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Christmas Eve Box For Kids

Christmas Eve box for kids is a fun tradition your family will love! Here are a bunch of ideas to make Christmas baskets for kids all ready for Christmas Eve (or even earlier)!

Some of my warmest childhood Christmas memories happened on Christmas Eve. There is something about that anticipation, the traditions, and the energy that comes on Christmas Eve! Now that I’m an adult, I can see where that energy may have been a bit much for my mom! No wonder she gave a version of a Christmas Eve box for kids to try to help tame the hyper children!

What is a Christmas Eve Box for Kids?

It’s essentially a Christmas gift basket for kids with a few items you want them to enjoy before the big day. Most families give family Christmas pajamas to be worn to bed the night before Christmas. But several include a few items to help keep kids occupied and entertained to help direct excited energy.

We have a post all about Christmas Eve Box Ideas to help you get even more inspiration!

My parents let us open one gift from under the tree. Usually, it was a present from my grandparents who sent a little money and let us choose a toy. We’d call my grandparents and they could hear us unwrap the gift live. I had the chance to thank them in real time. But also, I had a few hours to play with a new toy and really enjoy something before the big day.
Christmas gift basket for kids

Christmas Gift Baskets for Kids

I have updated the tradition with my family, and we gift a December Christmas Box at the start of the month. It replaces the Christmas Eve box, but it’s the same concept. Let me tell you why I love doing it so early!

We love having our family Christmas pajamas to wear all season! It’s fun to put them on for Christmas activities; family movie night is more fun in festive pajamas, as is reading our favorite Christmas picture books.

There are so many little things we do together for Christmas that take a bit of time, prep, or maybe even money- I think it’s fun to gather them early and give them as a Christmas gift basket for kids.

Also, many families love to have the Elf on the Shelf bring the Christmas Eve Box to feel a little more magic, or to make a big deal out of the kickoff to December!

Christmas gift basket for kids

Grab the Free Printable Here

If you need a free printable to add to the front of a box/basket, we have you covered! Grab it here!

Here’s a bunch of ideas of things I love to include.

Let me start by saying these can be simple and you can do Christmas Even boxes for kids with the classic pajamas, perhaps an activity or small toys, and/or something that fits with your family traditions.

It can be as elaborate or simple as you like. And I promise they’re a ton of fun either way! Also, they’re fun whether it’s December 1st or December 24th. So you do what works for you!

How to Present a Christmas Even Box

There’s nothing wrong with wrapping a pair of pajamas and calling it a day! But it feels a little special to present some items to use throughout December, or for Christmas Day in a fun way.

  • Wrap a Cardboard Box.

    You can close it, or cut the top off and wrap it open box style. Either work great!

  • A Basket.

    We use these woven baskets that we have on hand as organizers in our house.

  • Wooden Crate
    If you have a wooden crate it’s so easy to present your items! Plus, they’re extra easy to create a personalized Christmas Eve box with paint or a wood burner if you’re feeling crafty.

Christmas Eve Box Fillers

I have an entire section of ideas with direction links on MY AMAZON STOREFRONT to make your shopping experience easier!

But let me share a bunch of our favorites and what we included in our Christmas Gift Boxes for kids this year!
Christmas Eve Box for Kids

Something to Wear

I think pajamas are the most fun! And if you need some inspiration on Christmas PJ ideas, check out our family Christmas pajamas roundup, or our boy’s Christmas pajamas post.

But there are so many other great seasonal things you could do!

  • We love to include a Christmas shirt to wear for the big day, a family party, or during activities is wonderful!
  • If you’re religious, add something festive to wear to church.
  • Christmas slippers or slippers to wear all winter are fantastic!
  • Festive socks or fuzzy socks to keep feet warm

Christmas ACTIVITIES / Christmas CRAFTS

Christmas Books 

We have a full list of the best Christmas Picture Books you can find in this post. I love adding a new book we don’t already own to our Christmas book collection. A few favorites and fun ideas include Dasher, The Polar Express, and Tough Cookie, Merry Christmas Little Elliott, and Santa and the Goodnight  Train books are all so fun!

We have so many other fun and new titles in our Christmas Picture Books list that we think make great gifts!

Christmas Eve Box for Kids
Christmas Activity Books 

I love keeping my kids occupied with fun learning, art, and activity books. We avoid some screen time and really used these on Christmas Eve! But they are sure fun to use all season!

Here are a few favorites:

Christmas Games

So many families love gathering for a Christmas family game night on Christmas Eve. Try it, you may find a new family tradition that you all love! Here are some fun game Christmas box ideas:

  • Card game. We love Grandpa Beck’s games! Try Cover Your Assets or Skull King for games the entire family will love!
  • Board Games. It’s so fun to add a new board game to your collection- and even more fun to play them by the Christmas tree! If you need some great game ideas, check out our favorite board games for kids roundup!
  • Christmas Puzzle. There’s something so calming and connecting about doing a puzzle with the whole family! We did these often the week before Christmas when I was a teen, and I swear everyone opened up and talked and truly enjoyed their time together.
    We have a roundup of great Christmas puzzles, including options for younger children and several excellent for teenagers and adults.

Felt Christmas Tree

If you have toddlers or very busy preschoolers, this is an excellent activity to keep their little hands busy! In fact, I have an entire post about Felt Christmas Trees and why they’re the best!

Many crafty people make their own, but I found an inexpensive one that I count as one of the best purchases I’ve ever made to save our Christmas tree from a very busy toddler!

Christmas Baskets for Kids

Holiday Snacks or Treats

Hot Chocolate

Grab a fresh hot chocolate mix, make your own, or give some fun additions. You could even try gifting all the pieces to put together a hot chocolate bar!
A candy cane, mini marshmallows, or flavored syrups can really make a mug of hot cocoa feel special and festive fast!

Some people get creative and make a snowman soup hot chocolate kit. Our family loves hot cocoa bombs, so we’ve been known to grab one and include it.
However you do it, hot chocolate in some form is one of my favorite Christmas Eve Box Ideas because it’s one of those goodies that feels so special, and you’d likely buy it anyway!

Candy Canes

We love to gift these in a stocking for Christmas morning, but my kids love them enough that they’re worthy of making an appearance more than once! Plus they’re cheap, and their season is only so long, so why not give them another appearance?

Reindeer Food

This is just some Christmas Puppy Chow / Muddy Buddy mix with pretzels for most families. It’s fun for families to eat, but also cute to leave out for the reindeer too!

Holiday Tradition

We love to watch a Christmas movie and enjoy a treat on Christmas Eve. I like to include some holiday baking chips, a fun seasonal popcorn, or something seasonally festive and fun to enjoy during the movie.

It’s extra fun to gift this any time, but I think this one feels a little more magical as part of a Christmas Eve box for kids. They get to feel excited about a family tradition!

Many families love to add in special ornaments or a new family Christmas ornament for the year as a part of their tradition too!

Gifting Christmas Baskets for Kids

However you do Christmas baskets for kids, and whether it’s early in the season or a Christmas Eve box for kids, I hope this helped inspire some holiday fun!

Photos: Chrissy Blake

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