each other even better. 

Have a S’mores Night Outdoors

The perfect dessert also makes the pefect date! You can lean into the bonfire, or roast over the grill. But make the date all about the sweet treat and the time to bond outdoors. 

Find a Concert in the Park (Free Date Idea!)

An outdoor concert is always a fun choice, and they usually happen during the spring and summer months.

Enjoy live music at a local restaurant.

Many local bars, grills, artisan restaurants, or even your local brewery likely offer live music while you dine on selected nights. Find one in your area and enjoy dinner with a fun upgrade on a patio.

Visit a Food Truck Festival

Enjoy a Variety of Dinner and Dessert Items from different food trucks.

Go to the Pumpkin Patch

Have fun choosing pumpkins together.

Corn Maze Date

Go Get Lost in a Corn Maze for Date Night

Fun Outdoor Sports Date Ideas

Watch a Soccer Match

Channel your inner Ted Lasso and enjoy a game live! 

Book a Baseball Game Date

We love a great baseball date night or spring training date. An outdoor sporting event makes for a fun and memorable date!

Watch a Ballet Under the Stars Show

These are romantic and a unique art experience!

Watch a Live Football Game

There’s nothing quite like Friday night lights live!

Enjoy a Rugby Tournament

This is one of the most entertaining sports to watch! 

Attend a Sand Volleyball Tournament

Grab a visor and get ready for a fast-action sport! 

Watch an Ironman/Triathalon Event

Be Amazed at the Athletes and Cheer Them On!

Attend a Rodeo Date Night In a Small Town.

We Love Experiencing the Strawberry Days Rodeo

Go Tailgating Before a Big Game

Outdoor Date Ideas

Creative Outdoor Date Ideas

Scenic Photoshoot

Do a Photoshoot in a Scenic Location
Related: Cute couple photoshoot ideas

Go Bird Watching

Get binoculars and a guide book for a fun outing.

Do a Scavenger Hunt.

Grab our nature scavenger hunt free printable if you need a free date night.

Hot Springs

Find Natural Hot Springs in Your Area

Chess in the Park

Pack up a chess board and join the elderly population for a park game tournament

Take game night outside.

Back up your favorite board games, and some snacks, and meet up with some friends for an outdoor game night.

Play Pokemon Go

It’s surprisngly fun to go catch ’em all in your area.

Sidewalk Chalk an Area

Channel your inner child and pick up a bucket of sidewalk chalk.

Create a Mural or Leave Positive Messages for Others To Find

Rent a Cabana at a Local Resort for the Day

Enjoy a day of relaxation by the pool.

Do Goat Yoga Together

This is one of the funniest dates that includes goats bouncing around and possibly climbing on your while you engage in yoga outdoors.

Do a Mural Tour of Your City.

It makes for a fun adventure and some great pictures!

Outdoor Date Ideas Frequently Asked Questions

How do you plan an outdoor date? 

1. Choose a location or a date from our list of outdoor date ideas. 
2. Plan the items you’ll need to pull off the date. 
3. Prepare and bring the gear or equipment for your date. 
4. Pay attention to and be considerate of your date. Give them a heads up on what to wear and how to prepare. If they look uncomfortable or aren’t enjoying the date, be ready to change plans.

What is the 70- 30 rule for couples? 

The 70/30 rule includes couples spending 70% of their time together and 30% apart. The time apart is a time to recharge and take care of personal time. The 70% is time to bond together, share a date night, and spend quality time together. 

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