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25 Fall Date Ideas to Make the Most of Fall

25 Fall Date Ideas: A round-up the best fall date nights including free, romantic, active, and at-home fall date ideas, to make the most of fall!

It’s the time of year when leaves start to change, cooler weather hits, and everything turns to pumpkin- which means fall date ideas are in order! It’s a great time to plan a different set of dates than you’d do any other time of year, and that may be why these nights are some of my favorites.

Fall Date Ideas

There are so many free date ideas, romantic date ideas, and just seasonal date ideas like fun Halloween date ideas (when else is dressing up and pouring fake blood on your body appropriate/fun?) that make fall one of the most fun times to get out and make some memories with your significant other!

Here are 25 of our favorite fall dates that we try to fit in this fun season!

Fun Fall Activities for adults: 

  • Carve pumpkins.

    A pumpkin carving date night may be the quintessential fall date night! It doesn’t have to be a spooky jack-o-lantern for Halloween, you can enjoy creating a fall pumpkin together any time during the season!

  • Pumpkin Patch Date

    Go to the pumpkin patch and pick out the perfect pumpkins.

  • Fall Brunch Date

    It’s the perfect time to make pumpkin pancakes. Or make some pumpkin overnight oats and have a brunch picnic among the fall leaves.

  • Visit a harvest festival/fall festival

    These are the perfect place to find some seasonal food and seasonal fun! We love the Pumpkin and Chili Fest in our area- it’s always on our fall bucket list!

  • Host/participate in a chili cookoff

    Enjoy the sponsor soup of fall with a group of friends. Have several friends sign up for a chili cooking competition, and provide the tasting bowls, spoons, and a scorecard. These are easy to host in the backyard, and make a really fun fall group date!

  • Go apple picking

    It so quintessentially fall to pick apples while they’re in season! Check your local apple orchard for dates and times.

  • Make caramel apples

    It’s surprisingly easy to make candy apples with two sets of hands! Grab the ingredients and dip gourmet apples. You could also try our double-crunch caramel apples recipe.

  • Rake leaves and jump in the piles

    Why not enjoy some fall foliage and feel like a kid again? once the temps start to lower, it’s a great time to schedule this free date! It’s a really fun outdoor date idea perfect for the season!

  • Bake an Apple Pie

    This date is surprisingly romantic and apple pie is easier than you’d think with my mother-in-law’s no fail pie crust recipe.
    And if you want to kick up the romance a notch, try doing a blindfold baking date night while you make it together. It’s a fun date we found in the Adventure Challenge for Couples book we highly recommend!

Romantic Autumn Date Ideas

  • Football Game Date Night

    Football games, even high school games, are a really fun date night! Find a game night to get tickets to, dress in the team colors, and cheer on the local team. If you want to kick up a notch attend an NFL or college football game and go tailgating before the big event.

  • TV Season Binge Watching Date

    Get ready for a cuddle fest on the couch with blankets and treats. It’s the perfect time to celebrate the return of TV shows with a kickoff party for your favorite series. Cozy up and create a romantic fort date while you watch.
    If you need some great show ideas, be sure check out our favorite 10 binge worhty shows you’ll both enjoy 

  • Farmers Market Date 

    Hit up your local farmers’ market and find some seasonal goodies to enjoy together. Just walking around and exploring while holding hands makes a great romantic fall date idea!

  • Horseback Riding Date

    Horses also enjoy optimal fall weather, and many horse-owners host rides and tours in the fall. It’s so romantic to trudge through the mountains and see the sights!

  • Oktoberfest
    We always have fun attending the local Oktoberfest for date night, and we don’t even drink! Trust me, even if you don’t drink, there’s lots of great food and entertainment at most of these events. But if you do drink, you know it’s a great time to try all the beers and enjoy some great German food!
  • Plan a Hayride

    There are romantic scenic hayrides, and there’s also the option for a haunted hayride. Whether you want to cuddle up and relax, or cuddle up while creepy actors jump out at you is up you!
    Fall Date Night Ideas

  • Corn Maze Date

    Visit a Corn Maze

  • Fall Movie Date Night

    Go to the movies and see a fall blockbuster. If you love a good scary movie, this is the time to see one in theaters!

  • Murder Mystery Date Night

    If you’ve never done a murder mystery date night, here’s your chance to change that! There are two ways to do it.
    1. Host a murder mystery dinner party. We shared a bunch of tips and ideas in this murder mystery date night post.
    2. Attend a murder mystery dinner theater. These peak at Halloween, but they’re fun year-round.

  • Find a Local Fall Play.

    Most high schools are putting on their fall production, and most theater companies have just kicked off their season openers.

  • Hit Up the County Fair

    Go ahead and ride the carousel, play some arcade games, and try to win that stuffed animal. You can even spring for some deep-fried food for a culinary adventure!
    Couple enjoying fall date ideas,

  • Plan Halloween Costumes

    There’s something extra fun about coordinating and coming up with the best Couple’s Halloween costumes! If you need some inspiration, we have you covered!

    150+ Couple Costume Ideas 

    Easy Last Minute Costumes for Couples 

    100+ Disney Couples Costume 

  • DIY Halloween Costumes

    It’s a great time to head to a thrift store, or see what you can do to win the best couple’s costume at your next Halloween costume party.

  • Enjoy Some Apple Cider

    Whether you make your own hot cider or head to a coffee shop for some gourmet caramel apple cider, it’s a great simple date idea!

  • Hot Chocolate Date Night

    Why not enjoy hot chocolate season and properly welcome it with a date night? Take it up a notch with a hot chocolate bar and have a hot chocolate date night.

  • Have a bonfire/s’mores night

    There is something about a fire pit and fall that go perfectly together! Whether you head to a campsite, set up in the backyard, or rent a pit at fall festival, it makes for a perfect date!

  • Take a drive to see the leaves changing

    Chart a scenic location and choose a time with optimal changing leaves. Pick up some hot chocolate or pumpkin spice lattes and sip while you ride. It will be one of the most beautiful scenic drives of your life!

  • Fall Bike Ride

    One of the best ways to see changing leaves is riding bikes! It’s a great active date idea that’s surprisingly approachable, even for a first date!

  • Find a Scenic Hike

    In late September/early October you’ll hit prime hiking season to see changing leaves and hit perfect weather. If you need some ideas on how to find trails in your area, check out our hiking date post.

  • Fall Baking Night

    Embrace the basic and stock up on all things pumpkin! Bake pumpkin cookies, bread, muffins- whatever your heart desires together for an easy at-home date idea.

  • Spooky Baking Night

    Dive in and make those Halloween cookies or cupcakes. We loved our zombie sugar cookie date night! You definitely get bonus points for the creepiest/grossest, etc.

  • Thrift Store Date Night

    Head to the thrift store and try to create the worst Halloween costumes for each other (no need to buy a thing!)

  • Ghost Story Date Night

    Look up and read the urban legends of ghost stories in your area, and go check out the locations. 

Whatever you choose to do this fall, we hope you have the best time enjoying the cooler weather, leaves, and romantic vibes of the fall season! And may several of these fall date ideas end up on your calendar!

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