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You Are My Greatest Adventure

You Are My Greatest Adventure – Up. How a decade of different types of adventure together has lead us to realize that love is the greatest adventure! 

The best love story ever told comes from Carl and Ellie from Disney Pixar’s Up. If you don’t agree, you can fight me on it. Because in only three minutes you understand marriage and bond and are in tears over a loss. I know I’m not alone in thinking this, there are hundreds of personalized items with “You Are My Greatest Adventure” – UP engravings available on Etsy

We love Up, and even dressed up in Disney Up Halloween Costumes. This included the most extra thing we’ve ever done and flew on location to the Real Up House for a family photoshoot. 
But I think the love came earlier with our connection to a couple who set out on a life of adventure, all while facing infertility. We promised we’d do a big adventure every year, and if you weren’t aware, our two kids are infertility miracle babiesYou Are My Greatest Adventure photo shoot.

This week we hit a decade of marriage together. And I think the greatest compliment I can give my husband is letting him know, you are my greatest adventure! If I were choosing all over again today, I know without a doubt he’d catch my eye in a crowd of amazing eligible men (we met speed-dating). I’d choose him all over again, and feel just as lucky to have found him! 

Thank you for the adventure of a decade! 

Travel Adventures as a Couple

You’ve given me travel adventures! We’ve been to almost all of Western Europe now! You took me to Peru, which broke me out of my Euro-centric ideals of history, and was one of the best trips of my life! I’ve seen several wonders of the world with you! Also, remember that year we had a companion pass and went somewhere every other weekend? We were tired! But we saw so many states and had so many dates! 

I’ll always cherish that year of amazing travel adventures and the best travel companion anyone could ask for! 

Thank you for The parenting adventures! 

We always knew we wanted children. But we weren’t always sure that would happen for us through years of infertility. As we got ready to adopt, a little miracle happened to let us know an infertility treatment finally worked! 
It hasn’t been easy, our boys are wild and smart, and busy, and exhausting. But in the best way possible.

I’m so glad I have someone who thinks my kids are as cute as I do, and wants to see every video and every milestone. 

They have the best example of fatherhood and pure love. They also have family adventure day leaders who love them enough to include family date ideas in their plans. It’s been so fun! It’s been so exhausting, and I’m thankful for this parenting adventure I get to share with you! 
You Are My Greatest Adventure Disney quote.

Date Night Adventures 

Have we been on thousands of different dates? Yes, we have! When we started Friday We’re In Love as a project to go on one date every week no matter what, I had no idea just how much of an adventure it would feel like! 

I feel like we’ve created our own adventure book for couples (not to be confused with The Adventure Challenge, which we also love!) 

We’ve learned together, laughed together, had plenty of romance with tons of cute date ideas, but also kept the friendship we had as a foundation alive and thriving. I can’t thank you enough for committing to this idea when I was so skeptical of marriage. Date nights with you have felt like my greatest adventure! 
You Are My Greatest Adventure from Up.

You Are My Greatest Adventure 

But when we strip away the things that make life Instagram worthy, you’d still be my greatest adventure. If there were no travels, date nights, or even children in our world, there would still be the most important thing. And that is you. 

You are fun and smart, and sweet, and clever. But also faithful, loyal, a true listener, and did I mention easy on the eyes? 

I could talk your ear off and often do. Thankfully not literally, but hey, we’re just getting started here. 

I knew I was making a great choice a decade ago. Saying yes was the easiest and most comfortable choice I’ve ever made. But thank you for proving to the 20-something girl that she had no idea just how good she was going to have it. You’ve made marriage easy. When people talk about how much work marriage is I often think “Is it?” Because it feels like a few intentional conversations now and then and a regular date night later plus the man who makes me feel like a queen daily later has made this thing a fun project instead of work. 

I love you, Jacob Whiting! You are my greatest adventure! Happy Anniversary! 

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