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The Ultimate Date Ideas Guide!

Looking for your next date idea? We’re sharing over 1,000 date ideas to help you plan your next date night!

No matter where you are located, what your budget is, or the weather, we have you covered to find the perfect date that fits your needs!

Be sure to use the dropdown menu in the navigation to search by date night categories and see our archives of dates.

But for anyone looking for some of our most popular dates and reader favorites, here are some quick links to get you started.

Date Night Lists

Sometimes you just need a big list of date night plans to choose from! We’re here to help you plan your best date yet. Here are several lists of dates to help you find something that works for you!

We’ve shared thousands of date ideas, in all types of categories. This has been our main goal to help you find the perfect date ideas for your needs. From 365 Fun Date Ideas: A Date for Each Day of the Year to our first date night list, 101 Date Ideas there are all types of ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

52 Dates to Do This Year has helped many couples plan a weekly date night, and 75 cute date ideas keep people feeling those butterflies years into their relationship.

Free Date Ideas/ Dates By Price

Need a free date night? Don’t let a lack of budget or funds stop you from an amazing date!

52 Completely Free Date Ideas to Do this Year

Additionally, you’ll find dates sorted by cost and budget in our dates by price section.

Dates By Type

Sometimes you need a romantic date idea. Maybe it’s time for the perfect anniversary date night. From great first date ideas, to active date ideas, to something truly unique, we’ve sorted out the database by type of date idea so you can easily find what you’re in the mood for.

Date By Season

No matter the season, there’s a date night perfect for the time of year. We’ve tried hard to make sure these are seasonally appropriate dates that you’ll love doing best in the right time and season.

50 Spring Date Ideas

50 Summer Dates

Fall Date Ideas

Winter Date Ideas

Date Ideas by Location

Because we’re based in Phoenix, many love our Date Ideas Phoenix: The Best Phoenix Arizona Date Night Ideas.

You’ll find many other city-specific date night lists, in addition to at home date ideas, dates you can do anywhere, and outdoor date ideas that let you enjoy more nature.

And last but not least…

Year of Dates Gift 

We’ve spent almost a decade gifting date nights to each as experience gift ideas. Our most popular post that has helped couples date all year round is our year of dates gift, one pre-planned, pre-paid date for every month of the entire year.

Here are all things year of dates gift. Including the gifts we’ve given, the dates we’ve shared, date ideas, and tips and tricks all in one page.

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