The Best 101 Outdoor Date Ideas

Cute Outdoor Date Ideas

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101 Outdoor Date Ideas: The best outside date ideas sorted by season and type to set you up for the ultimate outdoor date night!
Cute Outdoor Date Ideas

It’s that time of year where the world heads outside. In Phoenix, we’re soaking up our warm days before it’s too hot to be outside. For everywhere else, winter is fading and it’s warm enough to break the winter cabin fever and head outside. 

No matter what time of year you’re in, taking date night outside is almost always a great choice! It’s romantic, it helps you connect with nature, and there are just so many fun things to do for date night! So many active date ideas and cute date ideas take place outside. 

We’re ready to help you find fun outdoor date ideas so you can plan your next date night.
Romantic Outdoor Date Ideas

Romantic Outdoor Date Ideas 

  • Walk on the Beach 
  • Rent Paddle Boats 
  • Have a Backyard Dinner Under the Stars 
  • Go Stargazing 
  • Watch a Sunset with a Romantic Sunset Picnic Date 
  • Have a Rooftop Dinner Together 
  • Visit a County Fair 
  • View the City Lights from a Distance 
  • Cook a Meal Together on the Grill
  • Have a Candlelight Dinner Out on a Dock 
  • Rent a Canoe and Go For a Nighttime Paddle Under the Stars
  • Book a Horsebackriding Date Night  
  • Rent or Borrow a Convertable and Go on a Road Trip 
  • Go Hottubbing Together 
  • Watch a Firework Show Together 
  • Book a Horsedrawn Carriage Ride Through the City 
  • Cuddle in a Hammock 
    Set up a hammock and spend the night cuddled up together. 

Outdoor Date Night Ideas

Cute Outdoor Date Ideas 

  • Visit the Famer’s Market 
  • Do an Adventure Challenge for Couples with instructions that the date will take place outside. 
  • Do a First Friday Outdoor Art Walk 
  • Have a Park Picnic 
  • Go Minature Golfing 
  • Sit on a Restaurant Patio and People Watch 
  • Take Your Date Night Box Outside
    If you haven’t tried a date night subscription box it’s a great time to order at least one. We even have a 50% off promo code using FRIDAYWEREINLOVE to one of our favorites
    The activities are super fun, and taking your date box to the backyard would be a fun twist! 
  • Take a Laptop to a Scenic Location for a Movie Night 
  • Go Geocaching 
  • Do a U-pick Day at a Local Farm 
  • Go Fly Kites on a Windy Day 
  • Ride a Ski Lift In the Summer 

Active Outdoor Date Ideas 

Outdoor Date Ideas Winter Time

  • Go Sledding 
  • Have an Ice Skating Date 
  • Go Snowshoeing
  • Go Skiing 
  • Take a Snowboarding Lesson 
  • Visit a Winter Ice Castles Attraction 
  • Check Out Christmas Light Displays, or Do Our Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt  
  • Choose a Christmas Tree Together 

Outdoor Adventure Date Ideas 

  • Go Skydiving 
  • Do a Ropes Course/Adventure Course 
  • Do Your Own Amazing Race Date Together 
  • Try Bungee Jumping 
  • Go Surfing 
  • Try Cliff Jumping 
  • Do a Stand Up Paddle Board Class 
  • Kayak a River 
  • Go River Rafting 
  • Plan a  Backpacking Outing 
  • Go Cross Country Skiing 
  • Go Fishing Together 

101 Fun Outdoor Date Ideas

Fun Outdoor Places to Visit 

Fun Outdoor Sports Date Ideas 

  • Watch a Soccer Game 
  • Book a Baseball Game Date
  • Watch a Ballet Under the Stars Show 
  • Watch a Live Football Game 
  • Enjoy a Rugby Tournament 
  • Attend a Sand Volleyball Tournament 
  • Watch an Ironman/Triathalon Event: Be Amazed at the Athletes and Cheer Them On! 
  • Attend a Rodeo Date Night In a Small Town. We Love Experiencing the Strawberry Days Rodeo  
  • Go Tailgating Before a Big Game 

Outdoor Date Ideas

Creative Outdoor Date Ideas 

  • Do a Photoshoot in a Scenic Location 
  • Go Bird Watching
  • Do a Scavenger Hunt with ******
  • Find Natural Hot Springs in Your Area
  • Pack Up a Chess Board and Join the Elderly Population for a Park Game Tournament 
  • Play Pokemon Go and Catch ‘Em All in Your Area 
  • Sidewalk Chalk an Area: Create a Mural or Leave Positive Messages for Others To Find 
  • Rent a Cabana at a Local Resort for the Day 
  • Do Goat Yoga Together 
  • Do a Mural Tour of Your City


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