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Elf Twister Free Printable

Get ready for some extra Elf fun this holiday season with our Elf Twister Free Printable. Make Elf on the Shelf easy with these cute free printable props ready for an Elf game night! 

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Last holiday season I caved after years of avoiding the elf tradition, and we jumped in with our own elf. I could not believe the joy it brought to our Christmas season! But I also couldn’t believe how quickly I needed a good idea for a fun elf antic every night. This year, I was ready with some Elf on the shelf kits and had our designer create some of our printable templates to use. And I’m so excited to share the cutest Elf on the Shelf free printable for you to use with your family! 

How the Elf Works 

As a quick reminder, the elf typically arrives December 1st with an arrival letter and a promise to have so much fun while they remind kids to be good this holiday season. Many families execute the tradition differently, ours included. Some believe the elf reports back to Santa each night, and many say kids shouldn’t touch the elf. We personally cut the naughty and we’re watching you message, and make the elf a fun character to encourage us to be kind and have fun. Some use the Elf on the Shelf, some use scout elf dolls, and some use other characters altogether. 

It starts with an elf arrival with a welcome letter. If you need one, grab our free editable Elf on the Shelf letter. After the initial elf’s arrival, most come up with creative ideas to enjoy all month until Christmas time. Many love to keep the Christmas spirit alive with a fun tradition using a printable calendar. Move your elf to a new location each day, and let the kids find them in their new spot, adding excitement to the lead-up to Christmas.

The specifics may vary, but the idea that children love to wake up and find new elf antics is pretty universal! From simple hiding palces, to elaborate scenes, parents and older children often have a lot of fun with elf antics this time of year. This may include a small prank, fun activities to do during the month of December, or a fun game to play with the elf. And we’ve taken the game part quite literally! 

Whether you’re finding this post a couple months in advance to plan out the elf fun, or you need a good idea immediately, we think you’re going to love this printable! 

Elf on the Shelf Twister Game.

Elf on the Shelf Printables

Since the purpose of the elf includes the elf flying back to the North Pole and returning to a new location every night, a few ideas for elf antics, poses, and ideas is always in order! Grabbing a few Elf on the Shelf props can make for a really fun elf antic! And one way to make it easy on yourself is to utilize printable props. And you’ve come to the right place!  Get ready to kick off the month of December with the best elf ideas. Use free printable props and games to welcome your new elf or to celebrate the return of your beloved Christmas elf.

Embellish your scout elf’s space with some cute North Pole-themed printables. From welcome letters to calendar countdowns, these printable props add a fun twist to the elf tradition. And elf game night is about to commence! 

Since we’re huge fans of family game night, we knew it would be extra fun to include a game for our elf. So get ready to call “left foot green” with the cutest Elf Twister game. The Elf Twister Free Printable is a fantastic addition to your next elf antic! 

Elf Board Games

Since kids love playing board games, we knew they’d love a chance to play one with an elf too! We’re taking the classic Twister game and shirking it down to an Elf on the shelf Twister game board size. And we have you covered with printable games ready to be played! Your favorite twister game has transformed into a fun elf twister board with a few magicl touches and holiday themes. It’s a fun way for kids and adults alike to interact with their scout elves and indulge in some playful competition. 

There are two pages included as a download from this web Twister game printable download. You’ll find a free printable elf twister game board with the traditional colors and circles to use as the game board. They each have a color and a Christmas symbol (like a Christmas tree for green) to up the Christmas spirit! It also feels like an elf personal touch and something they’d add to elf onthe shelf games! 

Elf Twister printable with an Elf on the Shelf.

Additionally, there is a page to cut out an arrow and attach as a spinner to play the twister game. You will need one brad to attach the spinner to make it functional. It’s the only thing you’ll need to add with the free printable elf twister selection. 

Just sping the wheel and call “Left hand red! Right foot blue!”…whatever you land on for this quick elf set up! And if you want the ultimate elf twister set up, you can also easily add a bendable wire inside your elf so they’re posable and ready to play! 

Grab the Elf on the Shelf Twister Free Printable 

The classic game of Twister is elf-i-fied with this elf-on-the-shelf free printable! Just input your name and email here, and we’ll the free download right to your inbox! 

Elf on the Shelf Twister Game Free Printable

Elf Twister game boards with elf next to them.

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    Just print the elf on the Shelf Twister printable, cut out the pieces, attach the spinner, and you’re ready for so easy elf shenanigans! 

    *The printable is for personal use only. 

    Christmas Elf Printable Twister Board

    One fun way to use this printable is to introduce the free Elf Twister board game to your Christmas activities. We love the fun idea of getting a full-sized Twister game and enjoy a great elf and human game in tandem. It’s one of those fun ideas that helps make a fun Christmas tradition game time before the elf heads home on Christmas Eve. This printable offers a fun and economical way to bring laughter and joy to your holiday gatherings with kids in a great way! 

    Elf on the Shelf with free printable prop.

    Santa’s Little Helper for Busy Moms

    The Elf Twister Free Printable offers a wonderful opportunity to add a cute idea to your Christmas tradition. It’s a great idea for busy moms looking to create lasting memories with simple, yet imaginative easy ideas for the elf-on-the-shelf tradition. Whether it’s finding the perfect spot for the elf each morning or engaging in a game of Elf Twister, this holiday season promises to be filled with laughter, joy, and the magic of Santa’s little helper. 


    Q: Is the Elf Twister Free Printable suitable for all ages?

    A: Yes, the Elf Twister Free Printable is designed to be enjoyable for family members of all ages.

    Q: Can I use the Elf Twister game for my elf doll?

    A: Absolutely! The Elf Twister game is a perfect addition to your elf doll’s activities during the holiday season.

    Q: Are there any costs associated with the Elf Twister Free Printable?

    A: No, the Elf Twister game board is a free printable, making it an economical choice for holiday fun! You will need a brad to put the spinning game board together.

    Q: How can I make the Elf Twister game more engaging for my family?

    A: You can make the game more engaging by incorporating creative twists, like using candy canes as game pieces or creating a storyline for your elf’s participation.

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